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A message from the other side

September 13, 2023

Sometimes life can throw some unexpected twists and turns at us. It can be very difficult to navigate at times, but it can also be very beautiful. Consumed by the everyday mundane, we begin to desire the need to escape; even if it’s only a simple weekend getaway. Much like my dream, these vacations may be just what you need. Unexpected messages from the other side.


I found myself vacationing with friends and family in a log cabin, near the lake somewhere [not really sure what city or state I was in]. The cabin was not very large, but it was very warm and inviting. I was standing between the living room and a hallway that led to all the bedrooms, talking with my friend, Tiffany. She was showing me a few eye shadows she had recently purchased, opening them one by one and laying them on the kitchen counter for me to see. She began taking the small brush that comes in the box and putting a few of her favorite shades on to try them out. My sister, Gene [not her real name] walks into the kitchen and interrupts my conversation with Tiffany to show me a necklace she had recently purchased. The necklace was beautiful and dainty. It was white gold and had a tiny stone in the center ( I did not get a clear vision for the color of the stone) with a number inside the stone. She said she bought it because it reminded her of our dad, and for some reason, the day he passed.

I began to wander around the house and take in all the decor and warm enviornment. The cabin seemed to be owned by someone who loved cars and cigars, as this was most of the decor accents throughout. I walk over to the living room area, and find myself standing next to a leather couch and round wooden end table. The end table was full of picture frames and old books. I notice that the book sitting on top was of Nascar memorabilia. Curious as to what the book was about (since my husband and son love Nascar), I reach down and pick it up. When I began skimming through the first couple of pages, I noticed that the book was based on old Nascar drivers whom have passed, and their sons, whom are Nascar drivers now paying tribute to them. On the third page, I notice there was a driver, of Native American decent, who’s son had put pictures of him watching him on the sidelines of his races. He also had picture of his dad while growing up, and beautiful memories shared with family. At the very bottom of the third page, there was a box from the dad to his son before he passed. And on the fourth page (the pages were side-by-side) there was another box at the bottom of the page with a message from the son to his dad.

The message from the dad to his son read as follows:

To my wonderful wife, children, friends, and family. You have been and will always be an intricate part of my life. My wife, you are the love of my life and my children my reason for being. I will always love you from now until the ends of the earth. Love, Pookillo.

Immediately I began to cry and shake, and yelled for my husband to come see this book. The name “Pookillo” was the nickname I gave my dad when I was a little girl. Not sure where I got it from, but it just stuck. When my husband arrived, I began pointing at what I was reading, since it was difficult for me to get my words out. My husband read the letter in amazement, and could not believe his eyes. We hugged and cried and called my mother and siblings over to read it. I said, “This definitely is a message from dad“, and my sister replied, “Absolutely. Do you remember the necklace I bought?“. I replied, “Yes, but what does that have to do with this?” She answered, “Remember I told you that I bought it because it reminded my of the day dad passed? Well, the stone has a number in it. Do you want to see?” So I leaned in with a magnifying glass and saw the number 17. The number 17 is a huge significance in our lives. It is the day my father passed and also my mom and dads wedding anniversary. Shortly after my dream ended.

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