The Times Approaching

December 10, 2018

The thunder rolls in with a prominent presence,

A rumble so strong, it will come from the heavens.


The tone will be infused with scripture fulfilled,

We’ve been told of HIS coming, the NEW Start, THE Rebuild.

No time to waste, for the time is NOW!

We must NOT give up, DON’T give in, DON’T allow.


We’ve been given the tools for this voyage approaching,

The transmissions within and the energies flowing.

A signal will come, you will know from within,

We know this is difficult, it’s alot to take in.


But Trust in the Highest energy of all,

For HE promised his Glory and Grace for all.

And in this transition of change we are in,

A frequential wave of balance it will bring.

Now, although it is written to manifest as such,

We hold Power beyond us we have not even touched.

This Powerful source filled with Love so pure,

We must join together to deliver the cure.

In unity there is LOVE, an unbreakable Bond.


We must strengthen each other on this journey we’re on.

As this magnificent promise draws near,

Remember HIS promise, there is nothing to fear.


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