The Los Angeles Quake

January 9, 2021
Los Angeles, CA

It’s no surprise that in the past year or two, the intensity in seismic activity has increased significantly with many earthquakes over the 6.0 mark. Along with that comes the ever so popular topic of, “The Big One”. My dream last night was nothing short of that. It was vivid, horrifying, and straight to the point.

My Dream

I found myself walking through the Los Angeles strip (note: I’ve never been to LA). It was a cool and clear night. I can see all the restaurants, stores, and vibrant night life. Everything was lit up and the sidewalks were overflowing with people. I was with my family vacationing for the first time. We were looking for a place to have dinner, and had decided on a restaurant near, what seemed to say, “Pasadena Road“.

As we sat down, there was lively music playing and the sound of cars cruising down the strip. The waiter approached our table and began to ask us for our drink order. Suddenly, I felt a mild rumble under my feet. I had asked my husband, “Did you feel that“? He replied, “Feel what?” Naturally, one tries to justify things after that. I was blaming it on the loud music or rumbling of cars on the road. After the waiter brings our drinks to the table, I felt another rumble just below my feet. This time it was stronger.


My husband, thinking like me, looked at me and said, “There’s so much going on here tonight that it must be causing a vibration, that’s all“. At this point, I became anxious and had lost most of my appetite. While we were eating, I was looking around at all the people and buildings that were surrounding us. One in particular, at the end of the street we were on (right side corner), began to show small hairline fractures, beginning from the bottom of the building. This was a large, brick building.

My stomach began to turn and I could feel another shake coming on. I told my husband, “We need to go, something’s happening“. He began to tell me that I was probably just nervous due to the large crowd and being away from home. I said, “No, that’s not it. I’ve already felt 2 small shakes and that building in the corner is beginning to crack“. As I said that, the sidewalk below us also began to show small fissures. This is when the intense shaking began.

It was Chaos!!! I can see everyone running and screaming. The streets began to separate, buildings collapsing and nowhere to go. At this point, I was no longer part of my dream, but rather a spectator. I felt helpless and began to cry at the sight of the massive destruction. It was then when this unknown person came behind me and said, ” It was a 10.0 magnitude earthquake. They new it was coming, but they ignored the signs”. Soon after, my dream ended.

Why do we dream: https://www.verywellmind.com/why-do-we-dream-top-dream-theories-2795931

Dream Interpretations

Pasadena: City in LA. 11 miles Northeast of Downtown, La.

Los Angeles- This may symbolize ones fear of failing, or public humiliation. LA may also represent, the dreamer, or someone around them, that feels more important than others.

Anxious feeling- This is normal to feel in a dream that’s causing you worry, or distress. Sometimes, the effects of anxiety may persist long after you’ve awakened.

*Always notice your emotions and feelings during your dreams. These are key factors and help aid in defining their interpretation.

Fractures/Fissures: Rigid ways, or attitudes. The need for a change before it’s too late.

Brick building: Blocks in the changes that someone is trying to make in their life. Significant changes may be ahead.

Collapsed buildings: This is a warning. This represents the arrival of a problem, or situation.

Earthquakes: This may represent new changes in ones life in which you are uncertain about. It may also mean that you have not been able to move on from an “earth shattering” trauma, or experience in your past. Earthquakes in a dream may also be a premonition of one to occur. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-07-13/ridgecrest-quakes-big-earthquake-san-andreas-fault-study


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