Soul Contract Readings

                  What is a Soul Contract Reading?       Soul readings have been around for many years and is based on Hebrew Numerology that uses the sound of your name to create a spiritual map of your life. It was designed to guide you to your... Continue Reading →

Letter “S” Dreams

Sabbath: A time of rest is needed. Sabotage: There is something in your life that is being overlooked. It may also be someone in your waking life that may be trying to sabotage you or a certain situation. Sack: Something that you are hiding or trying to protect. This may also represent a burden that... Continue Reading →

Letters “Q & R” Dreams

 Quail: When a quail visits your dream, this is a positive sign. Success in every aspect of your life (Love, Career, Relationships, Family) is approaching. Quarter: You will be presented with unexpected opportunities of success. Make sure that you do not forget your values while rising to the top. Quiche: You are currently experiencing financial... Continue Reading →

Letter “P” Dreams

 Pacifier:  You may be in need of some love or being taken care of emotionally. This may also indicate that you need to stop "Sucking Up" to people. Package:  This usually represents something unexpected headed your way. Packages also represent all of our hidden talents that are tucked away. Packing: Consider your feelings while you are... Continue Reading →

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