Through unknown chaos we travel, Battling within, The beatings this life presents to us, The heartaches within. Internally begins the prognant reminder of the passing of time, The choices we've made and the very steep climb. Numerous times we've been knocked to the ground, Our courage depleted, and no hope to be found. Thus life... Continue Reading →

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Soul Contract Readings

                  What is a Soul Contract Reading?       Soul readings have been around for many years and is based on Hebrew Numerology that uses the sound of your name to create a spiritual map of your life. It was designed to guide you to your... Continue Reading →

Letter “S” Dreams

Sabbath: A time of rest is needed. Sabotage: There is something in your life that is being overlooked. It may also be someone in your waking life that may be trying to sabotage you or a certain situation. Sack: Something that you are hiding or trying to protect. This may also represent a burden that... Continue Reading →

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