The Times Approaching

The thunder rolls in with a prominent presence,

A rumble so strong, it will come from the heavens.


The tone will be infused with scripture fulfilled,

We’ve been told of HIS coming, the NEW Start, THE Rebuild.

No time to waste, for the time is NOW!

We must NOT give up, DON’T give in, DON’T allow.


We’ve been given the tools for this voyage approaching,

The transmissions within and the energies flowing.

A signal will come, you will know from within,

We know this is difficult, it’s alot to take in.


But Trust in the Highest energy of all,

For HE promised his Glory and Grace for all.

And in this transition of change we are in,

A frequential wave of balance it will bring.

Now, although it is written to manifest as such,

We hold Power beyond us we have not even touched.

This Powerful source filled with Love so pure,

We must join together to deliver the cure.

In unity there is LOVE, an unbreakable Bond.


We must strengthen each other on this journey we’re on.

As this magnificent promise draws near,

Remember HIS promise, there is nothing to fear.


Dreams M


Macaroni: This represents happiness within ones family. You will be able to obtain the life that you want, just make sure you attend to those unfinished tasks.

Macaroon: Things are looking up in business and finances. You feel like you are finally free from burden after a struggling period in your life.

Machine: The mechanical drives in one’s life that helps them survive.

Madonna: This represents “Mary” the Holy Mother of Jesus. When a Madonna appears in your dreams, it most often symbolizes life.

Magazine: You’ve finally obtained that peace you were longing in that certain part in your life.

Magician: You are becoming aware of the Divine abilities that are within you.

Magnetic: This represents how one comes across in life. A need to have more people around you, or a need to feel protected. This may also symbolize a drawing force of love from someone near you.magnolia-1077384_640

Magnolia: Beauty and grace within the dream him/herself. Negatively, one may be in need of help, or shelter.

Maid: This is a symbol of healing and caring for other. In this dream, did you see a maid, or where you the maid? Look up separate meaning.

Mail: Helpful or purposeful information that is either being received or sent.

Makeover: Transformation. This may symbolize the opportunity of being able to start something new. A change.


Manager: You need to begin to take charge of your own life and prioritize what’s most important.

Manatee: This symbol relates to your emotions. When the manatee appears in your dreams, it is reminding you not to hold all your emotions and frustrations inside, but rather release them.

Mandala: This represents your dreams, goals, and struggles. Mandalas are also a symbol of ones wholeness with the world. This may be representative of ones path from chaos to order. flower-1543895_640.jpg

Mandarin: There will soon be a change in your life. May be related to career, or business changes.

Manicure: You are seeking attention for certain things you have done. Remember that things done from the heart should be done without expecting anything in return.

Mannequin: This represents the attachments we have to certain things in this world. Be careful not to become overly obsessed that you in turn are creating an idol.

Mansion: This may represent your perspective on certain things. Are you a little caulky, or feel like you are more resourceful or successful than others? You may want to try a different approach, nobody likes a boaster!

Mantle: Your responsibilities and care for others. A protection or security.

Map: Are you confused as to what your purpose in life is, or what career path you should be on, or wether or not you are in the right relationship? You may be experiencing a change in your spiritual level. hands-600497_640

Marbles: This represents communication and the understanding between two people. You may also be reverting back to a childhood, “Happy Place” memory.

Marching: This has to do with your connection to other people. Your good intentions, even when people do not care for it.

Marquise: The symbol of Aquarius. A balance is being created in your nervous and circulatory system. An upgrade of sorts!

Marry: Your commitment to someone or something.

Martini: Ones confident feelings about something.

Mascara: You need to focus, or be more aware of a certain relationship or situation. This may also reflect ones concerns about how they look.

Massacre: Anger or resentment that is dug deep inside. You may be feeling very insecure and overwhelmed.

Matrix: A certain idea or concept that is beginning to take place.

Mattress: First of all, what is the condition of the mattress (Hard, soft, water-bed, etc.)? There may be an uncomfortable situation, or relationship, in your life that you are choosing to stick with no matter what.mattress-2489615_640

Meat: This is the dreamers subconscious wish to see themselves in a more positive way. Is the meat raw or cooked? Raw meat may be saying that you are emotionally raw, or that you have been too hurt.


Mediator: A better position at work may be fast approaching. burma-2288964_640

Medicine: Some sort of healing or change in ones emotions may be taking place.

Medieval: Old habits, or ways of thinking that one must change.

Medusa: You may be overbearing, or too controlling.

Meeting: Try to redirect your energies, or priorities to things that are actually good for you. Things that will help you move froward and not obstruct your path.

Metallic: Is there a wedding or celebration coming up? This means happy times are ahead.

Mid-Wife: A new relationship, career, or project will soon appear.

Migraine: This represents dangers of all kind. Ones sins in the waking life. woman-2696408_640

Migrate: Ones desire to change their environment.

Military: Too many bottled up emotions that need to be released.

Minvian: Indifferent to the feelings of others.

Miscarry: A sudden loss, or an end to a particular situation.

Molasses: You may be torn between two people. This may also represent a sticky situation.

Money: Your persistence in making things happen. Money may also represent your ability to enjoy the finer things in life, or your subconscious worries about money.


Monogram: A skilled and knowledgable person.

Monopoly: Feeling the Competition, or feeling like others have too much control on a situation.

Monster: There’s a part of yourself that you are trying very hard to hide from others.

Moon: That hidden part of ones self that they do not know quite yet.

Mountain: You must overcome any obstacle if you want to reach your goal.

Mucus: This represents something that has been bothering you, but have not been able to verbalize.

Mushrooms: Symbolizes a long life. You tend to make last-minute decisions that will need to be attended to over a sit down meeting. mushroom-3659165_640.jpg

Mute: This carries different meanings. If you are speaking to someone who is mute, or you cannot hear speaking to you, this means that all the obstacles you have been facing, or have gone through, are preparing you for a higher position in life. Just trust it!

Welcome to the world of Dreams!

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Dreams K-L

Dreams K

Key: Unlocking new ideas and opportunities.  You are developing your personality and spiritual growth.

Kick: Kicking away bad habits. This may also represent the need for spiritual development.

Kill: This represents either a part of yourself you need to get rid of, or someone in your waking life that is trying to influence you. You have feelings of frustration in a relationship.

King: A king may represent several things. This could be a message that you are a spiritual leader. This may also represent your father, and or a conflict between the both of you.

Kingdom: You are in need of organization in your life. A kingdom also represents a persons territorial nature.

Kiss: Getting a hold of what one intends to

Kitchen: Represents professional prosperity. This is also the strongest part of the house and may represent ones mother.

Kneel: Be careful of doing anything that may cause you hardship or any inconvenience at this time.

Knitting: This represents a quiet and peaceful home.


Knock: Someone or Something is trying to get your attention. You may be searching for some help and support.

Knot: Spiritual connection and continuity. You are holding tight to either a person, or point of view.


Dreams L

Lab: This is the right time for any new beginnings regarding business or relationships.

Ladder: This represents social status, achievements, goals, etc. If you are climbing up in the ladder, you will achieve higher success in your careers. If you are going down, this may foretell a negative outcome, or failure.

Lake: You will help your family and friends and celebrate your achievements along with them. Unexpected results will soon cross your path.

Lamp: This represents illumination and enlightenment. This is the light that will help you find your way and brighten your path.

Land: Not only does this represent your need to travel, but also your desire for change in your life.

Landing: A project or task in your life that was in full effect, has now been completed.

Landlord: Someone is obligated to you, because you have kept your end of the bargain.

Late: You are worried about continuing to work under pressure. Fear of not being able to meet the requirements in a career, relationship, exam, etc.


Lawyer: There is a part of your life that needs help and you should take the necessary action.

Leaf: The individual within a community. May also represent happiness.

Leak: This represents loss and abandonment. Leaks also represent distractions and annoyances in your waking life.

Leather: You will be very successful in business, career, and romance.

Left: This represents your passive and creative side. Your intuition will increase and you will begin to have a better sense of things.

outdoors-3290142_640    Leg: This may depend on which leg it is (Left or Right). A leg usually represent one’s sexual needs in the waking life.

Lemon: You are currently going through a growth process. Lemons are also a good sign of wealth and happiness.

Letter: You want to come in contact in someone, or have better communication. Try working on your problems or sorting out mistakes from the past.

Library: Symbolizes your desire to search for truth and knowledge.

License: Represents ones rights and privileges.

Light: The state of understanding the reality around you. A bright light represents wealth and happiness.

Lightning: This may be a “wake up call” with a warning. Important changes are ahead and they are being exchanged for new ones.

Loan: Repenting of ones sins and their generous nature.

Locker Room: This has to do with secrets and hidden aspects of your personality. You may need a time of rest for yourself.

Luggage: This represents any and all kinds of worries. This is a chance to re-evaluate the people around you, or relationships you have made.

Lungs: Seeing healthy lungs represent a long and healthy life. If the lungs look unhealthy, this may represent someone in your life, or a situation that is suffocating you.



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Dreams I-J


Ice: Being emotionally cold or distant.

Iceberg: Careful with your cold actions as it may cost you. Sit back, relax, and soften up those emotions.

Icehouse: Pay attention to your own frigid ways, or that of a particular situation at home. you may want to try the softer approach of things.


Idol: Throwing yourself at someone, or placing them on the pedestal of utmost importance will bring you grief and misery.


Ignore: You may be feeling left out, or unimportant.

Iguana: Represents being cold-hearted and harsh. You’re feeling determined and frightened by a certain someone close to you. You may be of a very chill nature.

Imposter: Coin the phrase, “Not everything is what it seems”. Pay attention to those around you, whom in reality don’t wish you well.

Impotent: Feelings of insecurity. You don’t feel capable of taking control of things. Doubtful and unsure.

Imprint: Represents the desire of leaving a long-lasting impression in someone’s life.


Inducted: You are discovering new levels of consciousness within yourself. You may want to pay very close attention to your dreams and other spiritually inclined encounters.

Inferno: Past karmas, or memories, that are haunting you.

Inflammation: Someone or something, may be aggravating or annoying you.

Insanity: You seem to have lost touch with reality and have become delusional. You are ignoring the honest ways of acting and are trying to live recklessly.

Insulation: This represents someone who likes to keep their feelings to themselves.


Iron: You’ve reconciled a friendship, or relationship. Negatively, there may be some feelings, or situation, that you need to lay flat on the table.

Itch: Someone or something that just won’t go away.

Itemize: This represents things that need sorting out. You need to sit down and think about the things that should be prioritized in your life. beauty-15932_1920



Jackhammer: A person who may be hard-headed in their ways. You may have to go through some rough times to realize certain things.

Jacket: A covering, or protection from something or ones emotions.

Jacks: Are you going through something new or difficult at the moment? You may subconsciously be asking for help. Prepare yourself for some unexpected conditions.

Jacuzzi: It’s all about you! The need to relax and unwind.

Jade: Represents negativity, or being jaded. Try to loosen up a bit.

Jaguar: Symbolizes aggressiveness and power. Be cautious of anyone that may want to harm you or make you do something you don’t want to do.

Jail: You may be feeling trapped in a decision due to fear of punishment.

Jambalaya: You may be needing some spice in your life.

Jammed: Frustrations or feelings of going nowhere.

Janitor: There may be something that needs cleaning up in your life. This also represents difficulties, or challenges, in your waking life.

Japan: (The Land of the rising sun)…This represents peace of mind and tranquillity.

Jaw: Symbolizes someone’s will or purpose in life. Defeat, or fatal end to something.

Jazz: Creativity and exotic ideas. There’s a spark you need in your life.

Jealous: You may feel scared about not having enough to offer someone in your waking life.

Jeep: In the next few months, you will experience some type of spiritual fulfillment.

Jello: Represents weakness and your need to be patient in your waking life.

Jellyfish: Dormant, painful memories that are rising out of your unconscious.

Jeopardy: Time to make some serious changes in your life.

Job: You may be overworked, or anxious about your work environment.

Jockstrap: Feelings of vulnerability or weakness in your personal life.

Jogging: You are trying to keep a balance, or steady pace in a certain situation.


Joke: You are frustrated because don’t feel like you are being taken seriously.

Journalist: You are trying to get enough information about a situation before releasing it to others.

Judge: Feelings of being higher in authority over others. You may also be feeling guilty about something

Juice: Try not to be so pessimistic. You may be headed for some very happy times.

Jungle: An environment with many possibilities. Trust that you have the skills to accomplish anything you want.

Jury: Feelings of being judged by others. You are too dependent on the opinions of others that it consumes you. You don’t feel like you are good enough.

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Dreams G-H


Galaxy: Something very big will occur that will spark your creativity and imagination. Sit back and analyze where you were in life, and how you have arrived to where you are now.

Gap: You need to hear the two sides of every story. Have you been feeling distance from someone as of late?

Garage: Feeling a sense of boredom, or an unfulfilled life. You may also be feeling lost, or without any direction. You are craving some sort of stability.

Garbage: You are getting rid of bad habits, or negative traits. Where did you see the garbage in your dream? Was it in the kitchen, your car, your front lawn, etc.?

Garden: This represents personal and spiritual peace. What kind of plants were in the garden? Each plant is specific to a certain part of our lives. Ex. Your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Gas: This is usually negative in a dream. As gases are fumes that circulate in the air, so are conversations, rumors, etc. Be cautious of those that put you down, or speak negatively in order to get a rise out of you. You may treat them unjustly in a moment of rage and you will suffer remorse and injustice yourself.plant-714583_1920

Gate: A new phase in one’s life, or a new level of maturity.

Ghetto: You are lacking support, or love. Reflect on your own living situation.

Gift: This represents your expectations or hopes for the future. If you receive a gift and do not like it, you may be headed towards some disappointments.

Glass: A boundary, or protection around you. If the glass is dirty, you’re seeing things the wrong way. Be careful of speaking badly, or criticizing others.

Glove: Keeping a distance. You are cautious with your money and any business-related matters.

Glue: Parts of yourself that you are putting together. May also represent a connection, or strong bond.

Gold: The honesty and integrity of the dreamer. This may represent things that are of value to you, or aspects of yourself you and others may find valuable.


Goodbye: Something in your life may be leaving.

Government: An unfulfilled promise with either family or friends.

Graduate: You have proven yourself through the trials and are ready to move on.

Grandchild: A secure future in store for you.

Grandparents: Aspects of your personality that are wise. Symbolizes affection, warmth, and security.

Grave: You need to face your problems and not run or hide from them.cemetery-989920_1280

Green: Financial stability and happiness. Represents healing and new beginnings.

Gray: Symbolizes Dignity and Honor. Negatively, this may represent deceit, disgrace, and betrayal.

Grocery: This represents abundance. There is something you need, or wish you had that will make you feel excited and

Guardian: Someone that is watching over you and protecting you in your waking life, or in the spiritual realm.

Gum: You may be experiencing some failures in the near future.

Gun: A violent solution to problems. This may be indicating that you need to calm your emotions.



Hair: Things that can come out of your head like thoughts, or your way of thinking. Long hair can represent a problem that needs to be thought out very well. If the hair is short, you may not be giving a situation, or problem, enough thought.


Hairy: A behavior that is excessive or overboard. Someone is being to liberal, or free, with their ideas.

Hammer: You may be over-caring for your family. Ease your grip a bit and let them live a little.

Hand: This may represent your creativity, prayers, or healing. You may be giving or needing a hand, or someones help. Washing your hands may represent your giving up on a situation.



Handle: This may represent finding the solution to a current problem.

Hat: What are you thinking about? What emotions have you been dealing with lately? Represents power and influence.

Head: The symbol of thought, reason, and clear thinking. If something is wrong with your head in the dream, you may not be able to think rationally about a situation.

Headache: You may be suffering from a lack of direction. Is there something your feeling guilty about (ex. sins)? Maybe it’s time you give back a little and involve yourself with some local charities and events, or any kind of charitable events.

Heart: You need to be more mindful of someone else’s feelings in your waking life. This dream may also represent your ability of caring for someone else.heart-1192662_1920

Hill: Through determination and perseverance, you will overcome all obstacles, or difficulties.

Hives: You might be worried about a certain situation or decision.

Hockey: You’ve been struggling in your life with certain issues and you’ve been trying to get out of it. Continue; through hard work and determination, you will succeed.

Home: Depends on what message your higher Self is trying to convey to you. It may represent the unconscious of your true identity.

Horse: Symbolizes strong, endurance, and power. A horse also represents released energy or stress.


Hose: Renewal and maintenance.  Are you watering plants? Is the hose tangled?

Hospital: Someone that is close to you needs emotional, physical, or spiritual help, or healing. There us a medical issue that needs attention in your waking life.

Hotel: A transition from one phase of your life to another. Hotels are usually a temporary stay and so are your troubles, or difficulties.

Hug: You are finally accepting a new part about yourself that is changing. Are you in need of love or the acceptance of yourself, or someone else?


Hurricane: There may be changes in your waking life that you are not happy with, or are upsetting you.

Husband: May represent various things related to your marriage. Usually it’s a concern for the person you love, wether it be career, relationship, health, etc.



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Dreams E-F

Eagle: This represents courage and a desire to explore and grow. Good fortune is coming your way. If it scares you or attacks you, it means there are some self-imposed limitations you need to push through.



Ear: You need to be more receptive to guidance and assistance from others. You may be relying too much on your own judgment and intuition.

Ear ache: Pain in your ear indicates that you will be receive some bad or offensive news.

Eating: It indicates that in the future you will gain everything you wish. Dreams about eating usually suggest your hunger for something.

Eel: This is a sign of being out of your depth. This means that you need to be careful about obligations that you accept in your life at this time.


Egg: Eggs are showing us the possibilities and the potential we have in life; we only need to confront and defeat the fears which might arise.

Eight: Eights appearing in a dream suggests that you trust your intuition and instincts to manifest your desires. They may indicate that success, wealth, and abundance is on its way into your life.

Eighty: your rewards and high achievements are on the way.

Eleven: the number elevenstands for intuition, spirituality, enlightenment, and the ability to achieve your goals. It is symbolic of your creativity and vision. Eleven stands for intuition, mastery in a particular domain, spirituality, enlightenment, and capacity to achieve.


Elk: An elk is a symbol of might and power. If you’re seeing an elk in your dream, it suggests that you’ll find yourself in the middle of exciting things soon, where you’ll be a main character.

Elephant: This may be an indication that you need to remember something or is reminding you not to forget something important. It may represent someone big and powerful; or something big you are dealing with in your waking life.

Eye: An eye may indicate your understanding of your life purpose. Sometimes they indicate bringing some hidden issues to the surface, or becoming aware of something.


Fame: When you dream of being famous yourself, it means you are craving attention and to be in the spotlight for a change.


Fire: It is our inner light as well as a living symbol of the Divine fire that burns in every soul. Like other Elementals, this means that Fire has a form in the Earth Plane and in spiritual realms.

Flee: Something or someone in your life that annoys, “bugs”, or sucks all the life out of you.

Fly/Flying: Often times, flying represents a sense of freedom. Flying dreams serve as a sort of escape from the pressures of the real world.

Fog: Something or someone in your life that annoys, “bugs”, or sucks all the life out of you. If you dream of a very thickfog, which literally wraps around you and covers you completely from all sides, it is a sign of theft.



Foster child: If the dream of a foster child, the adoptive father or mother, it means that strangers will support you, next to you in life is going great success.

Food: Food is a symbol of our well – being and wealth.


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Dreams C-D

Cab (Taxi): If the cab ride was a pleasant one, then this may represent good health and prosperity. Money and financing are heavily associated with cabs.

Cabin: You are a very independent person. You may also prefer the simpler things in life. This represents the feelings of monotony you may have associated with your everyday life. You need to take time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life.




Cage: This represents feelings of being enclosed or stuck. There is something in your waking life that is not allowing you to be who you truly are. You may be feeling trapped in a certain situation and not sure how to get out of it. Are you embarrassed about your situation? Powerful symbol of control.

Cake: Positive changes are coming and desires fulfilled. This is usually seen when there is something to celebrate.

Calendar:  There are tasks that need to be completed. A calendar may be telling you to take a break and try changing your environment. (Meaning varies with each dream)

Camera: You need to shift your focus on what’s really important. You may be overlooking something very important. This also represents your viewpoint on something in particular.




Camp: Your willingness to be able to live without certain comforts. You are trying to look deeper into yourself and other things.

Campaign: This dream may depend on where you stand ( Are you voting? Are you a candidate? Etc.). This represents your stance and opposition, on how certain businesses are conducted. You will do what you feel is right no matter who is against you.

Candy: This kind of dream can be good and bad, depending on the candy being sweet or bitter. Bitter candy represents someone you will meet with bad intentions. On the other hand, sweet candy represents those great aspects of life. However, candy may also be letting you know that you are putting too much importance on insignificant things. Focus on what’s important.

Cap: This represents the attention you’re getting, coming from a good friend, or respected person. You may be getting offers and invitations to important places. But, don’t worry, you will be able to adapt to your environment easily.girl-3782196_1920

Capital: Your willingness to meet new people and accept new ideas.

Car: This has many different meanings depending on your position with the car (For ex. Were you driving? Did the car stop abruptly? Did the car break down? Etc.) Cars usually represent how you are going about your life and also your reputation.

Cat: These animals represent ones intuition. Notice the health of the cat. Was it healthy, sick, homeless? This will determine if you are ignoring or embracing your intuition. Cats may sometimes symbolize someone who’s malicious.

Cactus: May represent hostility and isolation. If you pricked your finger, there may be a very difficult situation, or conversation, you may have to deal with in the near future. If the cactus is blooming, this may represent a time of peace.




Cadillac: This represents making your decisions based on what others will be impressed with. Be cautious of not going too far with looking like a winner, or a know-it-all, as this will follow with the dislike of many.

Cane: You may be searching for some support at this time from someone you know and trust. There may be feelings of guilt that you are dealing with. Is there something that has happened recently that has resurfaced these feelings? Reflect on how to work through resolving these issues.

Case/Suitcase: You have an urge to dig deeper into your soul, or hidden talents. Are you overwhelmed and feel the need to escape? The need for freedom? Consider what is necessary you leave behind, in order to be able to venture forward with your life.

Cast: Feelings of being restrained in some way. This may be a time of healing and discipline.

Castle: You are destined to a very important position in your life. Consider where the castle is in your dream.hand-588982_1920kitty-551554_1920





Cedar Trees: You will be very strong in mind, body, and spirit. This also represents repressed emotions that need to be addressed as they may hold a very important meaning.

Christmas: The desire you have for a certain outcome. Feelings of warmth and connection to those around you.

Christening: This represents a spiritual rebirth. Your plans on changing your life will be very beneficial to you. The water has a spiritual cleansing effect.

Climbing: This usually represent success. You are succeeding in either your business, career, or your social circle. You are being encouraged to keep working towards your goals as they will be accomplished.

Clover: They represent the past, present, and future. This may symbolize the finality to a problem. It is always good luck to see a clover in your dreams.

landscape-2139384_1920Cradle: You like to take care of people. You will happily take care of your family and those closest to you in their time of need and always.

Crumbs: Make sure that you cover all of your tracks. Be meticulous and organized in all your endeavors. You will be very generous in your life.

Cup: This dream can have various meanings. Consider the cup in your dreams. Was it full, empty, broken, new, etc.? This usually indicates love and prosperity heading your way. You may also be undergoing higher spiritual development.


Dancing: This is a happy dream, or a symbol of the level of happiness you are experiencing.

Daring: Represents something that your believe will happen or is true.

Dark: You should really consider staying calm during conflict. You may be feeling lost or uncertain. Try to see the light in things and not stay in the dark. You’re trying to get straight to the point in a situation. There’s something in your life that needs clearing, or better understanding.

Date: Be careful how you are projecting yourself in your waking life. If you are currently in a relationship, this may mean that you are, or will experience some kind of rejection.

Deer: This animal in your dream represents nobility and your spiritual nature. This is a very positive sign and brings very good news, or new beginnings.



Doll: There may be someone in your life that is being dishonest to you. There may also be something your are struggling with to say or express.

Door: New opportunities. However, consider if the doors were open or closed in your dreams as this will determine the meaning for you.

Duck: Represents good fortune ahead. This animal is prepairing  us for certain situations ahead. Beware of your gossiping about others.


Add Ons:

Dancing: This symbolizes the stages and rhythms of life. Dancing represents a way for you to express and communicate socially.

Dare: a wish to push yourself or someone else to prove fearlessness. Negatively, giving someone a dare may be a sign that you are too dominating, overbearing, or too concerned with showing off.

Dart: May symbolize your goal and how you will be successful with it. If you are throwing darts in your dreamand you hit the mark, means that shortly you will destroy all barriers and reach your goal.

Dawn: It is a symbol of new beginnings and hope. It is most of the time adream connected to your spirituality. This dream tries to raise your awareness about the importance of meaningful actions in your life.

Death:The symbolic ending of something, whether that’s a phase, a job or a relationship. A dream about death can also indicate attempts to resolve anxiety or anger directed toward the self.

Deer: Amazing news in on its way along with a better fortune, especially in regards with love life and marriage. May also have a negative connotation depending on your dream.

Dew: This is associated with getting things right in waking life. Dew drops in one’sdream is also a positive omen.

Doll: Dolls symbolize childhood. It could either be symbolic of the dreamer’s childhood or could symbolize a child (or “wanted” child) in the dreamer’s life.

Door: A door can also symbolize a transition from one stage of your life to another. Observe….Was the door opened or closed? Was the door large or small? What color was it?

DRAGONFLY: Change is coming and self-realization. It is a freedom symbol as well, however, this freedom is temporary. There is some kind of instability in your life at the moment that may be affecting your focus. However, you will push through no matter what. You will be meeting an interesting woman in the near future.

Drawing: your dreams or aspirations will come true.

Drift Wood: Something or someone that is solid and strong.

Drums: The drum beats may indicate that you are currently being energetic, active and also that you’re a creative person in your waking life.


***Please feel free to add, or request the meanings of any other symbols that I have not yet mentioned. I will continue adding to the list continuously. If you would like your dream interpreted, please leave me your name and email in the message box below, and I will contact you within 24 hours. 









Dreams A-B Meanings

So, I have decided to put together a list of dream symbols along with their meanings, upon the request of many. This will be a list that will gradually grow as we continue to discuss and share our different experiences; because everyone’s experiences carry different meanings to them.


ACORN: This represents our ability to be patient while waiting for something that we truly desire in our waking life.

ALTERATIONS: A charitable person who makes someone happy by taking something from them. (You may have seen a tailor in your dream) Make sure that your planning things with preciseness in your life in order for them to actually work out.

APE: This represents your personality or instincts. It can symbolize knowledge, friendship, communication, and your social environment. This symbol usually relates to the mischievous part of ourselves.

APPLE: A guilty conscious. It may symbolize prosperity, wealth, perfection, fulfilled goals and desires. Seeing an apple in your dream can mean you are happy and content in your life. ( Also, look up how many apples you saw and were they scattered, eaten, perfectly ripe, rotten, etc.)

AUDIT: A review of ones self, or self-evaluation. A preparation.


AWARD: Gaining recognition that is long deserved, or persevering.

BALLOON: This may sometimes point to a sudden change of events in one’s life. You may be able to overcome obstacles and rise to new levels.

BACKYARD: Symbolizes your recollection of your childhood and subconscious mind. It represents the sides of you, you wish to remain hidden, or things that you don’t want to confront or deal with.

BASKETBALL: You have talent and abilities that you’ve neglected, or put off. It’s time to bring those talents out.

BEACH: This represents the communication between two states of mind, the material and spiritual. This is a transition between your emotional and your physical self. There is something that you need to take care of, but something seems to be getting in the way.

BEAR: This represents your own independence and strength. This may also represent your spirit animal who has come to deliver a message. It reflects your ability to course through life and being able to survive. (Also, see the color of the bear and the type of bear. EX. Grizzly, Polar , or Black Bear)

BEE: This is always a lucky symbol to see in your dreams. It represents good things to come in all of your efforts. Bees represent the balance between your work life and matters of the heart.

BEGGING: You need attention, love, or success in your life. Feelings of desperation and impotence. You may be in a situation where you don’t want to ask anyone for help, but know that you cannot do it on your own.

BEIGE: This color represents neutrality. However, this color may point out that you have difficulties making decisions. You need to be more assertive in your actions and take on more of a leadership attitude. Stop sitting on the fence with your indecisiveness.

BEING CHASED: You feel trapped in a situation and can’t find your way out. Something is overwhelming you and you are trying to get away from it, or find a solution that may seem impossible. You may have experienced feelings of worry, despair, anger, fear, etc.


BLACK: This color is most commonly thought of as negative in a dream. Feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression, anger, and mystery. It represents sin, evil, death, famine, blindness, and any hidden secrets that are being kept from God.

BLEACH: This symbolizes purification, improvements, and a good end result to matters that were not completely resolved. The ability to purge any unwanted feelings.

BLEMISH: You will get rid of any current problems at hand, but you must face your fears to do that. Do not worry you will have your chance at either work, a relationship, or an opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

BLUE: This color usually symbolizes your subconscious mind. It represents your thoughts, ideas, your dreams and the ability to convey their messages. It may also point out that you can be an introvert at times. Is there something that you are trying to achieve in your career? This color can be calming and also brings clarity.

BOAT: Usually they represent our minds and our subconscious thoughts and wishes. You are worrying too much about your future and it’s happenings. Don’t “rock the boat” and stay out of harms way. Analyze the path that you are taking in life. Are you moving fast, or are you taking things slow?

BOX: You have a very rigid way of thinking. A box represent feelings of repression or constraint. There is a wanting to preserve certain parts of your character that you do not feel need changing. The box is telling you to loosen up and be more open-minded.

BRA: Your underlying support and protection in ones waking life.

BRICK: Represents unsettled matters in either business or relationships. You are determined, hard-working, and also very cautious in your steps. You will succeed in your endeavors, or be promoted in any work affairs.

BRITAIN (ENGLAND): This may reflect your confidence about proper conduct. You know that you are right being moral, or that something you’re doing is effective.

BUNIONS: A situation you feel might fail because you know that you should stand against it, no matter what.

BUTTONS: Ones need to find ways to keep things together. This also represents wealth and security.

BUTTOX: Now is the perfect time for relationships, career moves, or to take the leap on that idea you’ve been contemplating! There will be big changes in your personal life. This usually represents someone who will come into your life and bring you many happy moments.






Fox Symbolism

If a fox crosses your path it means that one is going to encounter a significant gain in life. Death may come from the family or a close friend.


To see one fox alone, is a lucky symbol.

Baffling Dreams

Sometimes our dreams can be a bit confusing. So many different scenarios at play, yet, what do they all mean? When I began really paying attention to my dreams, I began to notice a pattern where at times, my dreams were clear as day, and at other times, they were so far out, I left them alone. I thought, maybe I ate something bad the night before, or I must’ve heard something crazy during the week that triggered such an odd experience. Little did I know, that as crazy as the dreams were, they were all able to be decoded and hold just as important messages as the clear pictures depicted.


Take my dream last night for instance. It took place in my parents house, where I grew up. I found myself getting ready for a funeral and waiting for my husband to get home. Once my husband got home, I noticed that he was already dressed, I thought, “Why are you dressed already?” “Are you even planning on taking a shower?” He began to explain that someone who worked for a men’s clothing store, near his job, thought that the vest and sports jacket he had on, were suitable for the funeral. The vest he was wearing under the jacket was white, while the jacket itself was a burnt orange. I wondered how in the world would he agree to that outfit when it wasn’t even his style. Upset at his bright-colored clothes, I suggested for him to change. He replied, “It’s no big deal, this is what’s in now!” (FYI: My husband would never say such a thing! LOL)

Albino Alligator

Reluctant to changing, he headed out the front door to wait for me in the car. As he stepped out onto what now was, my deceased grandmother’s porch, he sees something peculiar. He shouts, “Honey, come see the baby chics out here on your grandmother’s porch!” I stepped outside but didn’t see anything. As I leaned over the railing by the porch, I see 3 baby chics and 3 baby kittens all cuddled up together. Suddenly to the far right, I see approaching a very large Albino Alligator. He was heading towards my husband as if to attack him, but my husband was able to get inside the house before he got to him. And just like that, my dream had ended.

Dream Interpretation

*Baby ChicsThis represents your awareness of your own fear of standing up for yourself. You may sometimes find yourself having childlike insecurities. Chics may also represent your own children and your worry for them. You are slowly overcoming an unwanted control that was in your life.

*Cats/Baby Chics: This may represent your intuition. Be cautious as there is someone in your waking life that may have malice intent towards you. This also represents an independent spirit with creativity and power. 

*The Number 3This number is often associated with the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit). Your guardian angels are present and they are seeing what your long-term goals are, and they are expressing their approval. This number expresses the need to trust your instincts and that it is a good time to pursue the current path that you are on. 3 deals with Self-Confidence and trusting in your ability to accomplish things. Whatever hobby or skill you have taken up is pleasing to the Angelic realm. They are telling you that this is the right thing to do. Although it may be pretty far off from the material core of your career, do not be afraid. This path you have adopted was not by chance, but rather Divine Guidance. If you have thought of expanding further from hobby to career, now is the perfect time to branch out.

AlbinoThis represent Purity or Eternal Life. Try to be more accepting or tolerant in nature. You may be experiencing irrational concerns about the well-being of someone else. This may also be an aspect of yourself that’s noticeably imperfect. Albino also symbolizes the concerns you have for your family and desire to want the best for them.

Sports jacket:  This refers to abundance and unexpected Good News. If you are not wearing the jacket, but you see someone else wearing it, this signifies that you will be earning alot of money thanks to an issue that will randomly come to mind.

Vest:  There is a presence around you of a strong and influential person that is protecting you and helping you in your affairs. The vest also shows your Charity and Solidarity towards others. 

The color OrangeThis color represents physical Health and vitality. It represents hope, kindness, generosity, and an outgoing nature (All characteristics of whomever is wearing the jacket in the dream). This person may be compensating for a lack of energy in the waking life. It may be time for a break.


*To have your dreams interpreted, leave your name in the comment box below, along with your email. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response. Thank you kindly!




Divine Guidance

Often times we are confronted by the, all too popular worries of our day-to-day lives. These feelings may consume us and overwhelm us, to the point of not being able to control them. Are we doing the right thing? Am I on the right path? Am I working hard enough? Am I ever going to achieve my goal or dream I’ve been working so hard towards.

Through repetitive feelings, or vibrations we send to our subconscious mind, we may find our thoughts either creating our ideas, or messaging us through dream state. Depending on how you prefer to receive your messages, your angels/spirit guides, will aid in transmitting this important information to you.

In my dream last night, I found myself in a college classroom of some sort. It was a group of us that were there and we were all discussing a topic I do not recall. One of the girls there became ill, and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. After she had left, one of the women in the class with me asked me to go and get 2 juices out of the refrigerator. I asked, “Why two”? She responded, “So you dont get dehydrated like the other girl.” And with that, my dream came to an end.

Dream Interpretation


This represents our emotional and physical needs. The need to make full use of your supplies, or resources. Juice may also indicate prosperity. There may be certain developments in situations that will work in your favor. Ones financial health will be coming in the near future, because you are receiving help from vital forces.


This is a symbol of self-preservation. You have all the resources within you to achieve your goals; you just have to look deeper.

Classroom: This may suggest a lesson to be learned, or something you’re experimenting with, or trying new.


Embrace Peace and work hard towards Harmony. Try to be diplomatic in situations, and to settle things in a peaceful and adult way. You have the ability to make compromises and reason so that others can see the bigger picture. Your Guardian Angel’s are helping you to achieve your goals.

You are currently releasing energy that has caused you to feel depleted for a long time now. You’ve been redirecting yourself towards the more Divine and Spiritual aspects of your life. You are releasing energies and you can almost feel a certain power, or strength, coming over you.

Be brave and strong in your relationship. You’ve been doing so much work towards and for the Divine, that you will soon be repeating the reward. Keep pushing and working hard! The road will be rough, but the Angel’s will be there helping and guiding you through to the finish line.