Preordained Developments

I’ve been finding it a bit difficult to sleep for the past couple of weeks, and I just can’t figure out why. Sometimes a busy mind, situation, or scary movie can be the cause. However, it doesn’t take much to fall into what scientists call, REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). You may find more information on REM sleep here:;_ylu=X3oDMTByOHZyb21tBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–/RV=2/RE=1537574353/RO=10/ However, if you do find yourself awake at night and unable to catch some z’s, a small dose of natural Melatonin, or Valerian hops (5 mg-10 mg), has always done the trick for me.

woman-918981_1920Dream #1

On September 20th, 2018, my dream was as follows. I entered a beautiful Beach House where my husband and I would be staying on vacation. The house was really cute, but cluttered. As I’m looking around, I see a baby boy in his car seat on one of the couches. I begin to call out, “Hello!”, but there was no response. I continued to look for someone in the house but no one would answer. I begin to think, “My goodness, how could anyone abandon this baby like that?” Suddenly, through the front door comes a huge crowd of people who are apparently also staying in the same house. Turns out it’s Bed and Breakfast. I remember asking one of the ladies if this was their child, and they replied, “No, his mom is staying in another hotel and she left the baby here so she can enjoy her vacation without interruptions.” Completely appalled, I picked up the baby and began to console him. As I was looking down at the baby, I noticed his skin breaking out in what seemed to be, Hives. I wanted to quickly grab some Benadryl, but was hesitant because I didn’t know if the baby was currently taking any medications. window-163812_1280Dream #2

In this dream, I found myself at my aunt’s house. There was a big party going on to celebrate the new Pergola that my uncle had made for her. When I arrived to the party, my aunt calls me over to show me the work of art. It was very big, spacious, had the perfect dance floor. My aunt pointed out the beautiful ceiling. My uncle had carved out a design of spiral-like shapes, that really made the ceiling look higher. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

——————————————————Dream Switch————————————————————(When you have various dreams throughout the night. Almost like different movie footage)

Dream #3

This last dream was at nighttime in which I found myself walking to my car through, what I believe, were streets in China. I had to cross this small bridge which connected to a shopping plaza that was very busy. As I was walking, there is a man with a knife that had climbed up the bridge and was trying to hurt me. I began running at this point to try to get away from him. As I’m approaching my car, I see a small, stray baby kitten on the side of the road. I felt bad and gave him whatever piece of left over food I was carrying in my purse that night (Of course, only in a dream do you have food randomly inside your purse at a given moment.) Soon after, my dreams were over. 


Dream Interpretations

Dream #1:

*Abandoned baby: When a baby is neglected in a dream, then it suggests that you are not paying enough attention to yourself.

*Hives: When you dream that a child has hives, it usually symbolizes health and a sign that you’ll soon see that child in excellent health from whatever past illness they have been through.

*Beach House: This indicates a crossroads and a possible state of mind that is usually focused on moving on, or forward with your life. A beach house also represents your worldly possessions. It may signify your unconscious mind and your emotions which are connected to your family. If you are confronting any kind of negativity from a part of your family at the moment, you will usually dream with a beach house.

*Bed and Breakfast: This represents someone in search of having their basic needs met. You are craving for some type of stability in your life.

Dream #2

*Pretty Ceiling: Positively, a ceiling often reflects how comfortable you feel experiencing a situation where nothing can stop you, or that clear limits have been established and boundaries are set in place. Negatively, it may represent feelings that can’t be progressed any further. You have an inner feeling that you won’t lose while you wait for your plans to unfold.

Dream #3

*Knife: This represents changes in your life. You may feel that you are in need of some type of protection. There is something in your life that needs to be cut out. It may represent cutting ties with some kind of behavior or someone.

*Stray Cat: Cats in dreams usually represent your intuition. The health of the cat indicates whether you are heeding or ignoring your gut feeling. Feeding a stray cat in a dream can have 2 meanings:

#1. Possible chaos in your life at the moment, or

#2. You are helping nurture someone who is lost in life or within themselves.

cat-3254571_1920♥♥For your personal dream interpretations, leave me a message in the comment box below with details on your experience. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a reply. Thank you!


Many times, our dreams will revert us back to our childhood days. This traveling back in time allows our subconscious mind to remember the innocence and purity within our childlike hearts. (Matthew 18:2 Jesus says that we must “become as little children” in order to enter the kingdom of God.) These dreams may be pointing out the “old us”, or how we used to be. It may also represent repressed memories of a lingering situation in our waking lives. It may also symbolize something that is missing in our lives, fear, being overwhelmed, reminiscing how easy things used to be, childhood friends, choices we made, etc. girl-2771936_19202178885105583178875.jpg

[DREAM #1]

Last nights dream is a perfect example. I found myself walking down the halls of my old elementary/middle school (I went to private school from 2nd to 12th grade). I was wearing the old school uniform, which consisted of a plaid navy blue skirt, white blouse, and brown penny loafers. I wasn’t doing much other than walking through the hallways and observing all the students passing by. I soon woke up around 2:45 a.m. and could not go back to sleep until 4:00 a.m.

[DREAM #2]

I walked into this enormous, luxurious building. It was filled with stores, restaurants, and professional businesses of all kinds. As I walked around, I began to recognize alot of the people who were present. There were family, friends, old friends from school, neighbors, old colleagues, etc. I remember running into an old colleague of my moms and asking her if there were any positions currently open where she is working. She said no, but that not to worry that she used to hold up signs for a living (I found that reply so confusing!). As I continued to walk, I find myself in the food court area, where there was a large group of old friends that were gathered there. As I approached them and said our “hello’s”, I noticed that all of their eyelashes were growing very long. I thought, “Wow, how amazing are their lashes?” But wait, they kept on growing! I soon walked away and continued on my tour of the building. I am now entering a ballroom with my husband, and we are apparently attending a Gala. Before we enter, there was someone at the entrance collecting tickets for the event. Soon thereafter, my dream had ended.


SCHOOL UNIFORM: This represents an identification with an authority figure. Most of the time, it symbolizes order. This represents good opportunities for your life and current activities.

SCHOOL: This represents a childhood memory that needs to be addressed.

HALLWAY: Symbolizes a new beginning, or transition in the way you think, or in the circumstances of you life. You are waiting for something to happen after you’ve already completed a phase. 

LONG EYELASHES: You are trying to express yourself as best as you can. Your feelings are clear and precise and they need to come out. This also represents good fortune. Something is momentarily blocking your path/goal, and you are unable to move forward like you would like. 

GALA: You’ll find yourself in very beneficial circles in the future. You’re close to accomplishing your goals and will soon find happiness and content. 


***To request your own dream interpretation, please leave your name and email in the comment box below and I will be happy to do so***

Alerts and Messages

Not only do dreams elaborate on current situations in our lives, but they also heed warnings or deliver messages that one must steer their attention to. For example, last nights dream wasn’t as vivid as usual, however, you always try to remember the most about dreams that you can, in order to come up with the interpretation. It doesn’t take more than a few symbols or images, as everything carries some kind of symbolism.

In last nights dream, I remember being in my garage and seeing my dad fixing my car. I asked, ” Hey dad, what’s wrong with my car? What are you doing to it?” He replied, “Very strange, but last night, someone came and carved out Fish Gills in your car.” And so I proceeded to inspect the rest of the car thinking, “Who in the world would carve fish gills in my car?

Soon, my dream shifted into another, what I like to call “Dream Movie.” I found myself folding laundry, but a light blue bed sheet to be exact. I was making sure that it was folded very neatly and symmetrical. After that my dream was over.

Dream Meaning

Gills: This represents being able to “swim” or speedily get away from harm. These Gills give you the ability to adapt to certain circumstances more easily. This also has to do with one’s health condition, or that of a family members. There may be a lingering disease that is advised to take care of early on. Gills also represent your readiness to confront your true feelings and to fully submerge yourself in emotions.


Represents how you are moving through life. It is freedom and the ability to control and direct the path of your own life.


Folding bed sheets

This represents an inheritance of some kind. Either from a close relative (even one you may not have seen in many years), or a close friend. It won’t be alot of money, but certainly beneficial to you. This also represents a positive period for finances or anything related to investments and money. This may be a good time to think about investing.

Light blue sheets

This color represents the sky and the ocean. It also represents freedom, intuition, imagination, space, faith, heaven, and stability. It symbolizes power and protection, courage and strength. In the bible, light blue carries the meaning of Celestial Love and Truth. It also represents the Archangel Michael and clear communication.






The Great Unknown

Into the path of the great unknown,

Lies the answers we’ve been seeking on this road all alone.

What sense of fear and uncertainty has overcome you?

It’s not knowing who we are, what lies ahead, or this life we think is true.

Down this path of seemingly bottomless roads,

Is a light so bright and is calling me home.

There’s a comfort I feel in my heart, in my soul.

Though I can’t see the end of that road or my goal.

The illusions depicted, pictures painted so bright,

But these aren’t the Lord’s, no they’re not from his Light.

Be wise and observant though you can’t see this road,

God never intended for you to carry this load.

Through the Great Unknown we will one day see,

That this road we once traveled,

Gives a new meaning to Free!

God and Dreams

Aside from the scientific knowledge that many have studied on dreams and how they occur as a process in our brains, dreams are a very special gift. This gift gives us insight into a whole other world. A world that we could only enter when reaching a state of peace and relaxation, such as sleep or meditation. According to, in Bible times, God occasionally used dreams. But these were not everyday vague, illogical dreams. Dreams from God were vivid and coherent, and they had a definite message. Some of these messages gave clear and concise scenarios of future events, while others necessitated to be put together, just as you would a puzzle. fantasy-2861107_1920 (1)

In my prior articles, I’ve reiterated the need for stillness and a quiet mind in order to hear or experience any messages more clearly. In the bible, God spoke of his intentions to speak to his children in the manner of dreams {Acts 2:17-18}

17 “ ‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. 
18 Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy. 
Now, I’m not saying that every dream comes from God. There are a combination of factors here. Dreaming was created as a form of healing our own bodies, mind spirit, and soul. It was also created as a form of communication between spiritual realms. Just as there is good and evil, so is the same for dreams. There are many types of dreams such as: Healing Dreams, Problem-Solving Dreams, Belief Dreams, Physiological dreams, Pre-cognitive Dreams, Lucid dreams, and Nightmares.
For a more, in-depth, explanation for each, log on to:

dreamcatcher-1030769_1920When someone is dreaming, they are at a much more focused level than when they are awake. They cause us to either wake up or react. Dreams take us beyond what we already know and opens our eyes to the mystery of other possibilities. I have noticed how people have begun to wake up (by waking up, I mean opening ones eyes to see beyond what’s there. To see beyond the curtain of deceit. To feel a tug, or yearning, for some inexplicable fulfillment that one is missing in their lives, the need to know what their true purpose in life is). They question their dreams more; where in the past, they would’ve simply brushed it off as simply some crazy, evening rendezvous. You see, these aren’t coincidences that happen on a global level. This is our connection to our highest source (God), pulling us towards him. While our world is changing, so are our minds, ideologies, and hearts.

As you continue to pay more attention to your dreams, you will begin to understand them more. They will become more like stories, rather than random situations our brain has put together. Now, much like our relationship with God is a commitment, so are our dreams. In order to be able to receive more information through dream state, one must show their commitment and open heart. Keep a dream log by your nightstand in order to remember your dreams. Before falling asleep, set an intention, or ask a question of guidance. Setting intentions shows your desire to connect. When you wake up in the morning, make sure to write down in present time your dream, how it made you feel, and details of what you remember. These small steps will help us remember our dreams and keep them coming on a more routine basis.

In the days we are living filled with lack of faith, ruthlessness, and cold hearts, we are called to be lights in the darkness. In focusing in on our dreams, we shift our minds into another world. This actually calms our minds and helps us navigate a little smoother in our day-to-day lives. Dreams are the forbidden world of unsolved mysteries. They are the gateway into our soul, our desires, and our connection to ourselves and God. God used dreams in the bible to warn people of their sins and wrong doings, to direct their paths and offer signs of hope. Have you tried to decipher your dreams as of late? What have they said about you, about a current situation, about life? Try journaling your dreams for one week. If all you’d like to do is write them down, send them to my inbox and I will be happy to unlock the messages behind them. You’ll be very surprised to see what comes through, I guarantee it!

There’s a storm coming

A series of events are converging together,

Can you feel it? It’s building and will change us forever.

Secluded in our worlds we’ve grown fond of possessions,

Paid no mind to self-worth, family values,  life’s lessons.

Since eons ago, only one thing stands strong,

The need for power and control over all.

We’ve witnessed these changes right in front of our eyes,

Yet we stand back in awe as if it’s a surprise.


You ask, “Who caused this and how can this be?”

“So much destruction around us, Lord please hear my plea!”

“My child I have warned you that this would occur.

The world has forgotten me. My voice is not heard!”

“Inescapable events will begin to unfold,

My heart breaks for my children, their hearts have grown cold.”

But through transformation comes a new world, new hearts,

The world we once lived in, will forever depart.

The ways of the wicked will not reappear,

It’s over and done with, there is no more fear.


My favorite books




A time to Trust


Looking out at the beautiful chaos that began to unfold,

Was the sea, calm and tranquil, with stories untold.

Deep in the seemingly bottomless chasm, lies the world of the unknown.

This world we seem to know so well, yet have disturbingly outgrown.

Tempestuous winds begin to pick up,

So quickly it’s changing, we’re all waking up.

Such brilliant colors begin to appear,

They have voices and feelings, a vibrational frontier.

The past, present, and future hold true,

We’re all individuals, light souls passing through.

And in the midst of chaos we are reminded with Love,

To pray and to trust HIM, our God Almighty above.




The “Time” Capsule

Anytime you begin meditation, it is recommended to request guidance and protection from God, your higher “Self”, and your angels (Guardians). Always ask that they protect you from any harm or negative entities, that may want to disturb your space. When we place ourselves in this concentrated deep state, we become vulnerable to these sort of things.

*Envision yourself wrapped in a giant,  oval egg-shaped white light of protection*19bf3c70adc88bc3dcf2d097153a26c6.jpg


I was a spectator at this time. It looked like I was in the desert somewhere around the time of Jesus or so. There was this young boy, about 9 or 11 years of age. He looked poor and was dressed in old beat up, white rags. I was looking at the boy trying to take out what looked like a Time Capsule, from the ground. He was struggling with it and i woke up before I saw him retrieve it.




This speaks of different changes in one’s life, either good or bad. However, it is nothing to be alarmed about as you will remain calm and find a reasonable conclusion for this situation. This may also represent “Good News” coming your way in the form of a surprise.


Time Capsule, Cylinder, or Tube:

There will be peace and comfort after a long period of struggle. This also represents a desire to escape your present reality. You’d like to go back to the past, or fast forward to the future where your goals will be realized. You are dealing with things at the moment that are causing you stress or creating anxiety.

The Time Capsule also symbolizes the time of Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel in the bible (The King of Babylon)



This represents finding out information about someone or something.

Pulling out Something from the ground:

This is a positive action. There’s a current situation that can be resolved or dealt with. You need to focus on the object you are actively pulling out. It also symbolizes a certain stage in spiritual development. You’re being pulled in a certain direction. You may not know where you’re going, but just trust the feeling. This may be a call to give or share information that has been relayed to you, in which others may need to hear.

What is your interpretation?

Standing Still

I feel like I’m floating, being carried by dreams,

my thoughts are beyond me, how can I cope with these things?

As the days move passed me, not a day goes by,

that I don’t wish I could stop and see clear through your eyes.

At times I could feel you, I can hear you from far.

Please Father forgive me, I’m drifting afar.

The noise in this life is too much for me.

I struggle and think, “Will I ever be free?”

Pondering back at my life, “What happened, what changed?”

“Who am I? Where am I? Do I look estranged?”


What am I to do, is it all up to me?

“My child I have told you, I’ll take care of thee.”

“Be quiet, be still and you’ll hear me again.

I’ve never left your side, not now and not then!”

“Please quiet your mind and trust in me.

One day this shall all make sense, it was intended to be.”

“In stillness there’s peace, how else can you hear?

My child I am with you, why do you fear?”

“Now close your eyes and feel my embrace,

my Love is eternal and you have been saved by Grace.”

“And when the time comes, you fall back once again,

just stand still and reach for me and I’ll give you my hand.”



The Blimp

Don’t you feel like if you’re walking around in circles sometimes? I mean, you have an image in your mind of what your goals are, but are you really headed that way? Does this path lead to anywhere, or am I just trying to convince myself that I’m on the right track? This runs through my mind countless times, as I’m quite sure it runs through yours. At times, one may even lose sight, or forget what their goals are, because you get so caught up in a vicious cycle.

My dream last night was short, but like I always say, “It doesn’t matter how short your dreams are, there is always a hidden message.”  

The Dream

My husband woke me up like he usually does when he goes to work. It was roughly 6 a.m. I woke up a bit confused, because he usually wakes me up to have breakfast with him and he was already dressed and ready to leave. I said, “What’s going on? Why are you already dressed?” He replied, “I have something to tell you, but I’m not quite sure if it’s real or not!” As he’s speaking to me, I happened to glance outside the bedroom window. The blinds were partially opened and I could see the Good Year Blimp in the air. I thought, “What an odd hour to be flying a blimp!” At this point, I had missed everything my husband was explaining to me, because I was so fixated on the blimp. Soon after, my husband woke me up to have breakfast.


News: You will be fortunate in any work affairs and have harmonious companion.

Uniform/Work attire: There is a sense of conformity. Do not settle and go along with the crowd, just to avoid confrontation. There is also a chance at a promotion that will bring you good fortune and a better position.

Blimp: Your plans are up in the air. Your passions are stronger than the plans you have set out before you. Blimps also represent the feeling of being out of balance. It also symbolizes adventure, creativity and courage during incredible facts. There will be some type of announcement of either an adventure, or something else exciting that will get your adrenaline running. You will demonstrate that you are not making a mistake by going to where you have gone recently.


Pondering Thoughts

Sometimes we’re on auto pilot and can lose track of where we are going. We can become almost numb and feel we are lacking somewhere in our self-worth. This dream doesn’t only let one know that they are on the right track, but also reminds us that we are worth much more than just a monotonous 9-5 work week, or a money-making machine. We are dreamers! We are filled with goals and aspirations; a longing for a better life. But for some reason, we’ve made this all seem so unattainable. Why shouldn’t we deserve what we work so hard for? What makes us feel unworthy of such a life? We do!!! WE tend to become conformed to the material things of this world that, to an extent, we’re slowly becoming prisoners, forgetting who WE are and what purpose WE truly serve. WE must not allow ourselves to be conformed, but rather *transformed*.

*Dr. Jordan Peterson is a professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto. He is a Clinical Psychologist and Public Speaker. This explanation he gives about dreams and if they have any relevant meaning is just amazing, I feel! I invite you to take a few minutes and listen in. *

What did you think?





An Escape

It is difficult to calm the mind sometimes from overthinking. From the moment we wake up until we go to bed, our minds are constantly going. Did I forget to return that email before I left work last night? I can’t forget to jot this important date on my calendar! Do the kids have any after school activities tomorrow? When will I get married, or meet my soul mate? These are all common conversations that travel through our minds everyday. For some of us, it may be a chronic problem that does not allow us to fully rest up.

The Dream

A few nights ago, I was laying in bed finishing up my daily meditation. Now, usually I fall asleep during my meditations and wake up in the middle of the night to remove my headphones. But this time, I was wide awake and couldn’t fall asleep fast enough. Finally, I did! I dreamt that everyone was climbing fast up the trees trying to get away from this flood that was occurring. This water came up fast, but not in a raging way. When the waters stopped, they seemed to calm down and all that had made it to the top of the trees were looking at eachother in relief and disbelief. The entire land was covered in water. The days passed and passed. We had no food or drinking water and had to make due with what we had. We had all decided to start collecting any debris from the water that would serve purpose.

There on top of the trees we made kitchens, a “nest” to sleep in, yes, just like the birds, we connected wooden planks to each of the tree branches that extended to the tree next to it, to form a connective bridge and so on. This was our life now! How quickly it changed, and how quickly we were forced to adapt. No time to think, just do. Soon after, my dream was over.


Flood meaning:

This represents emotional issues and tensions. These are emotions that one may keep repressed and are causing you to feel overwhelmed. It symbolizes growing emotionally and releasing those feelings. But your worries over a specific situation will soon be swept away.


This represents purity and one’s unconscious itself.


This is the symbolic meaning of Life.

Tree Branches:

These are one’s hidden abilities, desires, and aspirations. They symbolize good fortune, growth, and a new life. Branches may also represent the relationship one has between them and their family.

Living on top of the trees:

You want to find out how to protect you and your family from any dangers or misfortunes. Trying to escape the problems of the real world. You’re working hard to realize your hopes and goals. This could also mean, maximizing ones potential.

It’s important to take just a few minutes out of one’s day to quiet the mind and sit still. Even putting headphones on with no sounds, only to block the outside noises will help. Dreams like this one help us realize that we are giving too much time to material things and not enough time to ourselves. Or, it may also be telling us that worrying over “things” is a waste of time. Our lives can change in an instant! So worry about what you can change and don’t worry about what you can’t. Appreciate each and every moment and always give thanks for all that you have been blessed with.