Pancho’s Visit

Sometimes, loved ones will make a quick visitation in a dream without really giving you a clear message. It later becomes a sort of puzzle, in which you must try to put together. Sometimes, our dearly departed will reach out to us because of “unfinished business” or  circumstances that were left unresolved, looking for forgiveness, or even to give us insight as to a situation one may have to deal with in the future (near or far). When it comes to deceased family, these sort of dreams may leave us either filled with utmost joy, or melancholy and sad. Depending on the relationship with the dearly departed, will be your own interpretation.

Last night, I dreamt that I was at the store with my parents. My father asked me if it was okay that we paid my grandfather (we called him “Pancho”) a visit. Naturally I said yes , and so we got into the car and headed to his house. When we arrived, I was the first to arrive at the door. When I opened the door to his house, I walked into what looked like my parents kitchen. I found my grandfather facing me, leaning up against the counter. I said (In Spanish), “Hi abuelo! How are you?” I noticed he only smiled at me and didn’t reply. My dad for some reason, came to where my grandfather was, picked him up, and sat him on the counter like he was a child. They began conversing with my grandfather, but something wasn’t right. I noticed that my grandfather’s speech was slurred and his lip to the right was drooping, while his left eye was doing the same. I became very concerned and asked, “Abuelo, are you okay? Do you feel well? What’s wrong?” He replied, “Help me, I think I’m having a Stroke!” Nervous, I turned to my parents and asked them to call for help. I began to cry at the sight of my helpless grandfather. But then I thought, “Wait, how can grandpa be having a stroke if he’s already passed?” Soon after, my dream was over.

As you can see, dreams like these can leave one feeling sad almost for the entire day. It may even cause someone to relive those aching moments. But lets take a look at what message lies within this dream shall we? When it comes to me entering my grandfather’s house and then walking into my parents house, it resembles the last few months of my grandfather’s life in which my parents took care of him. A deceased grandparent may symbolize the feeling you are having of losing the support of someone you love. Now, this sense of support doesn’t necessarily have to be a person. You may be in need of guidance, protection, or comfort. Seeing your deceased grandfather may also represent the feeling of being permanent, getting into a new house or job and considering that situation, a long-term expectation. This may also symbolize you meeting your expectations in the very near future, or in a short time.

Having a Stroke in a dream, or seeing someone have a Stroke means that there is a certain situation in your waking life in which you are having trouble functioning. This may also represent ones repressed fears. On the bright side, consider the term, “A stroke of good luck”. A stroke in a dream may also be a “health alarm”. What is your family’s health history? Are you under alot of stress? Maybe you need to change your eating habits, and they are advising you to do so, in order to prevent anything from happening. Wether our dreams with our departed loved ones are bitter or sweet, we should always thank them for their visit. They will always come in peace, love, and with your best interest at heart. And yes, I miss my grandfather very much!

Heavenly Music

I know I’m not alone, if I ask how many of you out there have ever had ringing in your ears (Clinically called, Meniere’s Disease), maybe felt like they were clogged out of nowhere, or what about hearing music or bells? So yes, clinically there are certain names that would classify these sounds as conditions, however, spiritually there is also a “reason” and not classified as a “condition”. In the past, I have spoken about angels, or spirit guides, sending little messages I like to call, “small gifts”, just to remind us that they are there and we are not alone. Although this has happened to me countless times, I’ve never really taken my own advice and paid attention to why was it so relevant as to when I was hearing the sounds.


On July 7th, 2018, these sounds came to me a little different; in Dream State. I found myself in the middle of a beautiful field. It was filled with all sorts of gorgeous flowers, just like the scene in ” The Sound of Music“. I suddenly hear very faint music being whispered into my right ear. The music sounded oriental and had some beautiful bells ringing in the background. I just stood there in total peace, just listening to the music without a care in the world. It was very difficult to wake up the next morning after such a peaceful dream. But where was that music coming from and what does it all mean, besides the obvious peace I felt?

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Music in dreams may be interpreted as making arrangements or plans of some sort. There is something that you need to sort out in the waking life; something that needs solving. There is an issue that you just can’t seem to figure out. What issue are you going through that you may need a break from? It also tells of pleasure, prosperity, inspiration, and good news {“Music to my ears“}! As for the bells, the Chinese rang bells to communicate directly with spirits. The bells may be a call to a specific prayer, or something you have been consistently praying for. It marks a significant point to a ritual or prayer. Bells ringing have often been said to ward off evil of any kind.

The spiritual realm will always find ways to send you small messages to either sooth your anxieties, guide you, help you in an important decision, or simply assist you in any way they can. However, sometimes we are so busy in our daily lives that we don’t stop and listen. Angels are constantly speaking to us, we just need to learn their signs and language. The more you become aware of these signs, the clearer the messages will become. Next time you hear bells, music, humming, or ringing in your ears, stay still and just think about what situation you are going through at that very moment; you’ll be glad that you did!

Dream Catchers

A little history lesson never hurt anyone! I always see people driving around with Dream Catchers on their rear view mirror, or wearing them as jewelry, but do they really know the true meaning behind them? Now, depending on which Native American tribe you most associate with, will determine the explanation of a Dream Catcher. In general, Dream Catchers are believed to catch a person’s bad dreams from reaching them at night.

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Dream Catchers originate from the Ojibwe culture, which means “Spider Web Charm“. The Dream Catchers, or “Spider webs” as they called them, came from the Spider Woman, or “Dream Grandmother“.  According to mythology, she was an important figure who would take care of the children and people of the land. Everyone would wear one of these “protective charms” in order to prevent any evil or harm from coming in contact with them. Later on, it was adopted by more tribes, in which it symbolized unity among different Indian groups, despite their differences or beliefs.


By the 1990’s, Dream Catchers became a “must have” item. Now a days, the authentic Dream Catcher has shifted in its looks, and hardly resembles the traditional Native American legacy. Authentic Dream Catchers must be made with authentic materials. They must have 7 points, resembling the 7 mythological grandfathers, and the 8 strands that are interwoven. Here, the importance of numerology is represented by the 8’s, 7’s, and interlocking circles. The number 8 represents that which is beyond nature and it’s perfection. It finds balance between the material and immaterial worlds. The number 7 now is the number of the “Seeker”, or “The Searcher of Truth”. This number is about death and rebirth. The Dream Catcher itself represents the “Circle of Life,” with no beginning and no end. So, according to the Native American beliefs and that of my own, death is a part of life and the spirit lives on.

The feather strands represent breath and air, which are essential or life. Feathers are also believed to help you slip into the dream world. Their flow allows you to drift into a new and peaceful dream. Of course, each feather has a different meaning and will only add to the already traditional one. Some may say that they don’t dream, others may say that they can’t seem to remember them, or if you’re like me, you dream every night and definitely keep a dream catcher around to catch those unwanted “pies in the sky”.

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“Extraordinary Travels”

Through multiple world’s we travel, at the closing of our night.

These world’s that seem so far to us, are but a short and simple flight.

There are color’s I’ve never seen before, so spectacular and bright.

Father I Thank You for this life of mine, for my family, and my sight.

The energies so present, so pure and so deep.

Helping me along my travels to exactly where I should be.

Reflections of this world and those that are unseen, your presence is but a mystery, where you’re headed, or where you’ve been.

But, where am I going? Oh, where could I be? This timeless location looks very different to me.

There are feelings of fright and feelings of joy, emotions we experience to allow us to convoy.

So enter these doors of endless dimensions, these mysteries will unveil themselves once you’ve awaken.

Our dreams are but a gift we’re given, an insight into our soul.

Engulf your mind with stillness; take the leap, and take the stroll.

Our dreams are our escape in life, our reality, and our assists.

The beauty we supress within us, in our minds, deep in our souls, is the innocent child inside ourselves reaching out to play the role.

By the time that we awaken, we’ll be left with quite a story.

The beautiful depictions of our Self to help our journey.

“The search for Soul”

Through the archways of the soul lies a mysterious hidden world.

A world unknown to many because of the vastness of the journey.

To travel that far and wide is the pure essence of Divinity.

The one that we should hope for, get to know, and and pray for many.

This journey isn’t easy, we have many distractions of sorts.

But when we allow the flow to guide us, we will see colors and roads we have never seen before.

Fulfillment is searched by many, not knowing what or whom is missing.

It is a pure connection , something tender, deep and real.

Your search may continue to tire you.

For you will be pushed to your limits of exhaustion.

A place where you will know; there’s something greater out there than you and I, and our soul is sure to know.

Now one may travel further than they wanted, afraid of what may be next.

But the spirit offers hope and love and assures a time of rest.

Allow this time of reflection to give you what you need, may it be lessons, hardships, or even the longing to be free.

Continue on your journey, not forgetting what’s your goal.

To remember about Love and Connection, and the Light that lies within our soul.

By: Veronica Gonzalez

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“The Announcement”

Have you ever had a premonition? My dream last night began with a feeling that something was about to happen. Something that would change everyone, for better or for worst, in an instant. I was at a grand event of some sort. Present, were many of my family and friends, along with some of the people from the church I attend. We were all gathered in this huge hall, or arena. This hall did not have a roof or covering. Everyone gathered there was having appetizers and refreshments, and were surrounded by televisions. Suddenly, the news came on and everyone began to listen very attentively. The news journalists were speaking of some kind of “worldwide apparition” in the sky that had been occurring. Then from the crowd, I heard someone yell, “Look up at the sky!” In the sky, was a huge cross beginning to form. This cross was thick and was taking up most of the sky. Everyone around me was in total awe at what we were witnessing. I heard a woman saying, “I can’t believe this is really happening. I can’t handle this!” All of a sudden, the city’s tornado siren’s went off, followed by a man’s loud voice saying, “I will come sooner than expected. Look at what you have done to my land!“His voice shook the ground and everyone who was standing knelt at once. I woke up a little shaken this morning, I’m not going to lie.


So let’s interpret this dream in two parts.

Part one:

Apparition in the sky:

This represents a project or task that one has yet to complete. Apparitions are the spirit of life. It symbolizes experiencing a major change in the way that one sees life. This may also represent a “message” or a “warning.”

The Cross:

This refers to a time to really find yourself and enjoy all life has to offer. Seeing a cross in your dream is both positive and favourable.


These represent warnings that have been given, but have been ignored.

Jesus’ message of returning soon:

One’s biggest goals will be achieved. This gives a person who has gone through struggle, strenth and console. This may also represent a rise in followers for Jesus.

This dream was extremely vivid and left me feeling very vulnerable this morning. So like I said earlier, this was part one of how this dream may be interpreted.

Here is Part two:


Jesus Christ showing himself to the world in the form of the cross. Reminding us all of his endless love, grace, and mercy.

Jesus message of return:

We are being given another warning to be good and do good. Another opportunity to change and soften our hearts, before unavoidable storms occur out of the blue.

So for the Non-believers I say to you, wether or not you have opened your mind and eyes to the possibility that there is something much greater than you or I in this great universe, the change will be unavoidable. You see, we live in a world where, no matter what, someone is held accountable, and what you reap, you will sowe. And the love that is being given to us is so immense, that we are given multiple opportunities to rectify ourselves. My wish for you is that you come to realize this in time.

And for the believers, wether or not this dream is true, we must stay true to ourselves and our beliefs. As I’ve mentioned before, our goal should be to remember who we are, and trust God (OM), to bring you truth and purpose in your life. We all walk through storms in our lives. Some storms are so turbulent that we are forever changed to a new person. We must allow that new side of us to be filled with the kind of Love that will draw more and more people to follow that same truth. What are your thoughts?


Life can be truly amazing. And just when it’s great, it can take a turn for the worst, just like that! We live in a society that knows just how far to push our buttons. From the moment we leave our house to go to work we encounter traffic, someone may cut you off, there’s an accident and now you’ll have to call your boss and let him/her know you won’t be making it on time. Just like the roller coaster analogy, as our emotions. Some of us may experience the feelings of being overwhelmed more than others. You may feel overworked and underpaid, misguided, let down, taken advantage of, misunderstood, etc., etc. As humans, we feel the need to control every single aspect of our lives. If you’re like me, one of the things you may struggle the most with is letting go.


Now, I’d love to sit here and tell you how you can rid yourself of being overwhelmed, but sadly, I haven’t mastered that quite yet. What I can tell you is what’s been helping me accept things better as they come, and control my reaction to situations as they come. As I’ve mentioned in my prior blogs, meditation is by far my #1. As for me, guided meditations seem to help me the most, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed and can’t seem to clear my head on my own. #2 is Canvas painting. Painting can be extremely soothing and therapeutic. It is here where your mind is required to focus on just one thing, and that, is the painting right in front of you. The time can pass me by without any cares in the world. #3 is reading. Find something that interests you; or maybe something that you’ve never considered reading, but you’re just drawn to. Reading can also be very relaxing. And last but not least, music. Music is therapeutic in so many ways. It can make you happy or sad, trigger an old memory, or make you want to get up and dance!98ce3bc239f1683aad34d8e5f0eacb4dTake some time to reflect on what’s most important in your life at this moment. What are you thankful for? What do you have in your life right now that you couldn’t possibly live without? Meditate on the possibilities of making things better just one step at a time. Don’t give yourself any more than you should handle (even if you think you can). Remember that no one out there has power over you unless you give them that power, through every hardship, there is a lesson to learn, and to every negative thought that is running through your head reminding you just how weak you are, remind them that you don’t need them and they are cancelled. We are way tougher than we give ourselves credit for. Someone very wise once told me, whenever you feel like giving up, just remind yourself that through it all, you’re still here! Don’t let frustration knock you down, because when you finally succeed, the struggle will be all worth it in the end.

“A Collage of Thoughts”

How many of you have had those nights where you have multiple dreams? Anyone can have multiple dreams at night. Experts in Neuroscience and Psychology say that we dream every 90 minutes throughout the night, every cycle being longer that the one before. According to scientific investigations, our brain takes “random” images from our subconscious and sends them via neurotransmitters, forming a “small movie” of your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and desires. How amazingly incredible is that? How perfect have we been created that our “computer upstairs” works at such potential? However, I don’t really consider it appropriate to say that our brain picks “random thoughts”. You see, in my experience (and I am no doctor), the messages that come through in dreams are so special, so spectacular, and so spot on, that it makes it difficult to consider such a statement. Now, I could veer off topic and talk about how there is evidence that the body can actually heal itself through the mind, but instead, I’ll take a small stroll through the vicinity. Our brain produces stories in our minds that bring feelings of love, fear, comfort, warmth, positivity and negativity, worry, awkwardness, self-empowerment or self-destruction, etc. They have such a profound impact that they can reveal a persons darkest secrets to help them change, bring forth a passed loved one that will bring you comfort, or answer a question you’ve been wondering about for days.

My dream last night began with me leaving some kind of event (not sure if it was a wedding or play). It was night-time and the sky was clear. My husband and son were walking towards our car, while my sister and I were a bit behind them. As my sister and I are waking, we noticed that the streets looked a bit greasy. There was a distinct smell in the air that we couldn’t make out what it was. Suddenly, as we are getting closer to the car, it begins to rain. What was so odd about it raining? It was raining wax! We rushed quickly into the car and were all perplexed as to what we were witnessing. I mean wax, really? Now, as I like to call it “switching the film,” here comes dream number two.

I was at a grocery store, not buying anything, just as an observer. I was with a friend that was just around the corner, in one of the aisles. To my left, was a woman and her baby. The sweet baby was sitting in one of the grocery carts, playing with her milk bottle. In front me, was a couple that was shopping for fruit. There was something odd about this couple that I didn’t like. The man kept looking, nervously, at his surroundings, while the woman never took her eyes off of the baby. I decided to start walking towards the baby in case she tried to get too close. She apparently knew what my intentions were while I was giving her the “don’t you even try it” look. She looked back at her boyfriend/husband and whispered something to him. I couldn’t quite hear what she said, so I decided to run to the front of the store and get the manager. I told him that the couple I was pointing to was trying to steal the baby. The manager made the security stand at the front of the store and lock the rest of the doors. They were able to arrest them. Now, here’s another strange part; my daughter is 11 but she apparently had a job at the store. She had her own office and was having an issue with one of her filing cabinets. There were a few drawers that were broken. A few days went by and the manager at the grocery store called and said, “I wanted to let you know that the couple that we arrested the other day felt bad as to their actions and wanted to do something nice for you in good faith. So, they fixed your daughters broken cabinet.” I replied, “Really? And they did this freely?”  Now on to dream number three. I was standing on the sidewalk, right in front of an apartment building. As I looked around, the time almost looked like I was in the 1800’s. There was a black car, at the front of the entrance to the building. Suddenly, rushing out of the doors was a young woman, perhaps in her 30’s, who ran into the black car and took off. Running behind her was a man and woman. The woman, out of breath and yelling said, “Why didn’t you make her take the kids?” He replied, “She ran too quickly.” After this, my short films were over.

Let’s take dream number one first and see what it says.

*Greasy: Represents the assistance that you are receiving in moving forward with your life. You are also receiving encouragement and financial gain to help make things run smoothly.

*Raining: Rain is a cleanser of negative thoughts, emotions and energy. It gets rid of sin and regrets, so that you may experience inner peace and abundance. There is a negative situation that will be passing quickly, or it just may not be as bad as you thought it would be.

*Wax: This is a symbol of creativity, wealth, and hard work. You will be profiting from being engrossed. It reminds you that whatever situation you are in can be easily changed.

Dream number two, although totally different, continues the connection between the first interpretation.

*Grocery Store: This has to do with the physical need or desire to feel alive. It represents the decisions being made that will help sustain you through this short-term transition.

*Stealing a baby: Most often, babies represent new beginnings. They are a sign of warmth and good intentions that one might have. This represents the side of you that is weak and fragile. You may be feeling helpless in a situation because you are unable to take action or help at the moment.

*Evil people turning to good: This represents the value that you have for helping others. You have a passion to make the world a better place through good deeds.

And last, but definitely not the least, dream number three.

The 1800’s era: This may be indicating a “past life” dream. In the world if Numerology, 18 represents freedom, while 00 represents power. This assumes the thoughts that may be occupying your mind lately. The thoughts and prayers that you’ve been carrying have been heard and will finally be granted. This symbolizes a confrontation that has been completed, or moving on with your life.

*Black Antique car: One’s past goals are solid and the future is looking bright. You are a strong-willed person, and a man/woman of grit and steel. You can trust your own judgement with confidence.

*Neglected children: This is letting you know that you are not paying enough attention to yourself. You may not be utilizing your full potential.

*Abandonment of a child/ren: Sounds awful, however, the meaning is quite the contrary. This symbolizes something unique that you would like to create through the process of love and labour.

Not always can you take dreams in the literal sense. But, as you can see, even the craziest of events and symbols give you a deep understanding of your true self or inner struggles. Many times, dreams will point out your flaws and weakness to strengthen and change your ways. Other times, they will point out your strong attributes and praise you for encouragement. Meditation helps calm the mind and body along with accessing those parts of ourselves in which we’ve neglected. It is the most important tool to strengthen ”our most important tool”, our brain. Keeping a daily log of your dreams will also help you to remember them. Has there been a dream that you’ve had, and you thought was just so crazy to have any real meaning behind it? I’d love to hear about it!


“Unusual day at the office”

You know what spirit loves most about sending us messages in our dreams? Symbols that make no sense to us whatsoever! Do you know why? They want us to put forth the effort in finding out their true meaning. It is our way of showing them that, not only are we thankful for their insight, but that we are willing to do our part as well.


In last nights dream, I saw myself working in my previous dental office. As I walked in though the back door of the office, I noticed that they had expanded it and it was currently still under construction. I decided to peek into one of the new rooms and saw an old co-worker of mine. He had just recently started to work there. As I made my way to the waiting room area, I can see it was full. I said good morning to all of the patients and began some small talk. A mother of one of the patients, stood up and asked if I could reschedule her sons appointment because he didn’t feel well and they were taking too long. I replied, “Im so sorry to hear that. I’d be happy to help you, but first let me check and see what is going on.” When I turned around to exit the room, I see that there are three white feathers on the floor. I looked around to see where those feathers could’ve come from, but I had no luck. Although, there was another patient in the room with a huge hat, but it had purple boa feathers on it. Curious as to when the patients appointment time was for, I went to my desk to check on the computer. To my surprise, the patients appointment was origionally for 11:30 a.m. and was being seen at 10:15; just a little over an hour early. I didn’t seem to understand her rush. I went looking for the doctor to let him know what the mother of the patient had said. He asked me to bring her into the patient room beacause he needed to speak with her. As the mother and I walked into the room, it didn’t look like a dental operatory at all, rather it looked like a hospital room. The patient was sitting in a chair that was up against the corner of the room. “But, wait.,” I thought. “How can this man be her son when he’s so old?” The man was well over his 80’s and looked very brittle. He was breathing through a nasal cannula and was very weak. The doctor proceeded to tell the mom that he couldn’t work on him because he did not have much time to live. He provided them with a wheelchair so that he wouldn’t have to walk back to the car. As he was being helped onto the wheelchair, I noticed that his face was turning young again. I escorted them out of the office. As I come back inside, I see my husband, brother, sister and parents dressed in black. I asked, “Where are you going?” They replied, “To (this persons, I don’t remember their name) funeral. Aren’t you going too?” I said, “Oh, I had no idea. But I can’t leave now. It’s my day to close the office and the other doctor is still with a patient. Besides, the kids still haven’t had dinner.” When they left, I went into the waiting room and began to pick it up and organize it for the following day. I noticed that one of the patients had left a grocery bag filled with cheeses, grapes, salami and olives, on the door handle. I wasn’t sure if someone forgot it, or they left it there for us. Either way, I decided to take it with me. My kids, who were with me at the office, asked if I could order them some food because they were hungry. I said yes, since I still had to wait for the other doctor to finish. Soon after, my dream had ended.

Now stay with me. These kinds of dreams may be tricky to decipher. They have alot of hidden meanings, but are all very important. The waiting room of an office means that you are in limbo about a particular situation in you’re life. Timing here is very important and you may want to have information right now that you just aren’t ready for. Patience is key here. The white feathers in this dream point to travel. It is the ability to move freely in your waking life. They are a sign of hope, promise and peace. It is innocence and a fresh start in the spiritual sense. Purple feathers, on the other hand, represent spirituality and an activated higher thought and connectivity. This symbolizes the opening of psychic and spiritual sight. You are being told to listen to your intuition.

To dream of a dying person represents a feeling of loss from a particular person. This is someone that you may be missing more than usual. This usually occurs around important anniversaries. A funeral, represents your fear that someone is going to die, but this is usually never the case. It’s a metaphor for something, or some part of you, that has died internally. There is a situation in your waking life that will soon come to an end.

A special key means that you are opening yourself up to new ideas, opportunities, and knowledge. You may also be unlocking memories that have been suppressed in your unconscious. The key also represents a solution. Seeing yourself order take-out, symbolizes that although you desire to have more of a social life, you still value your family above all else. Seeing an office under construction can represent different emotions regarding your problems and the changes you are making in real life. There is a project, or a part of you that you must complete. This also tells of relationships in the waking life that need to be worked on. The patients nasal cannula, which seems crazy, but it also has a significant meaning. This talks about feelings of being smothered or suffocated. This can be representing certain events in your waking life. A wheelchair, represents a situation that has made you feel helpless. You are letting others push you around, or maybe someone is in need of your help.

To see a grocery bag in your dream brings Good News! It also symbolizes certain duties in your waking life. It represents someone who strives to serve their family, or brings theor household what they deserve. The contents in the bag are also of unique importance. Consider the contents in the bag.

Cheese represents gains and profits, where grapes represent fertility and wealth. You will be happy and have success in business. Consider the term, “bearing fruit for the harvest.” Salami means that new steps will be taken. This is the beginning of a new process or environment. Your long awaited attempt will finally happen, or you will put a deposit on a new house. As far as olives go, this represents the resolution of a conflict in life. They are a symbol of peace and immortality. In the same way we consider the items in the grocery bag, we must do so with time. Pay close attention to the numbers in your dreams, as these bring you messages as well. The patient arrived at 10:15. In numerology, one must add all of the numbers together until you end up with a single digit. In this case, 1+0+1+5=7. 1015 reminds us to keep our thoughts and actions focused on our goals and aspirations. The alterations in your life are being made do to your past actions. 7 symbolizes support and encouragement. The patients original appointment time was at 11:30 (1+1+3+0=5). 1130 is telling you to look for signs from your angels and be aware. The changes that are taking place are good and you will experience alot of growth and belief. Follow your intuition even if it seems it isn’t leading you to anything directly. Everything is happening to you for a reason, even if it is unclear at the moment. 5 foretells of huge changes that will unfold in your life. Changes have already started happening and there are more to come in the following days and weeks.

You see, even if your dream is filled with crazy symbols or situations, you can find profound meaning in everything. I always say that there are always two meanings in a dream, the dreamers personal interpretation and the interpretation of the reader. What does this dream mean for you?

“The Colorful House”

Messages in dreams take place in many ways. One of the most common ways are colors. It may be a yellow car, a black dress, the red door knob, or even a multicolored house. Colors express our feelings, personality traits, or choices we make. It is most important to take into account the color/s that stand out most to you.For example, last night in my dream, I found myself driving onto the driveway of my parents house. My parents were outside of their house painting. As I was parking, I couldn’t help notice how my parents were painting the house in different colors. The roof was hunter green, the walls hot pink, the columns yellow, and the trimming was light blue. I thought, “What in the world got into them? How can they even think that these colors match?” As I walked though the front door of the house, I set my purse and keys to the side and started looking for my mother. Mom was putting together an inflatable bed. I found it strange and asked whom that bed was for. And just like that, my dream had ended. screenshot_20180716-191013_pinterest4805020594977579049.jpg

Let’s take a closer look at the colors represented in this particular dream and see what they reveal. Hunter Green, is often associated with the military, financial, banking, and business. It is also one of the colors representing the heart chakra. This color says that you are traditional, credible and balanced. Things will work out well and you will prosper in life.  As for yellow, this represents the element of fire, our sense of vision, authority, energy, harmony, and personal identity. This color is part of the solar plexus chakra. When this color appears in a dream, it states that the intellect and spirituality are working together. Yellow lifts the soul, it increases your self-worth and gives us strength. Light Blue is letting you know that you are in need of a break. It is a comforting color representing selfless love. Blue has a helpful nature that can overcome any obstacle. This is the universal healer and is considered beneficial to the mind and body. Now Hot Pink most often relates to unconditional love and nurturing. The deeper the pink, the more passion there is. Hot pink inspires a more passionate and playful love. It exudes warmth, happiness, and a love of life. And then there’s the colorful house, which represents you mind through the perspective  of whatever the colors represent. This is a period of transition that you are moving through. You are trying to move forward in life and start a new life. This colorful home symbolizes one moving into a new home. You are taking an extremely creative and connected part of life. There are significant changed coming your way. We must also take the inflatable bed that made it’s presence in this dream. These beds represent a temporary situation. This is a situation that you will not be in for the long-term and will soon come to an end.

Now here is a dream, that personally comes at a very precise moment in my life. As for life changes, I think I speak for all of us when I say that they are tough and can even be scary. Changes, or transitions, may come quick or take a very long time. The wait can be grueling and the expectations, a wave of emotions and uncertainty. As we close our eyes to rest at night, our mind doesn’t stop. The situation is still there, the questions keep growing, and the anxiety of not knowing grows stronger. It is dreams like these that bring comfort when you need it. Something to calm your heart and sooth your mind. My wish for you, is that wherever you may be with your thoughts, you receive a reminder like this that will bring you love, comfort, and the courage you need to continue moving forward.

“No School like the Old School”

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that we are living in very unparalleled times. Along with our political and governmental systems, our society and culture is going through major transformations. Consider the days when food was not Gluten free, pesticide free, or MSG free. Food was simply Organic. The days when our televisions turned off at midnight so that children would not see things that weren’t age appropriate. When texting meant passing each other a note, in order to get our message across. When God was publicly mentioned without the possibility, or fear of offending someone. Days when being disrespectful to your parents or elders was by no means tolerated. Oh, and the days when people actually protested peacefully, with actual knowledge of what they were fighting for, and for a plausible reason. On June 21st, 2018, my dream explained a similar view to myself and that of our nation. I found myself in a dark room, all alone. Suddenly, I saw the American Flag waving in the air. I decided to take a closer look when I heard a very faint whisper in my ear. They said, “The dinosaur has replaced the Bald Eagle as the great American Symbol.” Shortly after that, my dream had ended. screenshot_20180715-140056_pinterest2825111196670772637.jpg

From a spiritual standpoint, the dinosaur symbolizes an outdated attitude that is long gone. A symbol for a strong character and a large inner force. The American Flag represents peace and prosperity. It’s also calling our attention to National or International affairs. It may reflect the importance that one feels in imposing a stubbornly independent mindset to others. Could this be a symbol representing the need to go back to the way things were in order to move forward as a society, or maybe, the representation of the possibly “dying” American Dream? Are we moving backwards instead of forward? Or perhaps this is simply teaching us that it may be wise to re-visit our past, in order for us not to continue making the same mistakes. Maybe this is a call for all of America and the world, to re-evaluate, look back, re-think and organize ourselves and our priorities. If we look around, we seem to only be advancing in things like technology, pharmaceuticals, scientific advancements. However, we have sadly regressed immensely  in matters of political views/separation, racism, morals and values, socially, religious values/beliefs, economic progress and so on. I believe that as a nation, we have lost our faith in our government and each other. We can name hundreds of things to place the blame on, yet ultimately, if we are going to see any change whatsoever, it will need to begin with each and every one of us. We have created this cloud of lies and confusion, of hatred and bigotry, self-centeredness and egotism, that we are completely blinded to the importance of the tools needed in order to return this great nation to how it truly was intended to be; peaceful and prosperous. Unless we as a society, make a drastic change, we will remain stagnant. We are losing the kind of people who nurture these types of ideas. As Martin Luther once said, “We must rise above the narrow confines of man’s individualistic concerns of all humanity. length without breadth is like a self-contained tributary having no outward flow to the ocean. Stagnant, still and stale, it lacks both life and freshness. In order to live creatively and meaningfully, our self-concern must be wedded to other concerns.