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Get out of your Comfort Zone

August 2, 2021

Have you ever been asked to do something and your response was, “Who me?” Such a response leads me to another question, “Why not you?” Sometimes we are moved away from what’s comfortable and familiar to us, in order to position us on the path to our true life’s purpose. The hardest part here is to trust without seeing where this path leads.

“Life begins at the end of your Comfort zone”  By: Neal Donald Walsh

Like many, feeling in control of your situation is a major necessity. Giving up control is not, by any means, an option. We like to stay within our circle of familiarity, security, and certainty. But, what are we so scared of? What are we scared to move towards? At this very point in time, humanity is, undoubtedly, going through a major shift. Spiritually, many have begun questioning their paths and purpose. They’re feeling an undeniable gut pulling; a tug at their heart.

Questions you may be asking yourself:

1. Am I happy at work/ relationship?

2. Am I passionate about what I do?

3. Do I feel fulfilled with the way I am living my life?

4. I feel like I should be doing something more meaningful, but what?

As a child, we all had dreams as to what we would become. There was this innocent , sincere longing to be the best version of ourselves, no matter what. Things couldn’t be clearer because we thought with our hearts. As adults, we have forgotten the childhood simplicity of following our hearts. At times it’s become merely impossible, and too complicated.

Recently, I’ve come across many of you whom are walking this path of doubt and confusion. This nudge that you are feeling is your gut telling you, “it’s time to do something differently“.  We are purposely being pushed out of our comfort zones, in order to position us where we need to be on our next journey.  Some may feel that they have lost their passion, or simply lost their way.

All I can say is, you are definitely not alone. The feeling of having everything, yet you are missing something from your life is becoming all to real. The hardest part about it all is trusting where you are being guided, without knowing where your headed. In this life, we are each born with a purpose. In some way, shape, or form, our callings all lead to a form of serving others. Every experience we’ve encountered has prepared us for a certain moment in time.

“Trust in your innate wisdom. Your instincts know what is going on, long before your mind has caught up.”. By: Lean Brown

We must all evolve one way or another. And in order to do that, we cannot stay in the same place. To acknowledge that we are being called to tap into our hidden gifts and act upon it, is an act of faith. We are at the “point of no return”. A time where our faith and convictions should be stronger than ever. We are fighting against forces from all sides that do not wish for our spiritual advancements. These forces are here to confuse you and detur you from your path. Stay focused and close to God in all that you do for he will always be your guide and strength.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

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