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Butterfly Meanings

August 22, 2020
Black and Blue Butterflies
Black and yellow Butterflies

Lately, I’ve been getting a few butterfly visitors my way. Butterflies are said to be spiritual messengers and bring great transformations. For many, this means nothing; just a little luck, that’s all. For others like myself, who may take a more spiritual approach, butterflies come with a deep meaning specifically for that person.

Butterflies are beautiful and majestic creatures, yet so delicate in nature. Their lifespan is extremely short and consists of struggles, change and transformation. Many of us can relate to the butterfly. However, as beautiful and majestic as they may be, their messages aren’t always sweet.

For instance, a butterfly landing on you may suggest that your subconscious is approving a service, or good deed, you are performing. It may also represent that you can be trusted with delicate things. Butterflies may also represent death. Although in some countries this may be seen as a bad omen. Butterflies may bring the meaning of death as, the death of an era, phase, a relationship, business, friendship, etc.

Either way, pay close attention to the messages these majestic creatures bring. They are with us for a short while and add alot to our spiritual society and realms.


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