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The Grand Stage

December 26, 2020

The guidance we are seeking are delusional thoughts in this fabricated world. To assume that what you see is real, is the Delusion in itself. Do not be deceived by the seemingly intelligent architecture, of this Grand Stage. It has all been orchestrated to function as such.

Like a thick fog that gives you no sense of distance nor space, are we passing through this obscure land. For the stage has been set for you and I to perform two very different scripts. See, the authors themselves are of two different worlds. We must be able to read the script and choose which role we will play. Choosing wisely is key, as you’ll be known by your performance and abilities.

We are living the greatest irony in human history. Never will our minds be capable of comprehending such a plan; as we have now become slaves, versus actors of our performance. Knowingly, some accept this and continue following the script. This world is our home, not a stage to perform on. An inheritance we’ve taken for granted and have slowly destroyed.

Nevertheless, every play must come to an end. We will eventually remove the costume and makeup that has placed us into character. As we come to the crossroads of what we have become, it becomes apparent to many, the deception of it all. Do not be fooled by the lavishness of the promises. This is all but one deceiving Grand Stage.

The End

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