Something in the air

December 22, 2020

There is a peculiar change in the intensity of the wind.

An irrefutable thickness of uncertainty; it has all come unhinged.

Trifling anarchy has been set loose in the world.

We are falling apart, getting harder to hold.

Closing my eyes has been my demise,

As visions of the future vividly arise.

I cannot unsee the things yet to come,

A message that soon will be clear to everyone.

As our bodies are pinned up against the worlds,

We can feel the intensity of the change that occurs.

As if we were one with this majestic sphere,

The pain and suffering it’s been through, is real.

Truth cannot be seen when there is so much anger.

Such lies and deceit, when we know love is the answer.

Darkness and light are intensely speaking.

As we enter an era that is merely peaking.

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