The void in my heart

August 23, 2022

Have you ever experienced such a heartache like this?

A void in my heart from the man I miss.

An amazing spirit, a heart made of gold.

My pookillo, I called him. My refuge my world.

There’s a void in my heart, tears rolling down in surrender.

You were our rock, our foundation, our guard and defender.

There’s a void in my heart, how can I move on?

The pain too intense to conceive that you’re gone.

I need a sign dad to know you’re okay.

To calm my heart, until that awaited day.

That day God has promised to bring us together,

A reminder you send me in the form of a feather.

There’s a void in my heart that runs deep in my soul.

With time this shall heal, but it will never be whole.

Your beautiful smile and selfless heart,

Was still shining bright until you had to depart.

A prime example of what a human should be,

My pookillo, God needed you and came to set you free.

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