Lessons from L12

October 4, 2021

It is wrong to think that a dream with little content, or just a snap shot of an image, can have no significance whatsoever. Dreams come in various shapes and forms. I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs how dreams can be extremely realistic and detailed; and some you might think lack substance, or information”. This next dream I had is the very representation of this. However, it was far from lacking substance.

Mind blown!!! This is how I felt after waking up from this dream. A short, yet vivid, dream that packed quite a punch.

Representation of Dream Picture


I found myself in an empty field painting a picture. Entertained by the beauty of the greenery and sky, I was hardly noticing what I was painting on the canvas. As I put down my paintbrush and stepped back to observe my art, I noticed that all I had painted was the letter L and the number 12 (as seen above).”

My dream ended soon after and left me wondering upon waking up. I honestly didn’t think much of it and continued on by making my usual morning cup of coffee. But, there was something that kept tugging at my heart and pushed me to research this “strange combination”. But where do I start? I began by taking the meaning of the numerical number 12 and then decided to research if L12 happend to mean anything together in scripture, or spirituality in general. My findings were as follows.

The letter L is the 12th letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It is the most powerful letter and is said to represent the Heart, since it sits in the center of the alphabet. The name of the letter L is Lamed (they get the name from it’s shape) and it’s numerical value is 30. Lamed represents learning and teaching http://Deuteronomy 4:1. 30 is symbolic of a task or calling. It is the number of maturity and also the age of Jesus when he began to read the gospel out loud to other people.

This letter and symbol goes on to represent the importance of finding balance between the heart and mind. No matter the amount of knowledge of religion or scripture one has, it becomes null and void if you don’t fully understand it and take it to heart. Your thirst and desire for a relationship with Christ is what’s truly important.

Many of us spend our entire lives analyzing books, learning and quoting scripture, and looking for guidance. Sadly, due to our hearts being corrupted by desire, many of us also stay stuck there and do nothing with the information we’ve acquired. Lamed teaches us to take that information and share it with others. We are all here to learn from each other, young and old, and to continue teaching that knowledge gained.

The bottom line is, we are all capable of learning and teaching. However, we can only achieve this by controlling our minds. Only when we master our own minds can we change how we want our reality to be. You see, L12 teaches us about real Love (Christic Love), humility, appreciation, learning and teaching. We have a responsibility and obligation to teach and direct our children in this way. To learn from them and to humble ourselves to others. Christic Love is the most pure love and like no other.

This dream is a call to action. To stop living in the material world and begin allowing our hearts to digest what we’ve learned thus far. It is not enough to “just be good”, or “just go to church”, or “just read the Bible”. We must feel it, absorb it, learn it, and teach it.

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