Just a dream…Or is it?

May 22, 2018

Screenshot_20180627-071312.jpgFrom a skeptic to, not only a believer, but an experienced dreamer. Have you ever woken up from a dream, just shook at how vivid it was? Or, have you ever asked yourself if your dream was trying to tell you something, that corresponds with a current situation? Dreams can seem so real and totally bizarre at the same time. However, every crazy picture, color, location, and situation in a dream is distinct, specifically for you, and has a very credible meaning to it.

Throughout the years, I have learned that my dreams were , not only trying to tell me something or pass along information of some sort, but foretell of something to come (Premonition dreams). For example, in July of 2013, I had a dream where I was entering my townhome that I lived in. As I walked in through the front door, the house was empty. There was no furniture, as if I did not live there anymore. My laundry room was in the garage, to the immediate left of the front door of the house. I walked in and placed my shoes in the laundry room, like I usually would when I lived there. Suddenly, I looked up at the wall and ceiling and realized that there was a huge stain. I could feel my heart racing as I ran up the stairs to the second floor, thinking that the leak was coming from one of the bathrooms. The ceiling was caving in and the walls were puffing out! I began to cry in disbelief. I called a roofer, immediately to assess the damages and his estimate looked something like this:



So, of course, I asked the roofer for clarification as this did not look like an estimate, at all. He kept insisting that it was his estimate and that’s what the costs of the repairs would be.  I woke up shortly, thereafter. Upon analyzing and reviewing my dream further, I looked into numerology for what the numbers in the estimate could stand for. To my dismay, the numbers in numerology have the following meaning: 12=L, 5=E, 1=A, 19=K, 10=I, 14=N, and 3=G; spelling the word LEAKING. Freaky right?

Fast forward and it is now 2016. We are putting our house up for sale, which had been up for rent for the past year. Turns out that the house had a huge leak in the exact same place that I had vividly seen in my dream. Now, how in the world was I to know to take that in a literal sense, right? Would you have gone and checked the roof, just in case? Would you have been like me and totally disregard it, or maybe relate it with a current situation you are having? In any event, in space, there is no time, frequency, has no time only vibrations, energy, has NO TIME! I learned that this was one of those “premonition dreams”. Through this one dream, I learned to pay more attention to the details like colors, time, place, current situation, who was there with me, how did I feel? Was I scared, happy, mad, surprised?

When we dream, our mind accesses those untouched compartments of consiousness, that are part of who we are. It is here where we are most vulnerable. It is here where we wander out into the most fascinating and unexpected places. Leaving us, perhaps, with more questions about ourselves, our situation, or maybe bringing a different perspective, or even hidden feelings we may be afraid to express in the real world. Either way, I invite you to not only dream, but write them down, analyze them. You’ll be very surprised at the messages that come through for you!

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