“Unusual day at the office”

July 17, 2018

You know what spirit loves most about sending us messages in our dreams? Symbols that make no sense to us whatsoever! Do you know why? They want us to put forth the effort in finding out their true meaning. It is our way of showing them that, not only are we thankful for their insight, but that we are willing to do our part as well.


In last nights dream, I saw myself working in my previous dental office. As I walked in though the back door of the office, I noticed that they had expanded it and it was currently still under construction. I decided to peek into one of the new rooms and saw an old co-worker of mine, whom had just recently started to work there. As I made my way to the waiting room area, I can see it was full. I said good morning to all of the patients and began some small talk. A mother of one of the patients, stood up and asked if I could reschedule her sons appointment because he didn’t feel well and they were taking too long. I replied, “Im so sorry to hear that. I’d be happy to help you, but first let me check and see what is going on.” When I turned around to exit the room, I see that there are three white feathers on the floor. I looked around to see where those feathers could’ve come from, but I had no luck. Although, there was another patient in the room with a huge hat, but it had purple boa feathers on it. Curious as to when the patients appointment time was for, I went to my desk to check on the computer. To my surprise, the patients appointment was origionally for 11:30 a.m. and was being seen at 10:15; just a little over an hour early. I didn’t seem to understand her rush. I went looking for the doctor to let him know what the mother of the patient had said. He asked me to bring her into the patient room beacause he needed to speak with her. As the mother and I walked into the room, it didn’t look like a dental operatory at all, rather it looked like a hospital room. The patient was sitting in a chair that was up against the corner of the room. “But, wait.,” I thought. “How can this man be her son when he’s so old?” The man was well over his 80’s and looked very brittle. He was breathing through a nasal cannula and was very weak. The doctor proceeded to tell the mom that he couldn’t work on him because he did not have much time to live. He provided them with a wheelchair so that he wouldn’t have to walk back to the car. As he was being helped onto the wheelchair, I noticed that his face was turning young again. I escorted them out of the office. As I come back inside, I see my husband, brother, sister and parents dressed in black. I asked, “Where are you going?” They replied, “To (this persons, I don’t remember their name) funeral. Aren’t you going too?” I said, “Oh, I had no idea. But I can’t leave now. It’s my day to close the office and the other doctor is still with a patient. Besides, the kids still haven’t had dinner.” When they left, I went into the waiting room and began to pick it up and organize it for the following day. I noticed that one of the patients had left a grocery bag filled with cheeses, grapes, salami and olives, on the door handle. I wasn’t sure if someone forgot it, or they left it there for us. Either way, I decided to take it with me. My kids, who were with me at the office, asked if I could order them some food because they were hungry. I said yes, since I still had to wait for the other doctor to finish. Soon after, my dream had ended.

Now stay with me. These kinds of dreams may be tricky to decipher. They have alot of hidden meanings, but are all very important. The waiting room of an office means that you are in limbo about a particular situation in you’re life. Timing here is very important and you may want to have information right now that you just aren’t ready for. Patience is key here. The white feathers in this dream point to travel. It is the ability to move freely in your waking life. They are a sign of hope, promise and peace. It is innocence and a fresh start in the spiritual sense. Purple feathers, on the other hand, represent spirituality and an activated higher thought and connectivity. This symbolizes the opening of psychic and spiritual sight. You are being told to listen to your intuition.

To dream of a dying person represents a feeling of loss from a particular person. This is someone that you may be missing more than usual. This usually occurs around important anniversaries. A funeral, represents your fear that someone is going to die, but this is usually never the case. It’s a metaphor for something, or some part of you, that has died internally. There is a situation in your waking life that will soon come to an end.

A special key means that you are opening yourself up to new ideas, opportunities, and knowledge. You may also be unlocking memories that have been suppressed in your unconscious. The key also represents a solution. Seeing yourself order take-out, symbolizes that although you desire to have more of a social life, you still value your family above all else. Seeing an office under construction can represent different emotions regarding your problems and the changes you are making in real life. There is a project, or a part of you that you must complete. This also tells of relationships in the waking life that need to be worked on. The patients nasal cannula, which seems crazy, but it also has a significant meaning. This talks about feelings of being smothered or suffocated. This can be representing certain events in your waking life. A wheelchair, represents a situation that has made you feel helpless. You are letting others push you around, or maybe someone is in need of your help.

To see a grocery bag in your dream brings Good News! It also symbolizes certain duties in your waking life. It represents someone who strives to serve their family, or brings theor household what they deserve. The contents in the bag are also of unique importance. Consider the contents in the bag.

Cheese represents gains and profits, where grapes represent fertility and wealth. You will be happy and have success in business. Consider the term, “bearing fruit for the harvest.” Salami means that new steps will be taken. This is the beginning of a new process or environment. Your long awaited attempt will finally happen, or you will put a deposit on a new house. As far as olives go, this represents the resolution of a conflict in life. They are a symbol of peace and immortality. In the same way we consider the items in the grocery bag, we must do so with time. Pay close attention to the numbers in your dreams, as these bring you messages as well. The patient arrived at 10:15. In numerology, one must add all of the numbers together until you end up with a single digit. In this case, 1+0+1+5=7. 1015 reminds us to keep our thoughts and actions focused on our goals and aspirations. The alterations in your life are being made do to your past actions. 7 symbolizes support and encouragement. The patients original appointment time was at 11:30 (1+1+3+0=5). 1130 is telling you to look for signs from your angels and be aware. The changes that are taking place are good and you will experience alot of growth and belief. Follow your intuition even if it seems it isn’t leading you to anything directly. Everything is happening to you for a reason, even if it is unclear at the moment. 5 foretells of huge changes that will unfold in your life. Changes have already started happening and there are more to come in the following days and weeks.

You see, even if your dream is filled with crazy symbols or situations, you can find profound meaning in everything. I always say that there are always two meanings in a dream, the dreamers personal interpretation and the interpretation of the reader. What does this dream mean for you?

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