“Time for a check-up”

July 5, 2018

It is recommended for one to have a yearly routine physical with their health professionals. But did you know, that it is also recommended for you to have a “Soul Physical” as well? This is all about fixing what’s broken and helping your soul heal in order to expand into your true potential and fulfilling your highest destiny. Examining your life is essential to your soul growth. But, how does one really know how to heal their soul? Whom do we ask for help? Spirit guides work at a deep level on our spiritual being. They are here to guide us on every aspect of our lives, including health and recovery, and may show up in many forms.

Screenshot_20180705-150959Last night, before my meditation, I asked my guides to heal any aspect of my life that needed healing in order to clear any blocks. I have to say, this meditation was excellent and by far the most intense (http://get.hypnoticlabs.com/Guided Meditation, Inner Advisor)! At the beginning of the meditation, I could see myself on the phone, making an appointment for my yearly check-up. Apparently, this was a new physician I was going to see, which happend to practice Chinese Medicine. As I entered the office, I noticed how large the waiting area wasThere must have been about 100 chairs, almost completely occupied. The front desk was enormous and there were several receptionists. After checking in, I turned around to find a place to sit, but before I even did, the doctor was already calling me in. The doctor said hello with a smirk and asked me to follow him. As I walked passed the door, it looked like another world. The office almost looked like a laboratory. There were two floors (I was on the second floor) and a metal bridge that encircled a lake. As I was following him, he stopped abruptly and said, “There is a small person here (He did not mention his/her name) telling me that you came here seeking spiritual knowledge.”  I said, “Really, where is he?” He immediately pointed to the left side of where he was standing. As I shifted my eyes to where he was pointing, I received a vision. I could see myself at a beach nearby (Apparently associated with the office) where there were an enormous amount of dead fish. Slowly, one by one, the fish began to jump up, as if returning to life.

Screenshot_20180705-150522After the vision was over, I followed the doctor to the Operatory, where he would perform his examination. He asked if I could sit and began to show me a video on the T.V. I remember thinking, “What in the world is this? What is the point of him showing me this weird video?” I could not recall the images he was showing me, however, I remember thinking that they were unpleasant. Before the video was over, my father arrived to see how the visit was going? I was happy he was there, as I started feeling very uncomfortable. When the video was over, he turned around towards his desk and began to write my diagnoses, along with a prescription. Immediately, I was overcome with feelings of exhaustion and I did not have the strength to even walk. The doctor offered to take me back to my car in a wheelchair. As we walked back to the reception area, along the bridge, I became overly concerned as the doctor was very close to the edge. Before I could express my concern to him, he picked me up in the wheelchair and threw me. To my surprise, I did not fall in the Lake. I flew across the bridge and landed on the other side safely. I was so nervous and afraid, I began to cry and call the doctor crazy! My dad and I ran out of the office as fast as we could. When we reached the parking lot, I asked my dad to get in his car and keep driving no matter what. While I began running towards my car, I could feel a strong, inexplicable energy come over me. To reach my car faster, I jumped over two cars and was able to land safely on the street. As I stopped to catch my breath, I thought, “What did this doctor do to me? Did he instill this strength inside of me.” Soon after, the meditation had ended.


Let’s take a look at the meaning behind this dream.

*Chinese Doctor: This represents your heart, or the Shen, which embodies your conscious thought, memory, subconscious and soul. When your heart is strong, it’ll be easier for you to fall asleep, stay asleep, and have appropriate dreams.

*Laboratory: There is a process in your life that is still in the experimental stages.

*Metal Bridge: This represents a connection, transition, or overcoming an obstacle. If you feel afraid, you might feel unprepared, or unsure of what lies ahead in the future. Metal is tough and enduring. It is “prepared” into something for use.

*Dead fish: Something old is being given away to make room for new growth and potential. You are determined and flexible.

**Fish returning to life: Something that has been lost will soon return (money, position at work, home, etc.).

*Prescription: This represents a new direction in life, or your attitude. It is the need to let go of something that does not work any longer.

*Being thrown: The fact of being thrown from one phase of your life into another. This may represent a change in job or place of residence.

*Video: This is a review of your own behavior. You may be offered a promotion that may seem temporary, but will be constant.

*Special Powers: The feeling of being confident or empowered about your abilities more than usual. There is an exceptional or superior resourcefulness.

As scary as this doctor sounded, I feel that he was trying to help me. Although I didn’t recall the images in the video, I feel that he was merely showing me aspects of myself and my life that I need to change in order to move forward spiritually. The dead fish represents the potential within that is dormant and then awaken. As you can see, this is the importance of meditation, self-examination, and asking for guidance. Try asking a clear and concise question before your next meditation, and analyze your thoughts and feelings. Was your question answered?




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    You’re getting a good handle on your gift.

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