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November 10, 2018

So, I have decided to put together a list of dream symbols along with their meanings, upon the request of many. This will be a list that will gradually grow as we continue to discuss and share our different experiences; because everyone’s experiences carry different meanings to them.


ACORN: This represents our ability to be patient while waiting for something that we truly desire in our waking life.

ALTERATIONS: A charitable person who makes someone happy by taking something from them. (You may have seen a tailor in your dream) Make sure that your planning things with preciseness in your life in order for them to actually work out.

APE: This represents your personality or instincts. It can symbolize knowledge, friendship, communication, and your social environment. This symbol usually relates to the mischievous part of ourselves.

APPLE: A guilty conscious. It may symbolize prosperity, wealth, perfection, fulfilled goals and desires. Seeing an apple in your dream can mean you are happy and content in your life. ( Also, look up how many apples you saw and were they scattered, eaten, perfectly ripe, rotten, etc.)

AUDIT: A review of ones self, or self-evaluation. A preparation.


AWARD: Gaining recognition that is long deserved, or persevering.

BALLOON: This may sometimes point to a sudden change of events in one’s life. You may be able to overcome obstacles and rise to new levels.

BACKYARD: Symbolizes your recollection of your childhood and subconscious mind. It represents the sides of you, you wish to remain hidden, or things that you don’t want to confront or deal with.

BASKETBALL: You have talent and abilities that you’ve neglected, or put off. It’s time to bring those talents out.

BEACH: This represents the communication between two states of mind, the material and spiritual. This is a transition between your emotional and your physical self. There is something that you need to take care of, but something seems to be getting in the way.

BEAR: This represents your own independence and strength. This may also represent your spirit animal who has come to deliver a message. It reflects your ability to course through life and being able to survive. (Also, see the color of the bear and the type of bear. EX. Grizzly, Polar , or Black Bear)

BEE: This is always a lucky symbol to see in your dreams. It represents good things to come in all of your efforts. Bees represent the balance between your work life and matters of the heart.

BEGGING: You need attention, love, or success in your life. Feelings of desperation and impotence. You may be in a situation where you don’t want to ask anyone for help, but know that you cannot do it on your own.

BEIGE: This color represents neutrality. However, this color may point out that you have difficulties making decisions. You need to be more assertive in your actions and take on more of a leadership attitude. Stop sitting on the fence with your indecisiveness.

BEING CHASED: You feel trapped in a situation and can’t find your way out. Something is overwhelming you and you are trying to get away from it, or find a solution that may seem impossible. You may have experienced feelings of worry, despair, anger, fear, etc.


BLACK: This color is most commonly thought of as negative in a dream. Feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression, anger, and mystery. It represents sin, evil, death, famine, blindness, and any hidden secrets that are being kept from God.

BLEACH: This symbolizes purification, improvements, and a good end result to matters that were not completely resolved. The ability to purge any unwanted feelings. A time of healing and cleansing any and all personal issues.

BLEMISH: You will get rid of any current problems at hand, but you must face your fears to do that. Do not worry you will have your chance at either work, a relationship, or an opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

BLUE: This color usually symbolizes your subconscious mind. It represents your thoughts, ideas, your dreams and the ability to convey their messages. It may also point out that you can be an introvert at times. Is there something that you are trying to achieve in your career? This color can be calming and also brings clarity.

BOAT: Usually they represent our minds and our subconscious thoughts and wishes. You are worrying too much about your future and it’s happenings. Don’t “rock the boat” and stay out of harms way. Analyze the path that you are taking in life. Are you moving fast, or are you taking things slow?

BOX: You have a very rigid way of thinking. A box represent feelings of repression or constraint. There is a wanting to preserve certain parts of your character that you do not feel need changing. The box is telling you to loosen up and be more open-minded.

BRA: Your underlying support and protection in ones waking life.

BRICK: Represents unsettled matters in either business or relationships. You are determined, hard-working, and also very cautious in your steps. You will succeed in your endeavors, or be promoted in any work affairs.

BRITAIN (ENGLAND): This may reflect your confidence about proper conduct. You know that you are right being moral, or that something you’re doing is effective.

BUNIONS: A situation you feel might fail because you know that you should stand against it, no matter what.

BUTTONS: Ones need to find ways to keep things together. This also represents wealth and security.

BUTTOX: Now is the perfect time for relationships, career moves, or to take the leap on that idea you’ve been contemplating! There will be big changes in your personal life. This usually represents someone who will come into your life and bring you many happy moments.

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