“The tree of life”

June 18, 2018

If you had to describe your current life situation at this moment, what would it be? Is it strong or fragile? Do you feel fulfilled or empty? Are you needed or needy? Are you well-grounded or up in the clouds? Where are you in your life right now? Wherever you feel that you may be, remember that life is what we make of it. Your life situation is NOT permanent, and may still be changed. Our lives are like a muscle and must be exercised continuously.

This reminds me of a vision I had while meditating, on March 30th, 2017. I recall seeing a deserted field where nothing seemed to grow. To the far distance, I saw a beautiful tree standing in all of its brilliance. I made my way towards the tree. As I was getting closer, I can see that this was no ordinary tree. It’s trunk looked old and very strong. The roots grew as long as a mile in legnth. This tree had no branches, rather it’s leaves grew straight out of the center of it. The leaves looked like extremely long alfalfa sprouts, and where very white. They seemed to be alive and breathing. The beautiful tree was shining brightly. I felt a deep connection to it as I got closer. Soon after, my meditation was over.

The Tree is associated with your life. The roots are your foundation. The trunk is an element of your existence. The tree is a representation of how life grows and the connection to your family. When you see a tree standing alone, this may indicate that you will be able to produce solutions on your own when in a difficult situation.

When leaves on a tree are like sprouts, this refers to abundance, love, or a person who will be admired. Healthy and lively sprout leaves, refer to happiness in love. When it comes to a huge and strong trunk, it may be representing your inner sense of well-being and personality. This denotes that you are a strong and durable person. A trunk like this, may also represent old memories and ideals, hopes, and old emotions. It may be issues and feelings that you have not wanted to deal with.

The colors of the tree trunk are also symbolic. In this vision, the trunk was brown. Brown represents the ground and earth. It also means practicality, the physical, instinctual, or the materialistic. At times, it may represent something negative such as depression, lack of clarity, or a state of confusion. The tree was glowing in a beautiful, bright light. This carries the meaning of a particular problem resolved, that has long been around.

In this case, the tree had white leaves. The white stands for your feelings about others. It is a representation of your feminine side. It is also a symbol of growth, openness, and the way people feel they can rely and trust on you. White is purity, perfection, peace, dignity, cleanliness, and even new beginnings.

As you can see, all aspects of a tree represents a part of our lives. Everything from the roots that dig deep into our soul, to the trunk that establishes our foundation. What do you think your tree looks like?

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