Baffling Dreams

November 6, 2018

Sometimes our dreams can be a bit confusing. So many different scenarios at play, yet, what do they all mean? When I began really paying attention to my dreams, I began to notice a pattern where at times, my dreams were clear as day, and at other times, they were so far out, I left them alone. I thought, maybe I ate something bad the night before, or I must’ve heard something crazy during the week that triggered such an odd experience. Little did I know, that as crazy as the dreams were, they were all able to be decoded and hold just as important messages as the clear pictures depicted.


Take my dream last night for instance. It took place in my parents house, where I grew up. I found myself getting ready for a funeral and waiting for my husband to get home. Once my husband got home, I noticed that he was already dressed, I thought, “Why are you dressed already?” “Are you even planning on taking a shower?” He began to explain that someone who worked for a men’s clothing store, near his job, thought that the vest and sports jacket he had on, were suitable for the funeral. The vest he was wearing under the jacket was white, while the jacket itself was a burnt orange. I wondered how in the world would he agree to that outfit when it wasn’t even his style. Upset at his bright-colored clothes, I suggested for him to change. He replied, “It’s no big deal, this is what’s in now!” (FYI: My husband would never say such a thing! LOL)


Albino Alligator

Reluctant to changing, he headed out the front door to wait for me in the car. As he stepped out onto what now was, my deceased grandmother’s porch, he sees something peculiar. He shouts, “Honey, come see the baby chics out here on your grandmother’s porch!” I stepped outside but didn’t see anything. As I leaned over the railing by the porch, I see 3 baby chics and 3 baby kittens all cuddled up together. Suddenly to the far right, I see approaching a very large Albino Alligator. He was heading towards my husband as if to attack him, but my husband was able to get inside the house before he got to him. And just like that, my dream had ended.

Dream Interpretation

*Baby ChicsThis represents your awareness of your own fear of standing up for yourself. You may sometimes find yourself having childlike insecurities. Chics may also represent your own children and your worry for them. You are slowly overcoming an unwanted control that was in your life.

*Cats/Baby Chics: This may represent your intuition. Be cautious as there is someone in your waking life that may have malice intent towards you. This also represents an independent spirit with creativity and power. 

*The Number 3This number is often associated with the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit). Your guardian angels are present and they are seeing what your long-term goals are, and they are expressing their approval. This number expresses the need to trust your instincts and that it is a good time to pursue the current path that you are on. 3 deals with Self-Confidence and trusting in your ability to accomplish things. Whatever hobby or skill you have taken up is pleasing to the Angelic realm. They are telling you that this is the right thing to do. Although it may be pretty far off from the material core of your career, do not be afraid. This path you have adopted was not by chance, but rather Divine Guidance. If you have thought of expanding further from hobby to career, now is the perfect time to branch out.

AlbinoThis represent Purity or Eternal Life. Try to be more accepting or tolerant in nature. You may be experiencing irrational concerns about the well-being of someone else. This may also be an aspect of yourself that’s noticeably imperfect. Albino also symbolizes the concerns you have for your family and desire to want the best for them.

Sports jacket:  This refers to abundance and unexpected Good News. If you are not wearing the jacket, but you see someone else wearing it, this signifies that you will be earning alot of money thanks to an issue that will randomly come to mind.

Vest:  There is a presence around you of a strong and influential person that is protecting you and helping you in your affairs. The vest also shows your Charity and Solidarity towards others. 

The color OrangeThis color represents physical Health and vitality. It represents hope, kindness, generosity, and an outgoing nature (All characteristics of whomever is wearing the jacket in the dream). This person may be compensating for a lack of energy in the waking life. It may be time for a break.


*To have your dreams interpreted, leave your name in the comment box below, along with your email. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response. Thank you kindly!




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