June 28, 2019

Today, I would like to share a dream that was shared by one of my subscribers. Although typically I only share my dreams, I felt the need to elaborate on the importance of this specific one. It is important to remember, that dreams aren’t always what they appear to be. Dreams, through symbols, may bring to surface our innermost troubles and feelings, our desires, our worries, our ideas, etc.

In dreams, there are many symbols that our subconscious uses to help explain a specific situation in the waking life. Many times the dreams can feel so real that we may interpret the dream as literal, or something that may occur in the near future.


I was with my grandparents, both of my parents and my sister. [6 people] We were at an icecream shop enjoying the delicious flavors. Suddenly, my mom notices that her icecream tasted different. When I asked my mom what was wrong, she mentioned that her icecream had pollen in it.

An employee at the store overheard my mom’s concern about the pollen in her icecream and said, “There is no pollen in our icecream. I think your mom is having a Heart Attack!” Suddenly, I became anxious and extremely worried. Everyone around me seemed calm and collected, while I felt like I was the only one who was worried and anxious.

As we all stood up and walked outside, I decided to bang my head on a cars hood, just to see if this was a dream or not. To my dismay, it actually hurt and I did not wake up. I could feel my anxiety levels rising when suddenly, I heard what appeared to be a “screeching white noise“, accompanied by the chirping of a crow. It was a very eerie sound.

During this time, everything around me went pitched black. Almost as in tunnel-vision, I could see the earth begin to shake. When i came out of that experience, I saw my grandparents get into a black car, parked on the side of the road.

Out of that same car, were two of my moms (2 double copies of his mother). As they got out of the car, I was extremely confused, yet thought, “These are her two lives”. At this time, i began to hear the loud screeching white noise again with the crow in the background. When the sound was over, I found myself reserving 3 tables of 2 chairs each at a Pizza Parlour.

As I’m reserving the tables I think, “How can we eat at a time like this, when my mom is having a heart attack? Why is everyone acting so calm and collected and I’m the only one with feelings of urgency?” The loud, eerie, screeching white noise began again. In tunnel vision, I could see things going on, but faintly. I experienced feelings of anxiety, fear and helplessness that were with me until I awoke. Even after I woke up, I still could not distinguish if I was already awake or still asleep.”

Dream Symbols

*Number 6:

Six in dreams represents the need for balance in ones life. You may be focusing on other things that do not necessarily fill your spiritual well-being. Try focusing on your home and family more and rid yourself of other worldly distractions that may be causing you unnecessary mental stresses.

Ice Cream:

This is usually a great sign in a dream. Ice Cream usually represents the sweeter things in life. It represents success, good fortune, and a great life in general. This symbol may be telling you to enjoy the moment and don’t worry about tomorrow.


This is a symbol for wealth and knowledge. Seeing humanity in their spiritual evolution. Pollen represents life. Someone who is able to produce new ideas, or alternatives, even when facing a difficult situation, or even death.

Heart Attack: (Mother)

This symbol may be different for a father figure. This represents your innermost feelings. You may not be completely happy at the moment. There’s a deep, emotional pain that you may be struggling with.

Banging your head:

Focusing on your head in a dream represents your creativity, ideas or plans. Something may be interfering with your thoughts. You may be feeling physically, mentally, or emotionally vulnerable. Hitting your head intentionally on something, is the dreams way of directing your attention towards the location and creator of all your worries; your mind.

Screaching white noise:

This may be trying to draw your attention to what is causing you stress. Try talking to someone, or get it off your chest as best as you can. Don’t stay closed off or keep things bottled up. Learn to express yourself.

Tunnel Vision:

The process of one phase of your life to another. A new start, career, lifestyle, attitude, etc.

Seeing Double:

If your seeing double of yourself or someone else, it may be pointing out the different aspects of yourself. Perhaps a feeling of being lost or without direction. You may also be thinking how people can be so different. Seeing a double of your MOM, is a symbolic meaning of the importance and impact she has in your life.

Number 2:

You are blessed with trust, faith, courage, and the support of your angels and family. Learn to acknowledge this and use it in your daily life. There is something very important and significant in your life waiting for you, but you must learn to wait patiently. Patience is key here!

Number 3:

A representation of the mind, body, and spirit. The Holy Trinity! In a dream, this number represents a certain aspects in ones life. You have immense creative capabilities, yet you’re unsure of your direction. Three also represents emotional sensitivity. You are a special soul who can read others feelings and feel a deep empathy and understanding for them.

Number 5:

Why 5 you may ask? There were 3 tables and 2 chairs per table in the dream. In Numerology, is customary to add double digits until they become one. In this case 3+2=5.

Five represents major changes within the next few days, weeks, or months. 5 is the need for balance and harmony in ones life. Through balance and harmony, comes happiness and satisfaction. This number symbolizes adaptability and independence. Someone who is not willing to settle for less.


This symbol represents good feelings about how things will turn out for you. The things you feel are missing in your life will return to you. Such as your choices,success, security, stability, comfort and wellbeing.

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