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November 5, 2018

Often times we are confronted by the, all too popular worries of our day-to-day lives. These feelings may consume us and overwhelm us, to the point of not being able to control them. Are we doing the right thing? Am I on the right path? Am I working hard enough? Am I ever going to achieve my goal or dream I’ve been working so hard towards.

Through repetitive feelings, or vibrations we send to our subconscious mind, we may find our thoughts either creating our ideas, or messaging us through dream state. Depending on how you prefer to receive your messages, your angels/spirit guides, will aid in transmitting this important information to you.

In my dream last night, I found myself in a college classroom of some sort. It was a group of us that were there and we were all discussing a topic I do not recall. One of the girls there became ill, and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. After she had left, one of the women in the class with me asked me to go and get 2 juices out of the refrigerator. I asked, “Why two”? She responded, “So you dont get dehydrated like the other girl.” And with that, my dream came to an end.

Dream Interpretation


This represents our emotional and physical needs. The need to make full use of your supplies, or resources. Juice may also indicate prosperity. There may be certain developments in situations that will work in your favor. Ones financial health will be coming in the near future, because you are receiving help from vital forces.


This is a symbol of self-preservation. You have all the resources within you to achieve your goals; you just have to look deeper.

Classroom: This may suggest a lesson to be learned, or something you’re experimenting with, or trying new.


Embrace Peace and work hard towards Harmony. Try to be diplomatic in situations, and to settle things in a peaceful and adult way. You have the ability to make compromises and reason so that others can see the bigger picture. Your Guardian Angel’s are helping you to achieve your goals.

You are currently releasing energy that has caused you to feel depleted for a long time now. You’ve been redirecting yourself towards the more Divine and Spiritual aspects of your life. You are releasing energies and you can almost feel a certain power, or strength, coming over you.

Be brave and strong in your relationship. You’ve been doing so much work towards and for the Divine, that you will soon be repeating the reward. Keep pushing and working hard! The road will be rough, but the Angel’s will be there helping and guiding you through to the finish line.

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    I really like keep pushing and working hard…will reward the result…thanks for the sharing

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