The Saddened Soul

November 3, 2018

I opened my eyes only to see,

An unrecognizable person in the mirror, its ME.

Circumstances at hand, have played a role in this change.

Yet it’s our choice to fight it, or play to arrange.

Difficulties we face, sometimes inundate the soul.

This is too much to carry, my bag is utterly full.

A deep sadness consumes the heart, making it difficult to see,

The beauty that this life has to offer and will be.

The situations we’ve been placed in, are essential to our growth,

There’s a lesson to learn of ourselves and others, or both.

So hold close to the Highest One of them all,

Who’s always beside you and won’t let you fall.

Do not let the bitterness take you away, from all possibilities that may be headed your way.

These grey skies above you will one day turn blue,

And the light within you will be restored just like New.

So hold on to hope for it’s the last thing we should lose,

Our God is of Love and redemption, filled with mercy and good news.

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