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Dreams K-L

December 3, 2018

Dreams K

Key: Unlocking new ideas and opportunities.  You are developing your personality and spiritual growth.

Kick: Kicking away bad habits. This may also represent the need for spiritual development.

Kill: This represents either a part of yourself you need to get rid of, or someone in your waking life that is trying to influence you. You have feelings of frustration in a relationship.

King: A king may represent several things. This could be a message that you are a spiritual leader. This may also represent your father, and or a conflict between the both of you.

Kingdom: You are in need of organization in your life. A kingdom also represents a persons territorial nature.

Kiss: Getting a hold of what one intends to acquire.love-1706572_1920

Kitchen: Represents professional prosperity. This is also the strongest part of the house and may represent ones mother.

Kneel: Be careful of doing anything that may cause you hardship or any inconvenience at this time.

Knitting: This represents a quiet and peaceful home.


Knock: Someone or Something is trying to get your attention. You may be searching for some help and support.

Knot: Spiritual connection and continuity. You are holding tight to either a person, or point of view.


Dreams L

Lab: This is the right time for any new beginnings regarding business or relationships.

Ladder: This represents social status, achievements, goals, etc. If you are climbing up in the ladder, you will achieve higher success in your careers. If you are going down, this may foretell a negative outcome, or failure.

Lake: You will help your family and friends and celebrate your achievements along with them. Unexpected results will soon cross your path.

Lamp: This represents illumination and enlightenment. This is the light that will help you find your way and brighten your path.

Land: Not only does this represent your need to travel, but also your desire for change in your life.

Landing: A project or task in your life that was in full effect, has now been completed.

Landlord: Someone is obligated to you, because you have kept your end of the bargain.

Late: You are worried about continuing to work under pressure. Fear of not being able to meet the requirements in a career, relationship, exam, etc.


Lawyer: There is a part of your life that needs help and you should take the necessary action.

Leaf: The individual within a community. May also represent happiness.

Leak: This represents loss and abandonment. Leaks also represent distractions and annoyances in your waking life.

Leather: You will be very successful in business, career, and romance.

Left: This represents your passive and creative side. Your intuition will increase and you will begin to have a better sense of things.

outdoors-3290142_640    Leg: This may depend on which leg it is (Left or Right). A leg usually represent one’s sexual needs in the waking life.

Lemon: You are currently going through a growth process. Lemons are also a good sign of wealth and happiness.

Letter: You want to come in contact in someone, or have better communication. Try working on your problems or sorting out mistakes from the past.

Library: Symbolizes your desire to search for truth and knowledge.

License: Represents ones rights and privileges.

Light: The state of understanding the reality around you. A bright light represents wealth and happiness.

Lightning: This may be a “wake up call” with a warning. Important changes are ahead and they are being exchanged for new ones.

Loan: Repenting of ones sins and their generous nature.

Locker Room: This has to do with secrets and hidden aspects of your personality. You may need a time of rest for yourself.

Luggage: This represents any and all kinds of worries. This is a chance to re-evaluate the people around you, or relationships you have made.

Lungs: Seeing healthy lungs represent a long and healthy life. If the lungs look unhealthy, this may represent someone in your life, or a situation that is suffocating you.



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