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December 5, 2018


Macaroni: This represents happiness within ones family. You will be able to obtain the life that you want, just make sure you attend to those unfinished tasks.

Macaroon: Things are looking up in business and finances. You feel like you are finally free from burden after a struggling period in your life.

Machine: The mechanical drives in one’s life that helps them survive.

Madonna: This represents “Mary” the Holy Mother of Jesus. When a Madonna appears in your dreams, it most often symbolizes life.

Magazine: You’ve finally obtained that peace you were longing in that certain part in your life.

Magician: You are becoming aware of the Divine abilities that are within you.

Magnetic: This represents how one comes across in life. A need to have more people around you, or a need to feel protected. This may also symbolize a drawing force of love from someone near you.magnolia-1077384_640

Magnolia: Beauty and grace within the dream him/herself. Negatively, one may be in need of help, or shelter.

Maid: This is a symbol of healing and caring for other. In this dream, did you see a maid, or where you the maid? Look up separate meaning.

Mail: Helpful or purposeful information that is either being received or sent.

Makeover: Transformation. This may symbolize the opportunity of being able to start something new. A change.


Manager: You need to begin to take charge of your own life and prioritize what’s most important.

Manatee: This symbol relates to your emotions. When the manatee appears in your dreams, it is reminding you not to hold all your emotions and frustrations inside, but rather release them.

Mandala: This represents your dreams, goals, and struggles. Mandalas are also a symbol of ones wholeness with the world. This may be representative of ones path from chaos to order. flower-1543895_640.jpg

Mandarin: There will soon be a change in your life. May be related to career, or business changes.

Manicure: You are seeking attention for certain things you have done. Remember that things done from the heart should be done without expecting anything in return.

Mannequin: This represents the attachments we have to certain things in this world. Be careful not to become overly obsessed that you in turn are creating an idol.

Mansion: This may represent your perspective on certain things. Are you a little caulky, or feel like you are more resourceful or successful than others? You may want to try a different approach, nobody likes a boaster!

Mantle: Your responsibilities and care for others. A protection or security.

Map: Are you confused as to what your purpose in life is, or what career path you should be on, or wether or not you are in the right relationship? You may be experiencing a change in your spiritual level. hands-600497_640

Marbles: This represents communication and the understanding between two people. You may also be reverting back to a childhood, “Happy Place” memory.

Marching: This has to do with your connection to other people. Your good intentions, even when people do not care for it.

Marquise: The symbol of Aquarius. A balance is being created in your nervous and circulatory system. An upgrade of sorts!

Marry: Your commitment to someone or something.

Martini: Ones confident feelings about something.


You or someone around you is not being true oe honest. The truth of a situation is being hidden.

Mascara: You need to focus, or be more aware of a certain relationship or situation. This may also reflect ones concerns about how they look.

Massacre: Anger or resentment that is dug deep inside. You may be feeling very insecure and overwhelmed.

Matrix: A certain idea or concept that is beginning to take place.

Mattress: First of all, what is the condition of the mattress (Hard, soft, water-bed, etc.)? There may be an uncomfortable situation, or relationship, in your life that you are choosing to stick with no matter what.mattress-2489615_640

Meat: This is the dreamers subconscious wish to see themselves in a more positive way. Is the meat raw or cooked? Raw meat may be saying that you are emotionally raw, or that you have been too hurt.

Mediator: A better position at work may be fast approaching. burma-2288964_640

Medicine: Some sort of healing or change in ones emotions may be taking place.

Medieval: Old habits, or ways of thinking that one must change.

Medusa: You may be overbearing, or too controlling.

Meeting: Try to redirect your energies, or priorities to things that are actually good for you. Things that will help you move froward and not obstruct your path.

Metallic: Is there a wedding or celebration coming up? This means happy times are ahead.

Mid-Wife: A new relationship, career, or project will soon appear.

Migraine: This represents dangers of all kind. Ones sins in the waking life. woman-2696408_640

Migrate: Ones desire to change their environment.

Military: Too many bottled up emotions that need to be released.

Minvian: Indifferent to the feelings of others.

Miscarry: A sudden loss, or an end to a particular situation.

Molasses: You may be torn between two people. This may also represent a sticky situation.

Money: Your persistence in making things happen. Money may also represent your ability to enjoy the finer things in life, or your subconscious worries about money.


Monogram: A skilled and knowledgable person.

Monopoly: Feeling the Competition, or feeling like others have too much control on a situation.

Monster: There’s a part of yourself that you are trying very hard to hide from others.

Moon: That hidden part of ones self that they do not know quite yet.

Mountain: You must overcome any obstacle if you want to reach your goal.

Mucus: This represents something that has been bothering you, but have not been able to verbalize.

Mushrooms: Symbolizes a long life. You tend to make last-minute decisions that will need to be attended to over a sit down meeting. mushroom-3659165_640.jpg

Mute: This carries different meanings. If you are speaking to someone who is mute, or you cannot hear speaking to you, this means that all the obstacles you have been facing, or have gone through, are preparing you for a higher position in life. Just trust it!

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