Dreams I-J


Ice: Being emotionally cold or distant.

Iceberg: Careful with your cold actions as it may cost you. Sit back, relax, and soften up those emotions.

Icehouse: Pay attention to your own frigid ways, or that of a particular situation at home. you may want to try the softer approach of things.


Idol: Throwing yourself at someone, or placing them on the pedestal of utmost importance will bring you grief and misery.


Ignore: You may be feeling left out, or unimportant.

Iguana: Represents being cold-hearted and harsh. You’re feeling determined and frightened by a certain someone close to you. You may be of a very chill nature.

Imposter: Coin the phrase, “Not everything is what it seems”. Pay attention to those around you, whom in reality don’t wish you well.

Impotent: Feelings of insecurity. You don’t feel capable of taking control of things. Doubtful and unsure.

Imprint: Represents the desire of leaving a long-lasting impression in someone’s life.


Inducted: You are discovering new levels of consciousness within yourself. You may want to pay very close attention to your dreams and other spiritually inclined encounters.

Inferno: Past karmas, or memories, that are haunting you.

Inflammation: Someone or something, may be aggravating or annoying you.

Insanity: You seem to have lost touch with reality and have become delusional. You are ignoring the honest ways of acting and are trying to live recklessly.

Insulation: This represents someone who likes to keep their feelings to themselves.


Iron: You’ve reconciled a friendship, or relationship. Negatively, there may be some feelings, or situation, that you need to lay flat on the table.

Itch: Someone or something that just won’t go away.

Itemize: This represents things that need sorting out. You need to sit down and think about the things that should be prioritized in your life. beauty-15932_1920



Jackhammer: A person who may be hard-headed in their ways. You may have to go through some rough times to realize certain things.

Jacket: A covering, or protection from something or ones emotions.

Jacks: Are you going through something new or difficult at the moment? You may subconsciously be asking for help. Prepare yourself for some unexpected conditions.

Jacuzzi: It’s all about you! The need to relax and unwind.

Jade: Represents negativity, or being jaded. Try to loosen up a bit.

Jaguar: Symbolizes aggressiveness and power. Be cautious of anyone that may want to harm you or make you do something you don’t want to do.

Jail: You may be feeling trapped in a decision due to fear of punishment.

Jambalaya: You may be needing some spice in your life.

Jammed: Frustrations or feelings of going nowhere.

Janitor: There may be something that needs cleaning up in your life. This also represents difficulties, or challenges, in your waking life.

Japan: (The Land of the rising sun)…This represents peace of mind and tranquillity.

Jaw: Symbolizes someone’s will or purpose in life. Defeat, or fatal end to something.

Jazz: Creativity and exotic ideas. There’s a spark you need in your life.

Jealous: You may feel scared about not having enough to offer someone in your waking life.

Jeep: In the next few months, you will experience some type of spiritual fulfillment.

Jello: Represents weakness and your need to be patient in your waking life.

Jellyfish: Dormant, painful memories that are rising out of your unconscious.

Jeopardy: Time to make some serious changes in your life.

Job: You may be overworked, or anxious about your work environment.

Jockstrap: Feelings of vulnerability or weakness in your personal life.

Jogging: You are trying to keep a balance, or steady pace in a certain situation.


Joke: You are frustrated because don’t feel like you are being taken seriously.

Journalist: You are trying to get enough information about a situation before releasing it to others.

Judge: Feelings of being higher in authority over others. You may also be feeling guilty about something

Juice: Try not to be so pessimistic. You may be headed for some very happy times.

Jungle: An environment with many possibilities. Trust that you have the skills to accomplish anything you want.

Jury: Feelings of being judged by others. You are too dependent on the opinions of others that it consumes you. You don’t feel like you are good enough.

**To have your dreams interpreted, leave me your name and email in the box below. Please allow 24-48 hours for your interpretation. Thank you and keep dreaming!



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