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Letter “V” Dreams

April 1, 2019

alphabet-2051653_640Vacant: This can be pointing out the importance of what is family, your job, and the good friends that surround you in life.

Vacation: This represents the need for relaxation and freedom.pool-690034_640

Vaccine: You may be concerned about the health, or well-being of a friend, specific family member, or yourself.

Vampire: You may be turning into someone who you’re not. Be ware of people who suck the positive vibes from you; they may be closer than you think.

Vanilla: This represents a lucrative and unexpected meeting. Smelling vanilla in a dream is a sweet omen.candle-1428234_640

Vanish: The feeling of wishing to be invisible due to certain situations in ones current life.

Vegan: This symbolizes the fact that you aren’t afraid to be different, or not go with the crowd.paprika-3212148_1920

Vegetable: Your deep wish to be a healthy person and strong. This may also represent a desire to be planted in just one place. Stability!

Veins: If you’re looking at your veins in the dream, this may represent a protection that you have built around yourself against anyone who wishes you harm. The dream may also carry a different meaning depending on where the vein you saw was (Ex. Carpal Tunnel, Artery, etc.).

Vertigo: There may be unsolved situations within the family that need to be attended.

Vest: This represents the solution to unresolved issues or tensions.vest-1031127_640.jpg

Veteran: You seem to be correct and with reason.



Vibration: These vibrational feelings are usually a good indicator of how close one is to their goal or success. This may also carry various meanings when it comes to Lucid Dreaming Vibrations, Ringing, and Paralysis

Village: This represents the desire to be closer to people, family, or friends.

Vintage: An old way of thinking or acting. It may be time to reflect on your recent actions or arguments. We must learn to evolve within us what is for the greater good!vintage-1950s-887272_640

Vitamins: The need for help (Physically or Emotionally). A need for help or guidance.

Volcano: This represent the immense pressure that one has been under. One feels the need to get away or find a solution before chaos breaks loose.


Voyage: If you are on a voyage in your dream, this may represent good fortune, or an inheritance of some kind. It is a good omen regardless.


Vulture: Vultures may sometimes enter our dreams at a time when we are stressed or are running thin on patience. Make sure you take your time to consider your actions before saying or making any mistakes that will always lead to repercussions.


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