April 3, 2019


There are many things that one must live with in life, but the most important of all are our CHOICES! The choices we’ve made have directed the path we are currently on. Each choice we make comes with a consequence; good or bad. sign-2792576_640 (1)

The fact is that once we’ve decided to make that choice, one must learn to live with it and be okay with it as well. According to the book, “The Calling” by Julia Mossbridge, Screenshot_20190402-162716_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Every choice that we make is the best Choice“. It is the best choice, because it was the amount of knowledge and capability we had at that particular time to make that decision. As we move forward into the future, we realize with more clarity the results of our decisions. These choices have taken us down the road we are currently on. A path of learning and exploration. We explore and learn parts of ourselves that in turn, impacted each and every aspect of our lives.

(For Example: A job that you were extremely qualified for was abruptly given to someone else with less experience. However, a few months after the rejection, you find out that the person chosen was having issues receiving their paycheck. Here you tend to understand that you were being redirected for your greatest good. Had you gotten this position, you would be experiencing the same trouble. Another Example: You got a promotion and decided to go out that night to celebrate. However, the celebration turned into a “Drink Fest” and you were unable to recover enough the next morning to make it to your first day at your new position. Consequently, they demoted you, but allowed you to keep your prior position. Now, although this is a choice that you made and the consequences were high, their was a lesson at hand…Responsibility! As time passed, you began to realize that the position you would have been promoted to, would’ve been too much for you to handle.)option-112225_640.jpg

You see, as humans, we tend to beat ourselves up about the wrong decisions we’ve made, the wrong choices, the wrong paths, etc. And we fail to accept that decision/choice as the “Right Decision for Me”, because we’ve been programmed to think that perfection as humans is a must. NO!!! We weren’t made to be tormented or confused. We are here to live out our life’s true path. No matter how you get to that path; it is your path. Every choice we make, whether right or wrong, has led us to find strengths and weaknesses we never knew we had. Every choice we’ve made has led us to face our fears and value what life truly is for us. business-3240767_640

We begin to make all kinds of different paths for ourselves, that we tend to forget which one we should really be on. We have our career, our family, our hobbies, our likes and dislikes, our dreams, our goals, and our finances, that we forget to live out our one “True Calling”, or our “Souls Destiny” (Available in VDS Shop)(http://www.VerosDreamState.org/SoulContractReadings). Eventually, one reaches a sort of halt in their life where their day-to-day norm just isn’t filling that void. So what is this void? What is this emptiness telling us?

What is that void?

There is no greater emptiness than the feeling of being lost or unfulfilled. After all, how can one have “everything’, yet feel so empty? SelfEvaluation!!! We must learn to step back and put into perspective what we prioritize in our lives at the moment. What is it that drives you out of bed every morning? Why did you choose this particular career path? Do you feel that you are truly living your soul’s purpose? Do you feel like you should be doing more with your life other than where you are right now? Do you ever feel like, “I have so much more to offer than this, but I don’t know what to do“? 


You my dears, are being shaken sort of speak! You are being placed in an uncomfortable situation/s with your surroundings, your career, or whatever it may be, in order for you to realize that change is imminent. A change that needs to come from within, in order to help you on your personal and spiritual growth. In turn, this change within will redirect you towards your one true path. There is no need to create many paths. Our mission in this life is to create the kind of life for ourselves (Not the life that everyone else has) that truly makes us feel happy and fulfilled.chalkboard-1927332_1920

So sit down, grab a pen, paper and let’s begin! (Remember to be honest and sincere.)

  1. What was my favorite childhood memory?
  2. What makes me happy?
  3. What is it that worries me the most?
  4. What are my hobbies, or what hobbies would you like to take up if you had the time?
  5. If money wasn’t an option, what would you do with it?
  6. What drives you to wake up in the morning?
  7. What would be your dream career?
  8. What is most important to you? (It can be more than one thing?)
  9. What parts of yourself do you think need to change.


Part 2 Questions:

  1. Where do I feel I should be at this point in my life?
  2. What do I feel I should be doing?
  3. Should I switch careers?
  4. How can I generate an income doing what makes me happy?

After you’ve answered all of these questions, take time to evaluate your answers. Keep these questions close in order to relay back to them every now and then and remind yourself of your answers. I believe that the trick is to continuously self-reflect on the things that truly make us happy. Positive changes begin with a positive mindset and spiritual balance. One must dedicate a few moments each day to quiet our minds and ask for guidance and courage. Life can be challenging and filled with worry and grief, but we have something called CHOICES (Free Will) that we make on a daily basis. These choices place us on different paths all the time and help us turn within for the answers.

This was only a small exercise that I learned from “The Calling“, and I encourage anyone who is feeling lost or unfulfilled in their life to read it. Finding a new path towards your True Purpose shows strength and courage. We were beautifully and wonderfully made in the eyes of our maker and placed here to share our gifts with the world (Psalm 139:14). Our light was given to us to shine bright for all to see and to excel in all that we do for the greatest good! live-your-dream-2045928_640.jpg

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