Dream Dictionary

Letter “U” Dreams

March 30, 2019

IMG_20190330_092346_251Ultrasound: This may be insinuating that you, or someone you know, is pregnant or expecting. This might also represent new life changes in either your career or relationship.


Ultraviolet: You may be on a spiritual journey to feed your soul. You are very intuitive and have a deep understanding of others feelings and their spiritual needs.

Unicorn: In spirituality, unicorns are a sign of hope and insight. This may be pointing to someone you currently know who is pure at heart and whom you hold high up on your list.

Uniform: This may represent some kind of order. You should expect to be getting the respect you deserve from others for the good deeds you’ve done. New opportunities are headed your way.IMG_20190330_093508_141

Unemployed: You may be feeling like there is nothing for you to do. Feelings of not being used to your full potential, or abilities. This may sometimes represent losing ones sense of responsibility or obligations.

Unsocial: You may need some time to relax and unwind.




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