The Blimp

Don’t you feel like if you’re walking around in circles sometimes? I mean, you have an image in your mind of what your goals are, but are you really headed that way? Does this path lead to anywhere, or am I just trying to convince myself that I’m on the right track? This runs through my mind countless times, as I’m quite sure it runs through yours. At times, one may even lose sight, or forget what their goals are, because you get so caught up in a vicious cycle.

My dream last night was short, but like I always say, “It doesn’t matter how short your dreams are, there is always a hidden message.”  

The Dream

My husband woke me up like he usually does when he goes to work. It was roughly 6 a.m. I woke up a bit confused, because he usually wakes me up to have breakfast with him and he was already dressed and ready to leave. I said, “What’s going on? Why are you already dressed?” He replied, “I have something to tell you, but I’m not quite sure if it’s real or not!” As he’s speaking to me, I happened to glance outside the bedroom window. The blinds were partially opened and I could see the Good Year Blimp in the air. I thought, “What an odd hour to be flying a blimp!” At this point, I had missed everything my husband was explaining to me, because I was so fixated on the blimp. Soon after, my husband woke me up to have breakfast.


News: You will be fortunate in any work affairs and have harmonious companion.

Uniform/Work attire: There is a sense of conformity. Do not settle and go along with the crowd, just to avoid confrontation. There is also a chance at a promotion that will bring you good fortune and a better position.

Blimp: Your plans are up in the air. Your passions are stronger than the plans you have set out before you. Blimps also represent the feeling of being out of balance. It also symbolizes adventure, creativity and courage during incredible facts. There will be some type of announcement of either an adventure, or something else exciting that will get your adrenaline running. You will demonstrate that you are not making a mistake by going to where you have gone recently.


Pondering Thoughts

Sometimes we’re on auto pilot and can lose track of where we are going. We can become almost numb and feel we are lacking somewhere in our self-worth. This dream doesn’t only let one know that they are on the right track, but also reminds us that we are worth much more than just a monotonous 9-5 work week, or a money-making machine. We are dreamers! We are filled with goals and aspirations; a longing for a better life. But for some reason, we’ve made this all seem so unattainable. Why shouldn’t we deserve what we work so hard for? What makes us feel unworthy of such a life? We do!!! WE tend to become conformed to the material things of this world that, to an extent, we’re slowly becoming prisoners, forgetting who WE are and what purpose WE truly serve. WE must not allow ourselves to be conformed, but rather *transformed*.

*Dr. Jordan Peterson is a professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto. He is a Clinical Psychologist and Public Speaker. This explanation he gives about dreams and if they have any relevant meaning is just amazing, I feel! I invite you to take a few minutes and listen in. *

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