Standing Still

August 27, 2018

I feel like I’m floating, being carried by dreams,

My thoughts are beyond me, how can I cope with these things?

As the days move passed me, not a day goes by,

that I don’t wish I could stop and see clear through your eyes.

At times I could feel you, I can hear you from far.

Please Father forgive me, I’m drifting afar.

The noise in this life is too much for me.

I struggle and think, “Will I ever be free?”

Pondering back at my life, “What happened, what changed?”

“Who am I? Where am I? Do I look estranged?”

What am I to do, is it all up to me?

“My child I have told you, I’ll take care of thee.”

“Be quiet, be still and you’ll hear me again.

I’ve never left your side, not now and not then!”

“Please quiet your mind and trust in me.

One day this shall all make sense, it was intended to be.”

“In stillness there’s peace, how else can you hear?

My child I am with you, why do you fear?”

“Now close your eyes and feel my embrace,

my Love is eternal and you have been saved by Grace.”

“And when the time comes, you fall back once again,

just stand still and reach for me and I’ll give you my hand.”


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