The Lake

October 16, 2018

Last nights dream gave me that positive feeling all around. Even though it was a bit odd, I still felt a warm, free-spirited feeling within my heart. Remember, it’s very important to note how you feel within your dream. Where you scared, happy, hurt, embarrassed, frustrated, jealous, and so on. Feelings in your dreams can help you decipher the message it (the dream) is trying to relay to you.autumn-2021154_1920The Dream

As I opened my eyes within my dream state, I found myself fully dressed and in a Lake. This lake was not dirty at all. It was surrounded by very lush, green trees. Many of my family members were there, as well as friends and others I did not quite know. There was some kind of contest going on and everyone was eager to get started with the game. I can see that there were raffle tickets everywhere in the water. Whomever would collect the most raffle tickets, would win  the Grand Prize.

So, since this is a dream of course, I had with me, my husbands lunch box. I had the idea to use the lunch box as a type of tool to scoop up as many tickets as I could possibly gather. As the game was almost over, there was this young girls, about 18 or so, that came up to me and said, “Wow, that was such a great idea to use the lunch box. I’m sure you’re going to win!” As soon as she finished her comment, they called my name as the winner.admission-2974645_1920

Dream Interpretation

Lake: This represents emotional stability. You’ve taken upon yourself some deep emotions and energy. Water represents the transition of life, death, and resurrection. There may be some unexpected events that will be crossing your path soon. New friends and a New beginnings are on their way so do not despair. This is a worry-free environment in which one can enjoy themselves.

Prize: This represents gain in understanding your true self, or insight into the future. Realizing, or achieving something of importance to you. You seem to be relating well to the situations that have been arising in your life as of late.

Raffle: There’s a risk that you’re taking in your life, or a risky position that’s coming your way so be careful. These are usually warning signs about decisions one is making and not seeing the potential end result. If you win the raffle, good fortune will be coming your way. This dream is basically saying that you have to “play to win“. If you’ve been playing for a while and done more than you could, your rewards will be beyond anything you would’ve expected.

Lunch Box: You’ve stored your energy for an event that’s approaching. This also represents your everyday support system.

Games: This represents entertainment. Winning the game relates to how well, or hard, you work towards your goal. You’ll win in business matters and gain more popularity in the field you are working in. Try not to get distracted and focus on the task at hand.


*If you’d like to have your dreams interpreted, leave me a message in the box below and I’ll be happy to do so. Please allow 24 hours. Thank you!

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