“A Collage of Thoughts”

July 18, 2018

How many of you have had those nights where you have multiple dreams? Anyone can have multiple dreams at night. Experts in Neuroscience and Psychology say that we dream every 90 minutes throughout the night, every cycle being longer that the one before. According to scientific investigations, our brain takes “random” images from our subconscious and sends them via neurotransmitters, forming a “small movie” of your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and desires. How amazingly incredible is that? How perfect have we been created that our “computer upstairs” works at such potential? However, I don’t really consider it appropriate to say that our brain picks “random thoughts”. You see, in my experience (and I am no doctor), the messages that come through in dreams are so special, so spectacular, and so spot on, that it makes it difficult to consider such a statement. Now, I could veer off topic and talk about how there is evidence that the body can actually heal itself through the mind, but instead, I’ll take a small stroll through the vicinity. Our brain produces stories in our minds that bring feelings of love, fear, comfort, warmth, positivity and negativity, worry, awkwardness, self-empowerment or self-destruction, etc. They have such a profound impact that they can reveal a persons darkest secrets to help them change, bring forth a passed loved one that will bring you comfort, or answer a question you’ve been wondering about for days.

My dream last night began with me leaving some kind of event (not sure if it was a wedding or play). It was night-time and the sky was clear. My husband and son were walking towards our car, while my sister and I were a bit behind them. As my sister and I are waking, we noticed that the streets looked a bit greasy. There was a distinct smell in the air that we couldn’t make out what it was. Suddenly, as we are getting closer to the car, it begins to rain. What was so odd about it raining? It was raining wax! We rushed quickly into the car and were all perplexed as to what we were witnessing. I mean wax, really? Now, as I like to call it “switching the film,” here comes dream number two.

I was at a grocery store, not buying anything, just as an observer. I was with a friend that was just around the corner, in one of the aisles. To my left, was a woman and her baby. The sweet baby was sitting in one of the grocery carts, playing with her milk bottle. In front me, was a couple that was shopping for fruit. There was something odd about this couple that I didn’t like. The man kept looking, nervously, at his surroundings, while the woman never took her eyes off of the baby. I decided to start walking towards the baby in case she tried to get too close. She apparently knew what my intentions were while I was giving her the “don’t you even try it” look. She looked back at her boyfriend/husband and whispered something to him. I couldn’t quite hear what she said, so I decided to run to the front of the store and get the manager. I told him that the couple I was pointing to was trying to steal the baby. The manager made the security stand at the front of the store and lock the rest of the doors. They were able to arrest them. Now, here’s another strange part; my daughter is 11 but she apparently had a job at the store. She had her own office and was having an issue with one of her filing cabinets. There were a few drawers that were broken. A few days went by and the manager at the grocery store called and said, “I wanted to let you know that the couple that we arrested the other day felt bad as to their actions and wanted to do something nice for you in good faith. So, they fixed your daughters broken cabinet.” I replied, “Really? And they did this freely?”  Now on to dream number three. I was standing on the sidewalk, right in front of an apartment building. As I looked around, the time almost looked like I was in the 1800’s. There was a black car, at the front of the entrance to the building. Suddenly, rushing out of the doors was a young woman, perhaps in her 30’s, who ran into the black car and took off. Running behind her was a man and woman. The woman, out of breath and yelling said, “Why didn’t you make her take the kids?” He replied, “She ran too quickly.” After this, my short films were over.

Let’s take dream number one first and see what it says.

*Greasy: Represents the assistance that you are receiving in moving forward with your life. You are also receiving encouragement and financial gain to help make things run smoothly.

*Raining: Rain is a cleanser of negative thoughts, emotions and energy. It gets rid of sin and regrets, so that you may experience inner peace and abundance. There is a negative situation that will be passing quickly, or it just may not be as bad as you thought it would be.

*Wax: This is a symbol of creativity, wealth, and hard work. You will be profiting from being engrossed. It reminds you that whatever situation you are in can be easily changed.

Dream number two, although totally different, continues the connection between the first interpretation.

*Grocery Store: This has to do with the physical need or desire to feel alive. It represents the decisions being made that will help sustain you through this short-term transition.

*Stealing a baby: Most often, babies represent new beginnings. They are a sign of warmth and good intentions that one might have. This represents the side of you that is weak and fragile. You may be feeling helpless in a situation because you are unable to take action or help at the moment.

*Evil people turning to good: This represents the value that you have for helping others. You have a passion to make the world a better place through good deeds.

And last, but definitely not the least, dream number three.

The 1800’s era: This may be indicating a “past life” dream. In the world if Numerology, 18 represents freedom, while 00 represents power. This assumes the thoughts that may be occupying your mind lately. The thoughts and prayers that you’ve been carrying have been heard and will finally be granted. This symbolizes a confrontation that has been completed, or moving on with your life.

*Black Antique car: One’s past goals are solid and the future is looking bright. You are a strong-willed person, and a man/woman of grit and steel. You can trust your own judgement with confidence.

*Neglected children: This is letting you know that you are not paying enough attention to yourself. You may not be utilizing your full potential.

*Abandonment of a child/ren: Sounds awful, however, the meaning is quite the contrary. This symbolizes something unique that you would like to create through the process of love and labour.

Not always can you take dreams in the literal sense. But, as you can see, even the craziest of events and symbols give you a deep understanding of your true self or inner struggles. Many times, dreams will point out your flaws and weakness to strengthen and change your ways. Other times, they will point out your strong attributes and praise you for encouragement. Meditation helps calm the mind and body along with accessing those parts of ourselves in which we’ve neglected. It is the most important tool to strengthen ”our most important tool”, our brain. Keeping a daily log of your dreams will also help you to remember them. Has there been a dream that you’ve had, and you thought was just so crazy to have any real meaning behind it? I’d love to hear about it!


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