March 14, 2019


Through unknown chaos we travel,

Battling within,

The beatings this life presents to us,

The heartaches within.

Internally begins the prominent reminder of the passing of time,

The choices we’ve made and the very steep climb.

Numerous times we’ve been knocked to the ground,

Our courage depleted, and no hope to be found.


Thus life will continue to happen each day,

We should not give up, we should stand up and say,

“Each days a new day, a new story to write,

We should not give up, we must stand up and fight!”

Persistence is key when achieving a goal,

Though our goal may not match what is calling our soul.


One can plan out their future without a clue in sight,

That the storms we’ve endured will soon become bright.

I’ve found prayers more useful;

You need faith in the One.

He who breathed you New Life,

And has failed you none.

And one day your story will be something to mention,

A story of Hope, of Faith, and REDEMPTION!!!


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