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Letter “T” Dreams

March 21, 2019

letter-1058269_1280.jpgTable: This symbolizes the need for more family time, or time to yourself.

Tail: This may represent someone who is afraid of being alone. A tag along. This may also represent personal desires depending where the tail is facing (up or down).

Tall: You may be thinking a bit too highly of yourself, or looking at others as inferior to you.horses-1150017_640

Tape: Trying to maintain a temporary

situation in place until a better one comes along.

Taste: If something tastes sweet to you, then this may be a symbol for good fortune in the near future. Also look up bad tastes, or sour tastes.

Taxi: Cars in general usually represents the direction that one’s life is on. This also represents something that’s been beneficial in every aspect of your life, yet you haven’t paid for it.

Tea: Feelings of regret or guilt for your past or recent actions. This may also represent  new and favorable opportunities in ones careers.

Teacher: You may be a bit overemotional. However, balance will be achieved in the near future. Don’t be afraid to seek advice or ask for help.steinbach-56642_1280.jpg

Tears: Something that you’ve been struggling with is beginning to heal. There may also be a situation/s that you should follow-up with and resolve.

Telepathy: Someone from another realm is trying to communicate with you.

Telescope: Something that seems far away may be paving your way in the near future. Be ready, something may be coming that will have a huge impact on your life.

Theatre: A desire for either exposure or recognition.

Thirsty: Professionally, you have a great attitude and are full of ambition. You are persistent and driven.

Thunder: Beware of losses or disappointments. Thunder also represents emotions that are cooped up and in need of being exposed.storm-918589_1280

Toothless: This symbolizes sadness, illness, or ones fear of getting old.

Topless: Someone who is seeking romantic attention, or is looking for a relationship.

Train: Depending on how the train was going in your dream (was it on track, or was it derailed?), this may be insinuating that you are on the right track in life.train-3169964_1280

Transparent: Feelings of not being noticed or appreciated. You may be longing for people to see your true side.

Trapeze: Seeing a trapeze in your dream may be indicating your need for relaxation. You are a very agile person and may represent opportunities and challenges.

Twin: This may represent your double, or your state of consciousness. Pay attention to what they are saying, or trying to show you.romantic-1934223_1280.jpg

Two: This number usually appears in your dreams at a moment where you are struggling in life. The number two may be suggesting that you try to control your emotions and attitude. Try to settle things in a more mature way and don’t allow your emotions get the best of you.


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