Who’s coming to dinner?

July 10, 2019


How can one explain sometimes what is real and what is not? Often times, we may get a word or picture, here and there, that may pop up into our mind. We may think, “Is this just me thinking, or is someone trying to tell me something?” You may even disregard it all together. However, certain things are pretty concrete; and quite realistic I might add.


We had just gathered around the table for dinner. As customary, we bowed our heads to say Grace (My husband was saying grace) before eating. On a little side note, I hardly ever do any meditations during the day. I will usually meditate in the early morning, or once everyone has gone to bed. This way I can assure my quiet time.

As I lowered my head and closed my eyes, I felt an instant (and strong) pull into a pretty deep meditative state. I could see all of us praying at the table (my husband, children, and myself). I could see that we were all engulfed in flames. The flames that outlined us were bright orange and yellow, while the rest of the flames around our bodies and the table were pure white.

We were all perplexed as to what was happening. However, while all of this was going on, I noticed that we never let go of our hands (Unity) when we were saying Grace. With a quickness, at the head of the dining table was a being. I could tell it was a man, but I could not see his face. This being was now in the same outline of flames as us. With a quickness, the table shot me backwards and elongated itself as far as the eye could see. All of a sudden, the table is with an elegant white cloth, and set for an infinite amount of people.

It was a beautiful setting! I returned back to the beginning of the table with my family and it is here where it was over.

My husband immediately noticed that something had happend and asked, “Are you ok?” I said, “Yea, everything’s fine! I’ll tell you later.” I needed to collect myself from what I had just seen. After all, what had just happened? And what did it all mean?


Dining Table: A table that is set usually represent the home and family life. There is a decision or important goal in ones life that has finally been fulfilled. It represents the importance of like-mindedness and unity between family.

Fire/Flames: This is a very powerful symbol. both in a vision or dream. Fire represents everything from destruction, power, passion to purification, awakening, and even anger.

Orange: When this color appears, it usually represents the release of stress and all worries. The liberation from all anxieties. It may also be a sign to broaden ones horizons.

Yellow: This color is a symbol of happiness, enlightenment, loyalty, clarity, etc. In the bible, yellow represents fire and a purification-like process. It is the Healing Power of God, or the Word of God.

The flame represents the light that is needed to guide us in life. We have a trusted partner or a strong support group of friends, family, or co-workers that will help keep us safe from whatever adversity that may arise in our life.

White flames: The flame represents the light that is needed to guide us in life (In this vision, the being that appeared at the head of the dining table felt like God-Almighty himself/The Holy Spirit). You have a trusted partner or a strong support group of friends, family, or co-workers. They’ll give you a sense of stability and peace, knowing that they have your back.

White tablecloth: A feast, balance and good fortune. It is usually indicative of a fresh start.

Long Dinner Table: If the table is set, it may represent ones feelings of comfort and peace with their family.


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