A hard look at Self

July 6, 2019

It doesn’t matter how old you are, who you are, or where you’ve been; we all reach a point of self-reflection. Life has a way of doing this in order for us to grow mentally and spiritually. Self-reflection may change our perspective as well as our motives. It builds character, empathy and a deeper connection with our most organic self.


I found myself in a dark room with no one around. I was confused as to my whereabouts, but I wasn’t scared. Suddenly, I see a light! The door was opened and the light was on in the next room. When I reached the room, it resembled that of the Oval Office.

There at the desk was our President Donald Trump. He was looking out of the window with a worrisome look on his face; rubbing his forehead from time-to-time. As I got closer, I realized he couldn’t see or hear me. I had caught him in a moment of self-reflection. He began to say, “I’ve acted selfishly and have neglected my wife. I haven’t been able to be there for her like she deserves. I’m so ashamed!” I began to drift away as if I was floating.


Dark Room: Darkness may sometimes represent fear of not knowing what will happen, ignorance, pride, etc. If you see a light in the darkness at any point, this may represent you overcoming all of these things. If you weren’t scared, it may represent the fact that you’re okay not knowing about the bad things that may happening behind the scenes.

Neglecting wife:

This may represent a change that is occurring in a relationship at the current moment. This may well be a learning phase with the wife benefiting from the husbands change, or the husband learning from the wife’s kind actions.

Light: Waking up to an idea or a new way of thinking. You may have found a solution to a problem.

Office: One may be bringing their work home with them. You may be feeling overworked and exhausted. You may need some time to clear your mind and regroup.


This shape may represent a womans womb. You may feel the need to go back to the way things were when your children were younger. Did you want more children at some point?

The President: There may be a certain drive to live a better, more principled way to live ones own life.

Looking out the window:

Windows in general is a good dream. They represent new Hope’s and possibilities. When looking outside a window, this usually represents your point of view of life.

Rubbing forehead:

A forehead in general, usually symbolizes someones intentions.


***I would love to hear your own interpretation on what this dream may mean for you. Please feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to press submit!!!

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