A Meditative State of mind

July 22, 2019

It’s amazing, when closed, what your eyes can see.

An unknown direction that feels calm and free.

Alone with your thoughts, the essential you,

You’re the spectator, the dreamer, your subconscious too.

In here lie the clues, the most inconceivable puzzle.

To guide you on your way, through lifes hustle and bustles.

What a gift we have to attune with the one,

To acquire these messages with love and reason.

Insight were given; a much clearer perspective,

Into how to approach things, what will be most effective.

Through different layers we raise our perception,

Our subconscious displaying the issues that need most attention.

And when we come out of that overwhelmingly peaceful state of mind,

We’ll have realized our perceptions are now well- defined.

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