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Stuck on Secular Humanism

August 2, 2019

There is an ever growing and dangerous incline in the belief of Secular humanism. What is Secular Humanism? It is humanism, with regard in particular to the belief that humanity is capable of morality and self-fulfillment without belief in God.


It is the belief that, we as humans, can be truly self-fulfilled without the need for any religious dogma, or God in our lives. There are about 4 to 5 million people practicing this belief today. Most of this belief surprisingly, does not begin from childhood, but rather in the universities.

Most classes dealing with religious views are taught mainly from a naturalistic perspective. They are great at pushing the denial of any form of miracles or Divine explanations. If there is someone whom has never had any religious background or direction, this may become quite the sufficient answer. They may adopt the mindset that this is all we have and there is nothing else to it!

Secular Humanism in Universities today: https://www.summit.org/resources/articles/the-influence-of-the-secular-humanist-worldview

This is a topic that is very close to my heart. The more time passes, I can’t help notice the number of lost souls. At the same token, I’ve observed those with “disbelief” in a higher power, and they are still not truly self-satisfied. There is something nudging at their heart saying, “Keep searching for your truth. You’re not done yet“.

This nudge is a Divine seed planted in our hearts from the moment we were created.

Think of this nudge, or seed, like a hard drive. No matter how hard we may try to deny it, there will always be something there that will kill us with curiosity. It is the memory bank where all of our good and beliefs are stored. It serves as a reminder for us never to forget that we are loved and are much, much more than we know.

As humans, Gods plan was never meant for us to do this alone. And this has nothing to do with religious dogmas, or the belief that as Christians, we are too weak to manage or own lives, therefore, we’ve created this figure in order to guide our path.

As for the Athiest side to secular humanism, the belief that we make choices goes out the window. In other words, we basically have no control as to what happens (What???). Free will is nothing but a made up story, an illusion if you will. I’ll tell you why; it is so much easier to live a life where no one is accountable for their actions, or choices, than to live a life where you are accountable and the choices you’ve made affect your daily life in its respective manner.

This belief system where we are all the same as animals and we have no inherent worth whatsoever, is beyond me. Humanists/Athiests believe that our human rights are nothing special. Can I tell you that it is our Almighty God that gives us our worth and our nobleness. Only he can guide you on the right path, kick you back on track when you’ve lost your way, help you feel love again when you’ve been hurt, give you reason when all is incomprehensible, and give you hope when all feels lost.

What a terrible life to live when your belief is that of a dead end. A life where all you’re doing is going with the flow, a life where you have no worth or meaning. You are simply here to exist and matter only while you’re alive. My hope is that our youth will find that seed within them and remember how much they are loved, who loves them, and why they are so special. Although our purpose to many may be vague at the moment, trust that the path, whether smooth or rough, will aid in guiding you there. That we have a creator who loves you too much to leave you right where you are. We are capable of such marvles because of Him, because of our purpose.

May you find your Truth, may you find your path, and may you always remember that…

You are loved!❤

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