An Imminant Change

August 11, 2019

The gusts of diversion draw near,

An alteration like no other that soon will be clear.

A wonderful mystery that’s been promised to all,

It’s been written and spoken of, now we’ll answer it’s call.

With the love of a whisper you guide me to see,

Possibilities beyond us, and the Hope I forsee.

Pilot Mountain, NC

Without questions or doubt, I will follow your call,

To the holiest mountain shining divinely and tall.

Time lines before me, like a map to the treasure.

Upon arrival I’ll know when I’m welcomed to enter.

With a sigh of relief, I will guide all to safety,

To this promised location of refuge you gave me.

As your word is fulfilled, we will remember your promise,

We’ll begin to rebuild, there’s a new world upon us.

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