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January 12, 2019

alphabet-2051680_640.png Quail: When a quail visits your dream, this is a positive sign. Success in every aspect of your life (Love, Career, Relationships, Family) is approaching.

Quarter: You will be presented with unexpected opportunities of success. Make sure that you do not forget your values while rising to the top.

Quiche: You are currently experiencing financial hardships. This may be due to your attitude, or the way that you are carrying yourself in life.

Quilt: This is a comforting way of our subconscious letting us know that we are on the right track.

Quiz: You will be able to demonstrate your abilities and surprise those around you by rising in a difficult life situation.

Queen: The will and inner strength to be the best that you can be. This may also represent that you will soon rule the heart of someone who comes into your life.

Quinoa: Represents income that will soon be entering your life at a steady pace.

alphabet-2051673_640.png Racquet: This represents the good intentions behind a future project.

Rake: This represents your laziness, or the work that you’ve left for other to do for you. To see others raking may represent work or business that you’ve seen through to completion. computing-3795962_640.jpg

Raffle: Be cautious of the risks you are taking. Also, an annoying or troubling situation will soon vanish mysteriously.

Razor: There are many difficult situations in your life at the moment that you need to sort out.

Red: This color represents many things such as love, anger, danger, etc. The meaning of the color red varies depending on where the color is seen.

Reflection: Your subconscious is forcing you to take a good look at your life. Could it be that this dream is teaching you a lesson?autumn-2021154_1920.jpg

Refuge: You feel comfortable in your subconscious. You also have the capability of making others feel safe and secure.

Rejection:  There is an inner guilt or disappointment in your waking life, or in yourself. This may also represent low self-esteem.

Removing: This depends on what it is exactly that the dreamer is removing. For example, if the dreamer is removing earwax, work that requires experience and effort. If you’re removing a thorn, then you are trying to get rid of someone, or a certain situation that is bothering, or no longer serving you.

Revive: An attempt to try to bring back a side of you that’s been dormant or hidden, a relationship, ones creativity, or ones hopes and dreams.riffles-218799_640.jpg

Riffle: This represents ones frustrations with a situation in their waking life. The dreamer is trying to find a solution and is desperate.

Right: You are on the right path and things will begin to go smoothly.

Rising: Your grit and determination will bring you financial gains.

Road: Roads usually represents ones life and the path they are on. In your dream, was the road curved? Did you reach a dead-end? Was the road smooth or bumpy?

Rocks: This usually represents strength. It may also symbolize how your are viewed by those close to you in your life.

Rodeo: The need to show others your capabilities and get their approval.cowboy-1909926_640

Rookie: Be mindful of your spending and become more responsible and disciplined with your finances.

Room: Rooms represent ones subconscious. Each room represents a different part of your Self. Take note of how clean, dirty, or messy the rooms were. This will say alot about those specific aspects of your life.wall-416062_640

Rope: You are beginning to learn a new side of yourself. This may also represent the connection you have with a specific person.

Rowing: You are working diligently towards the goals you want to achieve.

Rum: The dreamer either needs a break, or a time of rest is in the near future.

Running: Very common dream symbol. This symbol depends on if you are running to or from something. Running represents moving forward towards reaching your goal.





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