“Mrs. Fix It”

June 26, 2018

Are you a Type-A personality? Do you have a superiority complex? Or perhaps you may be too compassionate for your own good. As for myself, I unfortunately have the “Mrs. Fix-it”, “Must fix it”, personality. I have a deep empathy for those that I see struggling beside me, especially if it comes to family. At times, we may even tend to shoulder others’ responsibilities, their baggage, and even their burdens. Sadly, these situations may end up being the end of us.

On May 25, 2017, I had a vision while meditating that spoke right to me. As I was falling into meditative state, I could see shades of lime green and yellow surrounding me. There appeared a young girl who guided me to a hotel, where I was apparently staying. The hotel was beautiful with a very futuristic feel to it. I soon felt a rumble on the floor, and ran out the door of the hotel lobby! I could see a thick band of waves coming through the streets and into the hotels. You could see all of the cars in the water, as the waves pushed forward and then retracted. To the left side of the hotel, there was a sweet Labrador trying to swim to safety. I immediately grabbed him and brought him inside with me. As I was observing his face, I noticed that his left eye was closed. “Was he hurt?”, I wondered.

Let’s first look at the colors that are presented here. Lime is a color that brings healing properties. It’s letting you know that there is some difficult energy changes that have caused you stress and worry, and you have been working hard to resolve it. These energies are affecting your ability to manifest what you’ve been working towards.  Yellow is the color that brings about hope and happiness. However, yellow may also represent cowardess and egoism. This color relates to knowledge that has been acquired and resonates with the left side (logic side) of the brain. This color encourages us to find new ways of doing things and is a practical thinker.

The young girl here represents prosperity after poverty, and peace after going through hardships. Big waves can be representative of ones emotions when they are so strong. This will usually appear when we are under alot of pressure, or when significant changes are occurring. You may be afraid of being swept away by the stresses of your life, or by others emotional state. Labradors are adorable animals and accept you as you are. They visit to let you know that you are making the right decisions in life. When Labradors appear with their left eye closed, it represents the way you are seeing things and trying to get your point across. The person you are trying to convey a message to is not hearing you fully, or not seeing you “eye-to-eye”.

This vision was basically saying that is is impossible to solve a problem that we deny we have. We can not, and must not, drain our own energy trying to fix anothers. I’ve learned that this affects our own spiritual evolvement, and we stop people from growing and learning. We sometimes take it upon ourselves that being there for those we love requires our 24 hour attention. Each of us has our own path to learn, to grow, and to do with that, what we choose to do. It is NOT up to us to take care of everyone, it is up to us to live in such a way, that those around us see something so bright, that they in turn notice, is not in themselves. And perhaps with this, transformation will come.



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