“When feathers appear, Angels are near”

Ever walk around and find a “lucky penny?” Have you ever asked yourself as to what makes it so lucky? What about feathers? Ever find one land at your feet or maybe somewhere, extremely unexpected? Well, these aren’t coincidences, and just may be an uplifting and spiritual expirience.

“When feathers appear, an angel is near”, that’s how the saying goes. Feathers are a sign of faith and protection. They can truly be found anywhere, however, it is those unexpected places that they are found, that carry their true message. These are signs from our angels letting us know that our loved ones are safe and well. For Native Americans, feathers are worn to symbolize their communication with spirit. They feel a deep connection to them and often wear them, representing their sacred connection to God. As for the Bible, feathers are described as a “covering”, or protector, and of God’s love and care.

When a feather lands at your feet, it is a message you are receiving from above. You have called out in either thought or prayer, and the angels are now responding. Feathers may appear in various shapes and colors.


A White feather reminds us to keep our faith. The angels want you to know that you have all of their support. It is their way of saying that your loved ones are well and have crossed over safely.


A Red feather represents a life force energy, stability for our lives, and courage when we need it most.


Orange feathers carry messages of creativity. They are encouraging you to listen to your inner voice, and stay positive.


A Blue feather brings a peaceful energy. They are connected to communication and making you alert and aware. It is a reminder for you to listen.


Grey feathers call for you to return to peace within yourself. It is also a sign that the the answer to your question, may not be as simple as black and white, or yes and no.


Purple feathers carry messages of deep spirituality, ridding of all negativity, and opening up your psychic and spiritual sight.


As for Green feathers, they represent abundance, fertility, health, and love.


Pink feathers are a reminder of the unconditional love from the angels. Their inspiration is available to you, wherever and whenever there is love.


Brown feathers signify grounding and stability. There is an energy of respect between the physical and spiritual world.


And Yellow feathers remind us to be cheerful. They call us to be present and alert, to be able to bring your desired blessings into your life.


Black feathers stand for a departed soul that has come to help you. Your spirit is starting to awaken from a deep sleep and you have now found a new meaning to life.

These beautiful messages from our angels bring comfort and hope into our lives. They are little reminders that appear when we need it most. Angels are always around, as are our loved ones. They are here to help guide us and let us know if we are on the right path. Next time you find a feather, remember to say Thank You to those watching from above, and who are always sending their love.

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