Dream Dictionary

Letter “W” Dreams

April 8, 2019


Waffle: This may represent the need to be more confident.

Wagon: A secret being carried that’s become a burden.

Walkway: Represents the feeling that someone is being disloyal. jungle-1807476_640

Wardrobe: Your material gains and finances will improve. 

Warrant: A situation will soon be spiraling out of control.

Waterbed: Your desire to succeed cannot be stopped no matter what. You may have run into someone who has helped in giving you the push you needed.

Whisper: This may represent people who are talking about you behind your back. Pay close attention as someone who’s close to you has something important to say to you. 


Whistle: The end of a phase or situation. Pay attention, this may also mean a warning of some sort. dog-whistle-280807_640

Whiteout: You may feel the need to start over again. This may also mean feelings that are being suppressed.

Wings: The freedom to do things that you’ve always wanted to do. A new-found freedom!

Winter: This may represent feelings of sadness due to how your life is currently.

Wizard: The dreamer may be feeling like they’ve lost control of their life or situation. magic-2708958_640

Wolf: Your strong characteristics will help you overcome any difficulty, or situation you are currently facing.

Wood: This may represent tangible things your life that you’ve never noticed or felt before. Wood may have various meanings depending on your dream. (Ex. Oakwood, Maple tree, etc.)

Worm: This may represent your fears and the lack of spiritual evolution.


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