Stepping into the Portal of Destiny

April 21, 2019

Stepping into the Portal of Destiny

Tania Ortega

Holy week 2019 is like no other. From the burning of Notre Dame, the current political upheaval, and the sudden changes happening in our daily lives, most of us are feeling exhausted. What is going on? What’s going to happen next? Are these relationships in my life good for me? These are just some of the many questions going through our minds. As we navigate through the current astrological weather, you are going to start to see and understand that we are in the process of birthing a new world of truth, acceptance, compassion, healing and humility. With two Full Moons on the Aries/Libra axis, we can note that relationships are definitely up for us. Aries ruled by Mars, the 1st sign of the zodiac, speaks about the Self, the individual. It speaks about our drive in life. What fuels us, where we want to go, ensuring us that we will get there. Libra, on the other hand, is ruled by Venus. She’s a good judge of character, and loves fairness and equality. She focuses on a balanced approach to relationship and is an expert on working with “the other”.
Now we add Chiron, the wounded healer who just entered Aries in February of this year, and we start to see how Aries (the self) has to face and accept itself wounds and all. Let’s see if Libra (the other) can value Aries exactly as they are. Of course we know Aries would much prefer to go off on its own, take care of itself and not worry about the other the way Libra does. Except, this wound (Chiron) can’t be healed without working with the other. The thing about Chiron is that it was through using his wound to help “others” he was able to heal himself. The first step to healing is learning about what that wound is, it could be anything, from how you speak to how you dress, we are all unique. We all have our quirks, and recognizing them is the first step (more on this some other time). You can check your chart and see where Aries is to get an idea of what that wound might be. No worries guys, it’s not something that’s going to be done overnight. Now back to the full moons! These set of two full moons have been the tipping point of a journey within ourselves to discover what is really important to us. Who we are and if the people, places and things in our lives are on the same path we are on.
At this time, we are all going through a process of understanding ourselves (Aries) and seeing if the dots connect (Libra). With Uranus now in Taurus, what is it that we’d like to hold on to? What it is that we value is going to become very apparent in the next few years? And if there’s something I can say about Taurus, is that it knows what it wants and will hold onto it with all its might. Be careful what you wish for though because you might just get it! Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are making sure that things get set up in a way that will ensure it lasts whether good or bad. Speaking of good or bad, here comes the caveat. You see the South Node (Karma) is also sitting next to Pluto and Saturn. That said we must be mindful of what it is we are holding on to. Are you where you are because things really align with you? Or, are you there because it’s “easy” and you’re afraid that there isn’t something better out there for you? Pluto will destroy and rebuild what no longer serves you, and Saturn will make sure that you build the right foundation to make it last. Again, wether good or bad.
Your answer lies with the North Node (Dharma) in Cancer. The sign of the crab speaks of home, the moon, the mother. It tells of how we nurture and like to feel nurtured; what feels like home to you. If where you are today feels like home, then be prepared to have the people, places and things re-structured and strengthened. But, if it doesn’t feel right; if it doesn’t click; NOW is the time to let it go. Pluto will remove it and Saturn will help you rebuild. This will not be easy, but it will be worth it. What is on the other side of the mountain promises to be your Garden of Eden, but only if you choose wisely. Only if you have an honest look at yourself (Aries), your wounds (Chiron) and see if that path which you are going through is the BEST path and in alignment with your TRUE SELF. And no one can answer that but you.
Another interesting aspect also affecting things, is Venus. In the last degrees of Pisces, is her sign of exaltation. It makes things a bit nebulous and spiritual. Venus here can make us feel like one with the other. Like being in the place you’re in is divinely orchestrated and that its worth the sacrifice even if it’s not in alignment with who you really are. But that’s all about to change as Venus moves from the oneness of Pisces into the sign of her detriment Aries. As mentioned Aries is ruled by Mars, so Venus doesn’t really like being there. The effects of this transit will make Venus somewhat selfish and self-centered. That tells us that Venus, along with Chiron, want to work on the self at least for now. So its important that we take the time to sit with ourselves, and REALLY have a hard look before acting. We run the risk of having some strong exchange of words with others, with Mars in Gemini, for another couple of weeks. Don’t be surprised to see lots of bickering and arguing between people. It is good, however, to use this time for marketing, social media, technology etc.. as Mars is paving the way for you to communicate.
The sun moves into the sign of strong-willed Taurus a day after the second full moon and will conjunct Uranus early the following week. And that folks is where the fun begins! Uranus is here to show us the things we value and lead us to our new journeys in an innovative liberating way. Uranus is the ruler of the Heavens, he is Zeus in Greek mythology. He creates unexpected change and surprise. Uranus is like the saying “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get”, and “Expect the Unexpected”. But accept pleasantly as life gives us only what we can handle. For now feel your truth, be your truth, love you; warts and all.
For all that you are and all that you want is on the other side of your faith.
Love and Light,

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