Virgo Season 2019

August 28, 2019

Virgo Season

By: Tania Ortega

Virgo Season 2019

Hello Friends! I hope this

article finds you all well. For

me I can say that lots of

changes have occurred and

are still changing, since I last

wrote to you guys in the spring

of 2019.

We have all been tested on

endurance, faith and our

capacity to be clear on who

and what we would like in our

lives. Some of these changes

have been difficult because,

just like me, I am sure most of

you have not wanted to let go

of some of the things that

we’ve had to purge from, and

just now are finally starting

become accustomed to

accepting and healing from

these changes.

We have Uranus in Taurus

(what we value) to thank for

that. Another aspect that has

been adding much needed

change is Jupiter going direct.

On August 11th, 2019, the

benevolent planet shifted back

to forward motion focusing on

truth and higher learning. We

now have all of the facts, and

the reality of what “Is” has

become very clear to us. No

more beating around the bush.

There is a sense of clarity in

the atmosphere. Now, whether

you like your current reality is

a different story; one of which

I think we are all sort of

learning to cope with.

Which leads us to the current

state of the affairs. Today we

have a stelium of planets in

the beautiful sign of Virgo. The

sun went into Virgo on August

23, joining both Mars and

Venus who only come together

once every two years in a sign.

This year, both Venus and

Mars will not go retrograde.

And for most of us, it is the

commencement of a new 8

year cycle on how we do


Virgo is a feminine sign. One

which focuses on health,

beauty, perfection and service.

If anyone knows a Virgo they

can tell you that Virgo’s will

comb through every detail to

ensure that what they want to

achieve is perfect. They’re also

renowned for taking very

good care of themselves and

being of service. Most have a

love for animals. Having the

Sun, Mars and Venus in Virgo

tells us, that we are all

carefully looking at our

relationships in great detail. It

is a time when we need to

focus on what is of service and

for the greater good.

We are not in the mood for

above the surface

relationships. We want

true authentic relationships

that resonate with us at the


Since the beginning of

this year when things started

to shake up, we have had some

shocking revelations and for

some their world has been

turned completely upside

down. Virgo is now here to

assist you in carefully

arranging things in a practical

earthy way. Virgo is an earth

sign; and it is very methodical.

It knows exactly how to

perfect a situation. With Mars

here, he’s making sure that

things actually happen.

Making sure that the planning

starts, that we actually start

developing new healthy

habits, that we take care of all

of the fine details in our lives.

Mars is guaranteeing that we

get to work. He’s a no

non-sense planet. Stay out of

his way, he’s a man on a

mission. Venus on the other

hand is not as happy. She’s on

the opposing sign of her choice

(Pisces). Venus does amazing

in Pisces. In Virgo, Venus

needs to focus on love in a

very methodical and practical

way. She knows what she

loves, but expresses it in a less

emotional way. Venus here

“does” things for what and

who she loves. She’ll clean,

she’ll organize, she’ll plan with

you. Venus in Virgo is not

hearts and flowers. With the

Sun now joining these two its

really going to get things


Expect to be in a planning and

organizing mode during this

current cycle. Things have to

be perfected before it can be

presented. What you plan now

will start to bear fruit at the

beginning of 2020. When we

will have a Grand Stelium in


Jupiter will join Saturn and

Pluto early next year. But

more on that later. In the

meantime lets take this time

period to really clean house,

organize ourselves and align

with our tribe. Be of service,

take care of yourself and your

pets. And more importantly be

the change you want to see in

the world.
Love and Light,

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