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April 23, 2019






Xylophone: This is usually pushing the dreamer to get out of their comfort zone and dare to try something different. This is needed and will be good for your soul.

X-ray: You may be seeing through a particular problem. This may also symbolize hidden situations that are surfacing, in order for one to face it.




Yacht: This dream foretells of dreams fulfilled and ultimate success. However, if you see a yacht in the distance, it means that you will not be happy in your career due to always wanting more.boat-3533687_640.jpg

Yard: This dream usually varies in meaning, depending where you were in the dream (Front yard/Backyard). Front yard symbolizes taking care of your own personal matters and remaining as an observer to outside matters that you may not agree with. To dream of a backyard may mean that you are missing your friends or relatives. You are likely to have visitors very soon.

Yard work: This may represent protecting ones privacy. To see yourself doing yard work may also symbolize a facade of how you are wanting people to see you or your family.

Yearbook: This dream may be reminding you of a time when you didn’t have many responsibilities and less problems. It may also be suggesting that it is time to listen to the advice from a particular friend.


Yellow: This color represents happiness. It is everything that is valuable to you and the abilities within you. You are shifting your awareness and your perception of things.

Yield Sign: In this dream, if you are being guided (yielded) in another direction, then your goals will soon be reached. This may also represent that the dreamer is being cautious when approaching a particular situation in their waking life. The Divine may be telling you to “let things go” and just “go with the flow”.


Zebra: There is a need for order and balance in your life. You are seeking peace in your life at this time.


Zodiac: This foretells of material wealth, peace and happiness.

Zoo: It may be a good time to begin solving relationship or family issues that have been lingering for some time.


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