Falling Dreams

April 24, 2019

Dreams of Falling Down


Many of us have, at some point, woken up with a sudden bang on the floor, or the feeling of almost falling. These kinds of dreams may be grim at times and may vary in their meaning. The most common explanation is a representation of ones own weaknesses and insecurities. There may be a situation that the dreamer is currently facing or struggling with in their waking life. One may be having feelings of frustration, or like they’ve lost a grip on things. This feeling of failure stems from a relationship or ones career.


As for the Scientific Explanation, when a person dreams that they are falling, they may experience a sleep disturbance, called hypnic jerk.  This is an involuntary muscle spasm that occurs when a person is drifting off into sleep. These twitches we experience begin to occur as our body begins to relax. They release stresses from our bodies and allow for restful sleep. Many of us experience hypnic jerks due to exercise, poor sleeping habits, or stress. Although the jerks may sometimes be accompanied by sweats, rapid heartbeats, etc., there is no need for concern as this is very common in both men and women of all ages.

Another possible explanation is Astral Projection. This feeling of falling may occur when your Astral body is returning to the physical body. While this is occurring, you may experience body twitches, such as in one arm or leg, along with vibrations or body shivers. This is actually ones Astral body that is beginning to detach itself. Once the astral body detaches from the physical body, it is allowed to travel anywhere, near or far. One is able to both meet and interact with others on the astral plane. Although astral traveling is something that may entice many, it is recommended that you learn and practice the methods used in order to travel safely.strudel-1949587_1280

Astral traveling can seem very real to many, much like Lucid Dreaming. As you can see, there are many scientific and spiritual explanations for falling in dreams. However, from a spiritual standpoint, fear of losing control, or feeling like things have gotten out-of-hand is never pleasant and may cause you to have such dreams repeatedly. Dreams like these may be asking us to sit back and analyze what it is that is consuming our mind at the moment. What is it that you are giving all your energy too, and is it worth it? Why do you feel like a failure or insecure? And how can I gain back control without hurting myself.


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