The Art of Letting Go

April 28, 2019

The Art of Letting Go

By: Tania Ortega

Astrologer/Contributing Writer


It never ceases to amaze me how the experiences in our lives pave the way to our destinies. More so how even the lives of those who came before us still affect us today in the now. Every ancestor that you can think of has left a trace of themselves within you. It’s in your DNA. Even diseases are inherited. Some people call it being cursed, others accept it and others deny it all together. Very few actually, delve and look at things at the core. Today, I want to talk about how our past (Karma) affects Destiny (Darma) and how to tap into the past to remove those blockages and clear the way for yourself and those generations to follow. With Pluto now retrograde and Saturn going retrograde on April 30th and both conjunct the South Node (Karma) we must take note, that the changes and transformative events in our lives have something to do with our past. Whether it’s the most recent past or a past life. Whatever is happening today is asking you two very simple questions. Will you continue the past or will you transform it (Pluto)? The questions are simple. The answers not so easy. At least not for most of us. saturn-2554489_640Right now, as these planets go retrograde, they are giving us the opportunity to go within (Retrograde means to re-do, re-view, re-assess). Going within and looking deeply at the past events of our lives and tapping into that energy is what’s going to give you the drive to change what is no longer working for you. Some of these experiences are bitter sweet, some so painful that you don’t want to look back there. But we must do the work (Saturn) in order to clear it. That’s Capricorn for you. That mountain goat that has to reach the peak of the mountain. You can only keep what is worth taking to the top with you. If you’re too heavy with karma (things that no longer serve you), it will take longer to get to the top and the view won’t be so great when you get there.

What’s holding us back?horoscope-677900_640

But how to know what’s no longer working? How to know what the “Karma” is? What did our ancestors leave behind that I’m still carrying around with? Do you have a “habit” or “addiction”? Clearly the answers will be different for everyone. So for starters, you need to take some time and look at your family lineage. For instance, your grandmothers/fathers, parents, teachers, even random people in some cases. What were they like? What experiences can you remember they had? Are there any similarities with what happened to them happening to you right now? Or could some of the things they said to you be affecting your beliefs today? Could those beliefs be holding you back? You’ll know when you’ve got one because you’ll feel uncomfortable. I cry my eyes out every time I remember something I hadn’t realized before. I am not sure if I cry because I’m sad or from the joy of knowing that I’ve discovered something new that I need to work on. Either way its about confronting these deep ingrained things that you’re carrying around and releasing them. For the past few months these “things” have been showing themselves in our “external world”, people have been quick to make observations about you and what “they” think you should change. pluto-2677026_640But now as Saturn and Pluto Retrograde it’s all about what’s coming up from within that needs to be looked at and healed. Healing starts with acknowledgement and then reminding yourself that, that is not who you are anymore. That you’ve changed and that you forgive yourself and those events that hurt you or your ancestors. To add to that you need to be committed to changing. This week I took a class and the speaker said, “As actions repeat, the evidence accumulates and your self -image starts to change”. What an “Ah- Ha” moment! Haha! Of course the repeated actions of our pasts accumulates, therefore affecting EVERYTHING and as a result we continue getting the SAME RESULT. Eventually we either give up and stay stagnant, or, we push and change. The ladder is the what I think we should all be focused on. First, we must take a deep look and then we must change the action repeatedly for the change to happen and then get the different result. So, Pluto is asking us to look at the wound with Chiron in Aries and look at Uranus in Taurus to see if what you have is worth holding onto. Uranus is sending you sudden insight on what it is that you really value and is nudging you to take the necessary steps of going towards your destiny the North Node in Cancer. The North Node is asking you to feel what it is that you want to be. What’s your perfect home? Is it nourishing you? Do you feel nurtured? What kind of nourishment do you want? Who lives with you? Do they make you feel safe? Do you fear not being able to have the “perfect home”? If so, is it something you were told? Is it a belief that you don’t deserve the perfect Home or Life? Could you be re-living an ancestor(s) story? Could you be holding onto things that maybe aren’t in alignment with where you want to go and who you want to be? This pause/retrograde is here to help you identify and let go.

What can be done?

The art of letting go can be painful. We keep these habits, people, places or things out of fear, despite the fact that we know deep down inside that it is no longer in alignment with who we are and where we are going. And, this is where action needs to take place. Small steps at a time. Have a photo of what you desire most. Every time you think about going backwards or staying, look at the picture. Let it serve as a reminder of where you are going. Another thing you can do is remind yourself daily of why you let go. That’s a bit more painful. But through the pain (Chiron) you can heal yourself. By looking at the TRUTH and accepting that it’s done. Eventually you’ll look at it and know that going there and being there only brings you pain and eventually, you’ll stop giving it your energy. This goes for everything in our current lives, from people, habits, to attitudes about yourself, your job, your health, anything. Its all up for transformation. What you want is on the other side of deep reflection. delicate-arch-960279_640Deciding the course, doing it daily, becoming the best YOU there’s ever been, living the best life you’ve ever wanted and paving the way for future generations to learn from you so that they can make this planet, the universe and destiny, a much better and brighter place. May you follow your North Star always.

Love and Light,

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