Three Suns

October 8, 2018

There is no doubt about it that certain symbols in our dreams can give us all kinds of feelings; both good and bad. Take a sunset, for instance. A sunset is beautiful and peaceful. Many of us enjoy watching a sunset by the beach, or a park, and it’s beautiful reflecting colors. The suns descending action into the reflection of the ocean, is both a beautiful and peaceful site. Take my dream last night, for instance.

It was about mid to late afternoon while I was driving on the highway. I turned my head to the right and was admiring the beautiful sunset. Its colors were purple (lavender), pink, and yellow. As I shifted my head to the left, I see another sunset, and another one left in front of me. I thought, “Wait…What? How can there be three sunsets? What is going on here?” I parked my car and just observed in awe at the multiple sunsets, trying to come up with a logical, scientific explanation as to how this is even remotely possible. Soon after, my dream had ended.


Sun: This is a symbol of Success and Prosperity to come.


This may represent something in ones waking life that has you disheartened. You are looking forward to putting an end to that situation, or phase. Something that needed to be carried out to completion is done and you will begin a completely different life. There are major life changes ahead. This represents a period of rest, renewal, and evaluation. It is the fulfillment of wishes. An improvement in ones financial position.

Three: ones ideals and visions are coming to fruition in life. Threes, or seeing three objects or situations appearing in your dreams, indicates self-discipline through service to others, manifesting abundance, productivity, and unity.



West: the end of something. The need to return to a simpler way of life.

East: this represents what you know unconsciously, but haven’t made conscious yet. This is the mystery between birth and existence.

North: symbolic of spiritual judgement, or warfare. As per Proverbs 25:23, “Taking your inheritance”.

Right-A natural change.

Left– Represents Gods strength or ability showed through our weakness. A spiritual change.

Front– This may be a prophecy of future events. Something that is forthcoming.



Purple: this color stimulates our spiritual understanding, or perspective, as well as our intuition. Devotion, Divine healing abilities, love, compassion, kindness, and care for others, such as friends or outsiders.

Pink: represents the healing power of unconditional love and friendship.

Yellow: happiness and satisfaction will rule your future. Yellow is an important spiritual color. It may represent a symbol of peace and harmony.

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