His Brides Shall Rise

May 24, 2019

Dream #1:

“...and his brides shall rise. And all of the world will be eyes wide open!

This was the only recollection I have from my recent dream on Wednesday, May 22nd. I was in an empty field walking towards my car. The day was gloomy and filled with a cool breeze. All of a sudden, there was a voice of an unknown woman who relayed this message to me. I looked around to see if anyone was there, but I knew in my heart that this voice came from somewhere very far away. The message was filled with conviction and so much love. The feeling was amazing!

Dream #2

As my “Dream Movie” (Multiple dreams in one night) switched, I found myself standing in my parents living room. They were cleaning out their bookshelf and getting rid of old books. All of a sudden, my mom couldn’t find a book of hers that was her favorite. She began to point at me and accuse me of misplacing the book. I tried to explain to her that I had never seen or touched the book, but she didn’t seem to budge. She was very adamant that I was the one who took the book.

Dream #1 Interpretation/Opinion

To me, this dream felt somewhat prophetic. The first thing that came to mind when I woke up was the Church. In the bible, the church is called the “Bride of Christ“. The church here is a representation of humanity as a whole, or God’s children [ https://biblia.com/bible/esv/Eph%205.25%E2%80%9327]. The bride is basically anyone who believes in Christ. I am beyond grateful to my amazing parents for guiding me towards my relationship with the Almighty. The concept of religion itself has never been commented in the Bible or written in the Ten Commandments for that matter. It has always seemed like a clique to me and served as a divider. As a child, I wondered which religion is best? Which religion will bring you closer to God? Why does religion have so many guidelines, when being Christian in itself is already hard as it is?

A bride in a dream is usually a representation of a relationship. This also represents being open to a new life, or new beginning. A bride in a dream may also represent permanent changes are afoot.

Through the years, I have come to understand through personal experiences and meditation, that Church is who you are. Church is what you do with the kindness of your heart. Church are the good intentions/goodwill you have towards someone. Church is when you bring food to a homeless person lying hungry on the side of the road. Nowhere in the bible did it ever mention a specific religion that one must follow in order to attain a full relationship with the Almighty. Never!!! As a society, I believe we have polluted this idea of a particular religion with our political and selfish viewpoints. The ever so famous, “What’s in it for me?” mentality. Now, without diving too much into it (because this is a dream blog and I hate discussing politics :), we are currently in a spiritual war. Everyday the Church is tested and everyday our faith and hopes are trying to be extinguished. This voice filled me with hope and joy. It is a reminder of the Almighty’s promise to his people. We are the church and no matter what, WE WILL RISE!!!

Dream #2 Interpretation

To dream of a book represents the dreamers search, or thirst for knowledge. Older books may symbolize spiritual guidance that you are receiving at this particular time.

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