The Transmutation of Self

May 29, 2019
Embrace the Change

There’s an irrefutable awareness of the changes at hand,

Too much for the mind and the heart to withstand.

An uncomfortable wind of uncertainty blows through,

Bringing challenges and struggles just to name a few.

Anxiety and anguish creep in like a thief,

You’ve lost sight of your path, of your goals, your beliefs.

Depleted you stand with what’s left of your soul,

With almighty strength, you’ll take back what they stole.

Like an earthquake we’re shaken to activate reform,

The Self we once new has been taken by storm.

From the abyss we’re made humble, we surrender it all,

The Old you transformed, you have broken the walls.

The paths shall be clearer, the future is bright,

Through darkness you scuffled, but dark became light.


My Soul is rejoicing, my heart is set free,

From all of the struggles and impossibilities.

The pains of the past were released and let go,

You’re no longer a prisoner, now your Soul is transformed.

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